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Upon Which I Ride The Great Dandelion: My First O.B.E.

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Posted: 6/21/2011 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 8228   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality

I’ve known for some time that sleep paralysis enables one to have an out of body experience, but I have been mostly unsuccessful at doing so. I don’t seem to have a problem inducing the paralysis itself--the problem has been that I get stuck in my body, and I can only get half of my spirit self out of my material self at any one time. Stuck around the waist. If you’ve tried it yourself, it probably sounds pretty familiar. Much to my absolute astonishment, however, last night was extremely different.

I woke up from a light sleep and noticed that my body hummed. The line from Ghostbusters was stuck in my head and wouldn’t quit playing over and over, “Death is but a door, time is but a window. Death is but a door, time is but a window.” It played this way for at least five or ten minutes over and over until it began to annoy me, but at the same time I noticed during the chant, the system of buzzing had intensified.

I suddenly visualized two distinct things: first, I saw my spiritual self as a puddle of liquid that had dried up and had sunken underneath my physical ’dehydrated’ body on my bed. Secondly, I felt my spiritual self begin to rise upward through my chest. Since I have practiced this so many times in the past, I knew this to be the beginning phase of another OBE attempt. I pulled and twisted this part of myself upwards out of me in a tornado-like fashion, hoping this time, if I made myself disoriented and dizzy enough, I would be able to separate, but again, the barrier or the grasp that my body had on my spiritual self was too great.

When I began to sense my failure once again, I thought I would switch tactics: instead of ’pulling’ out of my body, I would use this force instead of fighting against it. I visualized my spirit self as a rubber band stretched between two extremes—my feet and my head down my spine. When I did this, I pulled this ’rubber band’ or string-like part of myself as hard as possible and then violently let go, in the same fashion that I would go about shooting a rubber band stretched around my fingers. When this happened, I felt a slight pang, and the next thing I knew, I bounced against the far wall of the apartment on the other side of the room. “I’m out! I’m out! Oh my God, I’m out,” I thought to myself. After I hit the wall--which didn’t provide any other sensation other than acting as a barrier--I rebounded to the opposite side of the room and tried to catch my balance while looking at my sleeping self on the bed. When I stopped my float, I tried speaking, but all that I could get out of my mouth was the equivalent of what you would hear out of an EVP.

After ten seconds of being out of my body I started to get a bit concerned that something would take over my body, or that I was dead. In addition, considering it was so dark and there wasn’t anyone around to guide me, I let myself return to my body. However, as I returned to my body, I thought I would just lay there in a state of suspended paralysis and feel the hum and try to think deeply about what was going on and what I just did. In a way, I waited for some form of biblical punishment for doing this, as out of body experiences, when I was young, was considered an evil practice.

Not knowing what else to do, I said, “If there are any spirits out there who can explain to me what just happened and what I just did, it would be most appreciated as I would like to know that I am not alone in some vast void. Someone must have noticed, anyway.” The next thing I knew, I heard a voice tell me, “You just ripened.”

I asked who was speaking to me, and the voice told me his name was JemBechle. I said that sounded like something I would have just made up in my head as he has the same main initials as my own name. He said, “Well if you would like, you can talk to Sophia—however, on this side, unlike in your own waking life, you pay more attention to what men tell you than what women tell you.” I asked who was Sophia, and noticed a person standing near my sleeping body who was wearing what looked like a white dress. She was busying herself doing something to me, like tugging on my leg and doing something to my eyes. Jem explained to me that she was a healer and, since I had just ripened, she was ’tending the garden.’ They told me I had been sick for some time too and she usually worked on me. I asked them what I was sick from, and they told me not to worry or concern myself about it as they were taking care of it.

I then noticed I could see them more clearly, but I was looking at them not through my own physical eyes but a different pair of eyes. I asked Jem whether or not Sophia was the ’Cinderella’ character who first came to me when I was twenty one and, in a nightmare, had pulled on my soul while laying in a state of paralysis. He didn’t give me a clear answer, but explained to me that Cinderella had been ’loosening’ something inside of me to teach me how to ripen, almost like plucking a string really hard would loosen it. In other words, there needs to be a bit of slack for someone to ever learn to have an out of body experience, and she had been trying to help me to do so even though it scared me.

I then asked if there were bad spirits too like the shadow people. They said it did not concern me and I did not have to think about it as they were taking care of that. I asked if there was some sort of war going on with dark spirits, and they said yes, in a way, but ask something else. Babies don’t know the concerns of the planet, and neither should I share with their concerns.

