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Dark Secrets Behind The Olympics

Written By: Doug Yurchey

Posted: 8/5/2012 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 6515   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Conspiracy Theories
The Olympics are here. We view the pageantry as nations’ best athletes battle for gold, silver and bronze. With super coverage by media; the action is very compelling. Through the decades, we have been almost ‘programmed’ to watch the colorful excitement on the World Stage.

Everything concerning the Olympics seems wonderful, patriotic and innocent. BUT…are we really viewing healthy competition? Maybe something else is happening in London that goes unseen? Possibly, the Olympics is one big international spectacle for a singular and secret purpose: Propaganda!

Why are the Games held in London now…in the time that some people believe are the ‘end of days?’ Could it be that Britain covertly RULES THE WORLD? Could it be that whatever disaster (if it’s a disaster) may occur in December 2012, the throne of England will be responsible?

Who knows what will happen in late December of this year? 2012 could be the last year everything is the same. Britain made sure to secure the Olympic Games one last time before everything changes?

For readers unclear of my point, consider the Berlin Olympics in 1936. It was the famous Olympics where Jesse Owens defeated the Fuhrer’s greatest athletes in track. One could question; why Berlin? Why were the Games held in Germany in the special year of 1936 just as the Nazis were gaining power and building fighting forces?

It is not a coincidence that the center of the world in 1936 was Germany and that’s where the Games HAD to be held. Those same Olympics included a rifle or target-shooting event that remains to this day. But, the 1936 targets were not simply bull’s-eyes. The concentric circles or targets were placed in the chest area of cut-out silhouettes of PEOPLE!

Shooting bullets at a HUMAN image today would be so politically incorrect. But in 1936, they (rich, international bankers) were programming or preparing us for WAR; getting the public ready to accept the idea of shooting people again like it was in WWI.

The Olympic Committee KNEW of things to come; what was just around the corner because they are part of everything that transpires on the World Stage. We bow to the throne of England and Vatican in Rome without knowledge that our leaders (institutions) are the biggest gang of criminals this world has ever seen!

There are good reasons Switzerland is neutral. The fact has nothing to do with them being pacifists; it has to do with global bank accounts. Switzerland is England’s BANK. The powerful bankers are puppet-masters. They will create war and chaos upon everyone else, but they are not ever going to bomb their MONEY! Why wreak worldwide havoc? The answer is…it is highly profitable.

Do not be surprised to discover, if you study Secret Societies long enough, that England/N.Y. and Vatican (through Swiss banks) finance all major wars. ‘They’ cause and control everything on the World Stage; also called the ‘theatre’ of war. It’s for f**king SHOW! And, people pay with their precious lives en masse. These torch-passing, war criminals were also behind the World Fairs and are behind the largest of sporting events…and movies/television, etc.

One could challenge and ask, ‘c’mon, what’s wrong with present-day Olympics?’ The problem is WAR. Same secret ones pulling strings behind the Olympics also gave us the World Wars, smaller wars, Cold Wars, AIDS and 9/11 to mention only a few things that should never have normally happened.

The Olympics is not bloody violence where countries kill off other countries in a global ‘Hunger Games’ of Death. No, but it symbolizes and represents WAR. Exactly how we decorate our war heroes, we decorate our Olympians. What’s wrong with patriotism? EVERYTHING; it is what divides us as a whole. (Global Village, indeed). What’s wrong with loving your country? When you love your country above all else, you are a Nationalist. In other words, you’re a NAZI.

Olympics are feudal wars where we become so wrapped up in patriotism and love-of-country (as our slave masters intend) that we completely miss the Road to Peace. That road is one that unifies every person on Earth. (One World).

What’s the answer or reasonable alternative? The answer is to love and embrace ALL PEOPLE; be tolerant of differences, but view everyone as Earthlings. We are the same; no countries; bureaucrats should not be involved. We are ONE PEOPLE, ONE COUNTRY. The answer is to have radical change without bloodshed and destruction. ‘They’ (1% on top of the Social Pyramid) must stop purposely knocking over the anthills just to see the ants build them back up again….and profit from those insidious actions.

[I’m not saying boycott the Games. I personally enjoy sports and HD pictures of what these incredible athletes can do. I confess; I watch and am amazed. Those that dedicate their whole lives to the ‘Olympic Dream’ of attaining a few pieces of gold and silver! Wow. But…if young Olympians and people in general only knew the truth behind the Games, possibly…it would be difficult to smile. I also believe it is an utter waste of life to dedicate yourself to a country that would so frivolously throw that life away in needless, senseless wars].

Keep in mind what might have been the greatest mind of all time stated about patriotism:

'So long as there are different nationalities, there will be patriotism. This feeling must be eradicated from our hearts before permanent peace can be established. Its place must be filled by love of nature and scientific ideal. Science and discovery are the great forces which will lead to that consummation....The consequences of such an advance are incalculable. A new epoch in human history would be inaugurated and a colossal revolution in moral, social and other respects accomplished, innumerable causes of trouble would be removed, our lives profoundly modified for the better, and a new and firm foundation laid to all that makes for peace.'
    - from ‘Nikola Tesla Looks to Science to End the War’ (1914)

'The establishment of permanent peaceful relations between nations would most effectively reduce the force retarding the human mass, and would be the best solution of this great human problem. But will the dream of universal peace ever be realized? Let us hope that it will. When all darkness shall be dissipated by the light of science, when all nations shall be merged into one, and patriotism shall be identical with religion, when there shall be one language, one country, one end…then, the dream will have become reality.'


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