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Upon Which I Rubik's Cube

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 7/11/2012 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 3858   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality

Picture, for a moment, that the reality which surrounds you is a Rubik’s Cube and your consciousness is the imprisoned, invisible sphere at the center. The 3-dimensional blocks which revolve around you keep you in your place and are, for all intents and purposes, your reality. You have full ability to move those particles around into other colorful sequences, but you are still a captive.

Now, move back from that Rubik’s Cube and realize that there are other conscious minds out there, also imprisoned in their ‘squared circles.’ They are all imprisoned as well, albeit connected by wispful threads of consciousness which can make quantum leaps in between one another to communicate. These wispful threads are ‘the wave’--something that the sphere excels at without even trying. The functioning of the wave is something that cube itself cannot comprehend. The cube only understands rules.

It is rather strange, is it not, that communication can still take place if we buy the argument that all our brains have to work with are these blocky logic structures. Where one man visualizes ‘cup’ in one manner, another man visualizes it in a different manner, but regardless of the differences in visualization, both parties know and can communicate what they mean when they say ‘cup.’ There is no ‘shared cup’ anywhere that both parties are referring to, but they are still able to describe what they mean and be perfectly understood. Why? Because communication between all of us occurs on the astral plane, and those hardcoded versions of the cup are elements of our own imprisonment--the squares on the outside of our Rubik’s Cube.

The cube itself depends on the spherical consciousness at its center for all function, all movement. If the pieces are handed to us from a supposed higher power and presented to us as ‘reality’, since it is all we have to work with, how would we know that there are other worlds, other semblances, other things besides the colored squares around us? The invisible sphere of consciousness may be forced into its configuration, but there are obviously other configurations. The question is at which point we can experience those other configurations.

Salvador Dali drew the interconnected network of consciousness that forms humanity in his painting of the crucifix in which Jesus was nailed to a hypercube. All those cubes, unfolded, becomes the cross, and humanity is made up of well over 6 billion of them, all imprisoned, with the Pheonix rising above it all.

The ‘programming’ we all have is not only made up of the cubes that surrounds us, but also is a direct result of the color configuration that we must somehow unlock to return the cube to its restful state. We spend our entire lives doing this as we stare at other cubes around us, watching how they turn and shape themselves and work to reconfigure themselves. We notice one another’s movements, remember how they did it, and work to do the same. Our ‘free will’ is our ability to work and unlock ourselves--if we so choose. Or we can stay delirious with our colors mixed and matched. Every effort we make in life is to unlock the pure color scheme, but in the end, we remain at the center of it all, and it makes us wonder whether or not it even matters that we tried. We have that choice--to make it matter, or remain drunk at the center, unaware of the chaotic scheme of our lives around us.

We are given a ‘preconfigured’ set of blocks around us with a certain color scheme. Every life we live, we carry it to the next until we prove ourselves to those who gave us the blocks to configure that the conscious sphere at the center can achieve what seems to be the impossible--unlocking the cube. Only then will we achieve enlightenment.

But how does one unlock the cube? By knowing the rules and using them. The sphere believes in ignorance that the rules act against it--whereas the cube knows the rules are for the sphere and not against it at all. One who fully comprehends the ruleset are the ones who can use it all to unlock themselves. The truth, to the sphere, is that they are imprisoned by rules. The truth, to the cube, is that the sphere is not imprisoned at all, but in need of growing through limits, by understanding what it is like to HAVE rules and impossibilities. The cube provides the ruleset--the sphere is there to learn them and to follow the path towards enlightenment.

At certain stages in life, the sphere knows the sequence it must complete. They may do so, kicking and screaming at the complexity of it all, or they may do so at peace with themselves, knowing there is no other way. It is a choice.

We know not who gave us the cube and trapped us here, or if we are truly ‘trapped’ at all. Perhaps we entered of our own free will. Was it aliens who created the cube? God? If so, why is it harder for some rather than others to unlock themselves? Is there favoritism? And what will happen when we do unlock it?

One set of spheres is at peace with the rules, the other set is not. I am one of those who has spent the majority of his life not at peace--one who sits, indian style, arms crossed, telling the world that I would rather be than do. But the colors remain mixed--I am delirium. I don’t play by the rules, for I believe the rules do not apply to someone who is at peace. But even though I tell myself I am at peace, no one is showing me the way out. There may be only one way--the sequence--I simply, stubbornly, choose to look for another. Did Dali, in his delirium, eventually find it? I turn my head and observe his sequence, and wonder: the first step may be to believe that our prison is not a prison at all, but a puzzle given to us by a higher power.

I’ve written of the cube in The Hologram, in the Tetragrammaton, on pages and pages of this website. I can see it with crystal clarity when I observe the angels and their constituent demons. And now, the hypercube painting of Dali says to me one thing: try again. For there is no evidence that, at the end of this life, we will be freed from our responsibilities to unlock ourselves. That final sequence is up to us. Only then will we be cured of delirium. Only then will we cease to be puzzled. Only then will we make it home.

The rules are there--they’re just not against you. Know them. Use them. Besides trying again, it is the only way.