I asked where I was, and Jem said the easiest way to figure that out would be to look around. When I did, I noticed a couple different things. My perch where I lay was at the end of a cyan and green colored stem, and there were many stems, all leading back to a spherical root. If I could make an analogy, it looked like I was at the end of a dandelion tusk that was about ready to give up its seeds to the wind. Stretched over the end of the stem around a circle on the tip was a drum-shaped membrane over the tube leading downwards to the shared core. That membrane, I was told, was the equivalent of my third eye. As such, they explained to me that all souls from earth are attached in the same way, and at the end of all those other stems I could see in the distance were the rest of the occupants of earth and their third eyes. What I had done by flinging myself out of my body was the equivalent of a third eye, removing itself or flinging itself off of the end of the stem. Hence, the out of body experience.

I then returned to my previous question and asked if I was sick because of Fukushima, and they didn’t give me an answer. I said I could see the effects that Fukushima was having on the earth, as the cyan and green-like color of the sphere was red and white in a certain area, and that red and white splotching was the same as the red and white dots that Sophia was tending to around my eyes. They said I did not have to think about my sickness, as it was being tended to, just as I didn’t have to concern myself with Fukushima. I asked them why I shouldn’t be concerned, and they told me, ’it doesn’t matter.’ This frustrated me because I felt it did matter, and all they could tell me was to let it go.

I then asked them if I would be able to return to this place, and they said of course, all people who learn to ripen can return. I then said I really wished to learn things in the same way that Castenada had learned things with the nonmaterial beings, and they said they knew this and were working to help me do so. I could ask them whatever I wanted and they would do their best to answer my questions or find someone else who knew. They told me I had basically just been born, so my own questions and experiences were the equivalent to that of a baby. In addition, I would get whatever help that I wanted because it was necessary, in the same way that babies require help when they themselves are first born. Some people ripen early, some later, some only at death. They said that mediums communicated with spirit guides in the same way that I was learning to communicate with them. They ripen early, in other words.

I said that made sense. So I asked, are there other life forms than just those on earth? Jem told me to look up higher, and in the darkness I saw other dandelions in different colors floating in blackness, one of which was much larger and red and looked almost like an exploded firework hanging in the air. I asked him, how far do these firework like spheres of souls extend? They told me it extended forever and I could try to look if I wanted. When I did so, I was given the sensation of additional fireworks extending above and beyond these miniature ones in the distance, or made up of smaller fireworks, all different colors, where nodules made a network of larger nodules, like a neural network. I told them it was making me dizzy, and they stated that the dizzyness was the reason why human spirits on earth could not understand nor comprehend infinity--it makes them dizzy and disoriented and makes them feel alone and too small and they can just briefly see it but then it will be too much for them.

I asked, “Can I talk to anyone else other than you two?” Jem told me I could talk to whomever I wanted and ask whatever I wanted. I said, “How does that work?” They told me that they had been training me to do this even though I did not know I was training. I had been in training all my life, and the experiences of life were miniature steps leading up to my ripened disconnect. As an example, they said one of the reasons why I had recently read a book written by William Carpenter from the 19th Century was for the training of communication amongst other spirits. In that book, which was quite long (I hated it), it explained the functions of protoplasm, which is a curious glob that stretches itself as best it can into a particular cellular shape and does so without a brain or any organs which could house consciousness. That ’stretching property’ of protoplasm was the manner needed to communicate with other spirit nodes. From my position, above the stems of this huge dandelion, hovering over it all at some distance was a higher ’circle’ of spirits, disconnected from the core, and you could ’dial’ any of them you wanted by picturing who you wanted to speak to in your head, and extend your ’protoplasm’ out to them once you located them, and they, in turn, would extend protoplasm of sorts of their own which was like a link up with a tube of light. The link up would allow you to speak to them and ask questions or talk to them. The souls themselves were not a part of this tube of light—it was a channel to help funnel out the noise between distinct ’third eyes.’

