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Book Review: Destiny vs. Choice

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 10/13/2011 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 3244   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality

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Destiny vs. Choice is a recently released book written by Marie D. Jones and published by New Page Books which attempts to present the various opinions in the endless debate concerning whether the main events in our lives are predestined and--perhaps--come with the purpose of teaching us something important, or if our lives are simply a result of potentially random choices and billiard ball circumstances with no rhyme nor reason whatsoever.

Considering there is so much philosophical ground to cover, a lot of the chapters do not go into a tremendous amount of detail but function more as an overview of the various concepts--as such, the book could be considered a jump off point for further research. Even at the end of the book, the author doesn’t really attempt to come to a conclusion other than to suggest the decision is ultimately a personal one (which we may have been predestined to make--deep), but even still, it was worth the read.

Perhaps the true debate as to whether or not our lives are influenced and shaped by directing external forces or through our own efforts is answered individually based on whether or not we feel we have permission from the universe at large to invent meaning of our own. When we look up our horoscope, we can see the cloud-like outline of ourselves, but we can also see where that expressed outline falters. Just as a photograph is made up of figure and ground, so too do horoscopes and psychic readings present a similar ’meaning’ that we can choose to see or choose not to see, follow or avoid. Do we choose to see how our horoscope matches our personality, or do we choose to see where it wavers drastically away from the truth? In either sense, they still seem to be saying just as much about who you are at any given point in time. When we look at a photo, do we choose to see the mountains in the background, or do we choose to the sunflower in the center? What draws our attention is ultimately a choice in a vast network of destiny, acting and perhaps even depending on one another as both the figure and ground alike. As such, all the events and people and situations we run across in life can be as rich in meaning to us as we allow them to be, regardless if they were intended by some distant writer to be a part of our scenery or a part of the main cast.

Anyway, much food for thought. If it sounds interesting, pick it up!

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