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Lost Age of Supermen

Written By: Doug Yurchey

Posted: 4/23/2012 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 27944   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Science
by Doug Yurchey

The physical evidence of precisely cut and finely trimmed megaliths, massive statues, obelisks and pyramids from prehistoric times tells us of a lost age; an age of supermen and superwomen far beyond Star Wars and Star Trek.

The physical evidence of Cro-Magnon brain cavities LARGER than modern humans (contrary to popular beliefs) supports the idea of our ancestors being technically superior. Human brain-shrinkage over time is an anthropological FACT! We have the 'brainaic' Cro-Mag (human-gods) and the extraordinary structures they left behind.

This was ATLANTIS; a mother-civilization that explains the peculiar similarities between early/separated cultures of Egypt and Inca. What powered Eden? How did we (humans) lose a high-tech utopia and cycle downward through the ages as is written in the rocks? Large questions have complicated answers. Our ancient history resembles a science-fiction epic because amazing technology once existed on Earth long ago.

What was the technology? The answer is TESLA TECHNOLOGY; a principle of electro-magnetic power, fueled by the turning planet or 'broadcasted electricity' (Edgar Cayce said). Your super civilization could be efficiently run by harnessing, magnifying and (through ground) transmitting electro-magnetic energy.

The grid-points are network locations that become power (receiving) sub-stations and function as energy 'fountains.' Once the transceivers or power towers are established, we are free to construct a mighty metropolis around each station. Sub-stations become population-centers or Cradles of Civilization as technical utopians grow and flourish with more energy than can be used. We are free to fly disks and turn any machine via a small power-antenna inside each device/vehicle within range of the transmitter.

Beyond the range of the one transceiver (statue, monolith, stele, obelisk), the energy fades. A global system (World Power Grid) is required to electrify the entire Earth from the ground to the ionosphere. With such an ultimate, utopian system of power acquisition and distribution…electricity could be wirelessly produced at the bottom of the sea, the top of Mt. Everest and high above…almost out of thin air. The futuristic system of power was utilized in our prehistoric past during the ages of pyramid building.

Nikola Tesla rediscovered Atlantean (Egyptian/Incan) principles of power utilization. What were the colossal statues at the Valley of the Kings…or the standing stone stele of Europe along with Central and South America…or Costa Rica Spheres…and obelisks? What were they really? Essentially, they functioned as wireless UTILITY POLES vibrating with EM energy!

Our bloody history has been cycles of repeating WARS, but it was not always that way; not in the Beginning. WAR is not in our nature…believe it or not. WAR had no part in our genesis on Earth. For the longest stretches of time, here on this planet, there existed an indescribable empire of glorious peace and perfection. That is our nature. Much, much later spawned the seeds of trouble; dissention and a New Age of change and rebellion…in other words, the Snake in the Garden.

What happened to Paradise? TIME changes everything in a material world. All good things… Freedoms can be abused over time; so can technology and knowledge be perverted. Dark freedoms of war and destruction were explored by a New Wave of Atlanteans. Genetic scientists could CLONE and make servants. In time, the clones became slaves and later…they became soldiers in war.

Cloning, like atomic wars and antigravity, is a big part of our prehistoric history. Large-brained Cro-Magnons have been discovered in the Andes and in areas of phenomenal early constructions. They were the cloners, the scientists, the saucer-pilots. But, the soldier-clones or slave-clones need not have large brains. Edgar Cayce called them the 'things.' He did not have the word 'clone' in his time. According to America's greatest psychic, wars were fought over the rights of the clones and by the clones themselves.

Anthropologists have misinterpreted the manufactured, smaller-brained humans as our ancestral 'primates' with sloped foreheads. Darwinists or Progression-Evolutionists are very wrong because each so-called 'primate' has been found at the same level and at the same time. Erectus, Cro-Magnon, Australopithecus and Neanderthal are together, which makes no evolutionary sense. Through rock strata, the view should be clear. Each primate should occupy the Earth in its own time period and the slow, distinct evidence should exist in rock strata. But, this (progression) is not the case.

The physical evidence proves Atlantis is history and not mere legend. Atlantis (not a Mediterranean island) was a world metropolis laid across the surface of the planet in grid-stations; each sub-station became a Cradle of Civilization, often rebuilt in later ages over and over again.

QUESTION: How can a super society; a global empire so utterly collapse, even in times of war? ANSWER: Destroy the power towers and everything CRASHES and grinds to a halt! NOTHING functions anymore if the transmitter or primary power station no longer broadcasts electricity. All receiving stations and small antennas in every device and vehicle become useless, ineffective scrap. A whole continent in the Atlantic Ocean sunk as a result of a 'power-feedback effect.'

Tesla-principled 'Magnifying Transmitters' or age of pyramids can only stand and survive in times of peace; the power network can only be run by utopians and not militarists. Can readers understand why such (magnetic) technology could never be utilized in present-day society?

Attacks on the power-station transmitters could bring down the entire world system…as theorized to have occurred numerous times throughout downward cycles of human history. Could the good guys have hit a self-destruct switch in Atlantis to blow the whole system rather than allow the system of power to energize enemy armies? Did the ancients who caused the destruction know that the battle would continue throughout time and reform over the course of many empires?

Edgar Cayce said that the destruction of Atlantis was 'electrical' around 12-13,000 years ago. He also said 'Cro-Magnons were Atlantean man.' In India, there are written descriptions of nuclear wars in their first books about 8,000 years ago. Air-wars are described in detail according to texts older than the Bible. Early (megalithic) Andean and European (dolmen) constructions were probably for the purpose of building 'bomb shelters.'

A Great Flood was artificially produced worldwide to LOWER RADIATION LEVELS and to sweep away the madness; cloned armies and monsters (mythical Roman/Greek creatures as genetic experiments)…so the planet could start over again.

Was there a Noah and how could the biblical story be true? Actually, many arks sailed of different nationalities and from different lands 5000 years ago. Numerous Indian and Asian cultures have their 'Noah story.' The best life forms of incredible variety were stored on genetic chips or crystals. The arks were vast repositories of Life in suspended animation…to be physically reconstituted by master-geneticists when the waters receded.

'Didn't I tell readers our history was more like a science-fiction epic? Read my inspired online article 'High Technology in the Bible.' My manuscripts are called 'We Are Fallen Gods,' 'Atlantis Power Grid,' 'Atlantis-Tesla Connection,' etc. Also, my film script entitled 'GOD' can be read online. I think that about covers it. Hope I have answered a few of your questions about our LOST AGE in the mysterious past.'
- Doug Yurchey
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