I asked who it was in this outer sphere of spirits wanted to speak to me and I was given the impression of someone named ’Max Shendle.’ I said, “Who the hell is Max Shendle?’ At which point I located the impression, and extended one of these protoplasmic light tubes, and he in turn did the same, at which point I was confronted by someone in an older outfit with a funny mustache. He seemed to be exceptionally busy with something, but he said to me, “It’s Max Heindel, not Shendle.” To me this validated the experience a bit more, as I was being corrected. Max Heindel’s book, The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception is one of my favorites. As such he was seemingly making himself available, and showing me that he appreciated my gratitude for enjoying his book. I said it was curious that I heard Shendel and not Heindel, and he said not to worry about it as they were patient and the signal or frequency required to intercommunicate often goes fuzzy when someone is not used to making connections. Mediums are able to maintain connections much better than most as they keep themselves open “without fear of insanity.”

I then proceeded to ask him a few questions. “Why is everything on earth so full of lies? Why the matrix?” I asked. He told me that yes, there was a grand lie, but that lie was a requirement for the circle and the square to interact with one another. The square was a gift of sorts, or a configuration, in which the spiritual sphere experiences life. This configuration I perceived in life as a ’lie’, but he directed me to see it more as a reflecting pane. And just as the sphere can exist on different frequencies through changing its vibration, so too can the ’interacting square’ have different frequencies as well. The two together, when matched with one another, can create infinite variations of material and spiritual reality, but it requires higher spirits—and lower spirits--to do so.

I then asked who gave us the square. He explained to me that, just as I was able to disconnect myself from my perch on the stem and fling myself across the room like a rubber band, so too can spirits ’fling themselves’ into different spheres. The beings from the sun created the squares for the earth to reflect itself against, which is why we see things like ’The Eye of Ra’ in our mythologies. The Eye of Ra is like a disconnected, unperched ’third eye’ from the sun which flung itself into the earth sphere to make a reflecting pane for the earth spirits to utilize. As such, they are very advanced souls. In addition, those who are ’building the square’ for reflection often times do not even know that they are doing it, in the same way that ’purposeful events’ in life teach one how to unperch themselves without knowing which events in particular have enabled them to do so. The material side of a person often does what the spiritual side wants without them being able to recall the true ’spiritual’ intention.

He then told me I had recently written up an article in which I had learned to experience ’connected opposites’ in the dream state. He said this opened the door for me to take in what he was saying to me, as well as enabled me to experience my third eye in its disconnected or unplugged state. The connected opposites, he explained, is a dizzying proposition, and most people ignore it in order to give themselves some stability in life. Hence, you get people making logical arguments and get angry when someone contradicts. Naturally, he explained, everything contradicts, and all those contradictions connect. I asked him how was this so. He told me that if I were to observe the third eye on its perch upon the end of its stem, I would see that it is like a stretched circular membrane that my consciousness could use like a muscle. I could make that membrane convex and concave, just as an eye can look both left and right, or people can be either inductively creative or deductively logical depending upon which ’mental muscle’ they use, or in which way they look. They are distinct from one another only in that they are dualistic expressions on the opposing sides of the stretched membrane of the third eye. Connected, yet opposite.

In the same way, he went on, the circle and the square are opposing forces on a stretched membrane, but on a much larger scale. On earth, it is the platonic ideal, the square, which is seen as geometric and perfect--but on earth, the platonic ideal is more mentally experienced and we strive to make it physical. In the spirit world, however, the inverse is true, and it is the physical existence which is the square, and the spiritual existence which is the sphere. These two interact with one another in the same way that opposing sides of the third eye are ’connected opposites’ that enable the earth to exist and grow in a spiritual form at the same pace as the material form. One influences the other, both of which would not be possible without the interaction between the ’square material matrix’ and the ’spherical spiritual realm.’ He said that what I generally perceive as evil is actually the perception of the square which is being built for reflection.

I then told him that in order to have the out of body experience, I had imagined a string that was stretched between two extremes. I told him that normally during sleep paralysis I was unable to get out of my body and that this had basically been the equivalent of me pulling on one side of a rubber band until it strained but did not release. I told him that instead of fighting against that force, I had used it instead, like a rubber band around a finger, to fling myself to the other side of the room. I told him that if I were to imagine this string of me spinning itself in the light it would look like a sphere. He told me that yes, I was a spinning string, and a spinning string looks like an orb whereas a non-spinning string looks like a whispy djinn. All of those strings, collectively spinning, take the form of planets which can spin in different frequencies. If a square were to endure the same frequency, a material ’planet’ would make an appearance within the universe. “So there is something to string theory” I said, to which he agreed. After this I was given the impression that he was very busy with something on the planet, and I said thank you, and he promised he would talk to me again.

