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Book Review: The Ancient Alien Question

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 1/20/2012 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 5719   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ancient Mysteries

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The Ancient Alien Question is a new book by Philip Coppens, published by New Page Books, which details the newest thoughts surrounding the ancient alien controversy. Coppens is an investigative journalist and regular contributor to Atlantis Rising and NEXUS magazine, and is one of the leading contributors to the History Channel's well-known series Ancient Aliens.

Without necessarily falling headfirst into support of all the different theories, Coppens both recognizes and explains a multitude of perspectives, both for and against the evidence. Some may see his writing as highly skeptical, whereas others will classify him as a believer—the unique blend of the two leads one to feel they are listening to an objective and entertaining source of information.

The writing style is very easy to digest, well formatted, with numerous examples and illustrations. Covering all bases, he goes in to religion, politics, conspiracy theories, potential NASA cover-ups, as well as current scientific thought concerning extraterrestrial life in the universe. Having said that, his main focus seemed to be on religion, ancient artifacts, and culture, with a number of forays into archeaology, astrology, and astronomy. The most interesting chapter I found was entitled “The Best Evidence” which speaks of the Baghdad Battery, the Antikythera Device, the Pacal Tomb, the Goldflyer, the Piri Reis Map, the Mayan Calendar, Oannes, Chief Fetish, the Dropa, ancient nuclear warfare, and many more.

His writing concerning the Great Pyramid of Giza made the book feel extremely current, as he goes in to a number of theories on how it was built which you may not have heard about in the past. Some of the common conceptions have often involved the belief that the pyramid was built using ramps, an army of workers, lasers, and/or anti-gravity devices—Coppens, however, presents a very different view of how it could have also been done, with amazing supportive evidence.

Also operating as a jump-off point, numerous works are cited here which provide the reader with further opportunities to continue their own research. As such, when you get a chance, pick it up, and tell us your own thoughts!