Then I located Aleister Crowley (strange), and he appeared to me after the tube link up. He was dressed in an old king outfit with a red cape of sorts, and I was given the impression that he fancied himself as an advanced soul. He wanted to talk about sex magick and its relationship with the sun, but I told him I wasn’t really that interested in hearing anything of the sort at the time. He did tell me something about drinking and its connection with sleep paralysis. He told me that drinking ’slackened’ the stretched rubber band I was referring to, and to consider people in inebriated states as being less connected to their physical self. As such, they had a higher number of experiences with sleep paralysis, regardless if they knew how to use the paralysis or not. Learning how to slacken your connection with your body ultimately enables you to fling yourself from your perch. He said that, although I had been terrified by Cinderella who was pulling on my soul when I was twenty one, she was actually slackening it, so it would assist in the ripening. I said thank you, and he disappeared quickly as the protoplasm unlinked itself.

I then asked Jem what happens if the third eye goes down the stem instead of flinging itself from the tip. He told me people do this all the time when they fall asleep, and some even go down the stem when they die and are reborn and go lucid again. This stem, from the inside, looks like a tunnel. When you go down the stem and enter the center of the sphere of earth, all of the dreams in there are reflections of things you experience in life, and none of those things would be possible to dream without ’the square.’ The dreams themselves are connected to the earth, which is why you see cars and people and bridges and radiators and lollipops and boats in your dream instead of other things that are not ’experienceable’, such as those from one of those distant red spheres.

After this, Jem told me to meet Jeff Stone. I had the impression that they were just making up names, and they told me that they could just as easily make up their own appearances as well, and it was just to make people feel more at ease. Stone said that I had expressed a desire to learn how to ’travel’ during an out of body experience, and he was creating something which would allow me to do so, but I wasn’t going to use it until my next experience. To move in the world of light required a vehicle of sorts, he explained, and Stone specialized in making them. I said, “So you are like a car dealer?” And he laughed and said I am free to consider him one. He showed me what this traveling vehicle looked like. If I can describe it in any way possible, I would compare it to that children’s toy which is a plastic bubble, in which a coin is placed on a rod. When the plastic bubble rolls, the coin in its position is enabled to spin.

I asked him why the spin was necessary. He told me that, in dimensions of light, we are co-creators. As such, we need some way in which to perceive and experience a world around us which is not co-created—e.g. the reality of others. The only way to do so is to create a spinning coin of sorts which, when spun, speeds up the images much faster than the mind can invent them. I told him that made a lot of sense, as ’flickering images’ is used as a vehicle in many lucid dreaming books, as well as in remote viewing, where you learn to identify that which you think about and invent on your own vs. that which directly comes to you from an external source. The spinning coin, if you look at it and through it and picture an image on both sides of the coin, it will ’flicker’ in front of your eye, and by looking through it, you have more of a chance to experience images that you did not personally make up on your own. It worked almost like ’frames’ of a movie projected onto the opposing surfaces of the coin, with the next frame appearing instantly on the opposite side of the spinning surface. The opposite side of the coin acts like a mini buffer moving too quickly for you to draw your own light upon it, but moving in a fluid, movie-like fashion.

So ultimately, this vehicle looked like a clear orb with another orb in the center, and the spinning center was the same shape as the flattened membrane of a third eye. Stone told me to try it out briefly, and I did so by peering through it. I imagined it floating down over a field of wheat, and it directed itself and took me there. I next directed it to show the house of a friend that I knew, and I saw her hanging laundry on a line and pinning a sheet with yellow flowers on it up across a wire. He told me I would be able to really ’give it a spin’ next time I came back. I asked him how do I know that I will be able to come back? He told me that since I had the OBE, I would be able to come back much more frequently.

After all this happened, I finally fell asleep, and was so exhausted and astonished by the experience, I ultimately slipped into a mini coma of sorts and didn’t wake up for an additional twelve hours. Whether or not I will be allowed to return is yet to be seen. If this entire episode had been nothing more than a dream, it was the most fluid and comprehensible one I have ever had. Although it has been explained in just a few pages of text, it ultimately lasted for at least three hours. On top of that, all of this followed my first self-induced OBE. Take it or leave it—it’s what I experienced. It is possible the entire incident—including the OBE--could have been some strange hypnagogic hallucination, but if it was, wouldn’t you want to try and experience one, too?

Until next time...