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Upon Which I Find The Ring

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 6/7/2011 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 3044   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality

What is the truth? We are all on some endless quest to find it, so what is it? With my vast supply of infinite wisdom (right) coupled with my inability to find anything more revealing, let me propose a definition: the truth is that which manifests thought into physical form. You cannot argue with someone or something which has this capability--they would just make it so. Let me add to this, for the time being, that Tolkien encapsulated this concept of ’truth’ in the form of a ring. Why a ring? Because it is the equivalent of The Philosopher’s Stone—that which can take any tulpa, any egregore, any flight of fancy—and turn it into the real thing.

At first, you may think this wasn’t what Tolkien meant, but think about this, as it brings that universe into an entirely different light. A Philosopher’s Stone, in alchemy, was seen as the Elixir of Life, capable of forming a subservient golem—or race of golems--out of inanimate matter to do the bidding of the bearer. Discovering it would bring that person godlike powers, enabling him—and him alone--to alter the face of the Earth. How so? By the uniting of opposites. Good and evil. Black and white. Astral thoughts into material reality. Tulpas, egregores, angels, demons, gods, goddesses, planets, solar systems, galaxies—all of them—ideas, manifesting through the center portal of this ring.

Now, given that a person can, for all purposes, generate reality through this ring, there can be only one ring. Why? Because, if there were two rings with similar capabilities, one of the rings could, through the manifestation of an idea, destroy the other, which it would promptly do in order to prevent the opposite ring from doing the same thing first. See how that works? One true ring, allowing for the generation of reality—a single reality--is all that is logically allowed. And the quest we all have inside to ’discover the truth’ is really the quest to obtain this power and manifest our own thoughts to make them real. If we were to say that an earthquake is going to hit tomorrow, we would want to be right. If we were to say that such and such loves us, we would want to be right. If we were to say that this entity written about in this book is God himself, we would want to be right. And we would be—that is the power of the ring. That is the power of the truth.

Continuing this little thought experiment, let’s say some entity found such a ring and decided to use it. As such, we are now all living inside of his world, unaware of who, in particular, created this place, or where, in particular, is the ring that allows the ’thought-form’ of us to exist. We could have been placed here with no will at all, doing exactly like we were designed, mindless automatons running off of a random number generator. But we weren’t. No, we have a will, and our will seems to be designed, as the ring bearer’s will was designed—to seek the truth. It is as if we, ourselves, are the equivalent of tulpas in the mind of this entity, and we wish—for whatever reason--to manifest outside of this medium onto another plane of existence. The only thing which has the power to do so is the ring. Thus, we need the truth. But could we handle it?

In Tolkien’s universe, the ring had a very dubious quality—anyone who drew near it would be driven mad. It was an apparent requirement. But why? Well, consider the power of manifesting truth--since there is only one ring, there is no ’collaborating evidence’ required for any truth you generate. In fact, logically there can be no collaborating evidence at all as this would require more than one ring with which to ’collaborate’. This logical quality of truth can be easily noted by the fact that most conspiracy theorists lose all sense of shared reality the closer they get to the truth, and are driven mad by the pursuit alone. They reach a point where they share no foundation with anyone else. They believe they are just about to touch the ring, and it overwhelms them the moment they realize that they must get there alone. They have sacrificed their shared sanity in their quest for that singular point of infinite power. So, a dilemma exists. We have been given a will to seek the truth—the singularity--but the closer we get to it, the more we lose our minds.

The ring has yet another quality—anyone who wears it becomes invisible. At first, this seems to be quite a random property. But think about it. You place the ring on your finger, you visit the astral plane. You take the ring off your finger, you are back to the physical plane. Both sides want the ring, both sides pursue it, and every time you use it, it gives all those tulpas and egregores a clue to the ring’s location. You are pursued, relentlessly, in both realms. Both sides see you, the ring-bearer of truth, as the answer to their troubles. It is as if both realms want to manifest--in the other. Demons become physical beings, and physical beings become demons. Plato’s ideal forms manifests into objects, and objects manifest into ideal forms. Through you. The bearer of the truth.

With a ring of such value, it makes logical sense that a certain ’variation’ of sorts would find its way into the mix: the counterfeit. It is easy to spot the counterfeit simply by observing when someone lies, especially when someone lies all the time. The true bearer of the ring would not have to do this. You can easily note that the Earth is not the center of the universe, despite all the tireless attempts to make it so. But still--it is the counterfeit which makes life so endlessly unbearable, as the wielders of the counterfeit do not have the same benevolence to provide free will as the original creator—whomever that may be. So how did they get such power? Their ring is fake—isn’t it?

Some time way back in Earth’s history, it is not a stretch of the imagination to picture someone who noted the properties that this ring had, and decided that, since they could not have it for themselves, they would simply emulate its properties. All traces of the genuine article would promptly be removed, and in its place, a false facade would be set up. The power of the truth was promptly given up for the power of the lie.

First and foremost, nothing could happen on Earth unless they caused it to happen, and nothing could be known unless they let it be known. At least, that would be the objective. Appearances were of the utmost importance, regardless of how weak the underlying roots really were. If their will were not obeyed, they would lash back with a vengeance and beat the offenders into submission, sending their goons to ensure their secret was not revealed, the secret being that what they held was nothing more than a counterfeit. They would rewrite history, even go so far as to deny everyone the faculty of their own senses. How many fingers, Winston? What trillions of dollars? What dialysis machine? What PDF layers? What oil spill? They would take food from your baby’s mouth if you allowed yourself to see through their illusion. It is your fault, your deficiency, your stubborn self that is making your children suffer—not them. And all of it can end, promptly, instantly, if you simply accept their rules, take your pills, and say to yourself that they own the one, true ring.

Furthermore, every time something ’unexplained’ cropped up that they themselves did not cause, they would promptly state it was fake, or attach to it other ’natural’ causes. Why? Because there can be only one truth—their truth. As such, they would note these oddities and make every effort, not only to cover them up, but also emulate them to take credit for them. These they would call ’hoaxes’ and allow the blending of truth with their own impostures so no one would be able to know of the--much deeper--counterfeit. UFOs? They are but military jets and mistaken identities. Crop circles? Why, that is but a new form of art with sticks and old men, hired by the CIA, who stay up late at night and travel the globe. Yes! They would cover up the fact that there is a truth...different than the one they themselves invented. These false ring-bearers are like lightbulbs pretending to be the sun—and they would blow up the sun itself if it would ensure the illusion.

As for the ’invisibility’ clause, they would take care of that as well. The creator of the universe is just that—invisible, as he lives ’in the gaps.’ He is inaccessible because he wears the ring. On Earth, this group of individuals who wished to emulate this very same property of the ring would do so by changing their name, changing their country, changing everything about themselves and endlessly hide in the shadows as the ’invisible puppet master’, pulling the strings and creating a world in their image—pretending to own this place. Internationalists. Globalists. The Faceless Ones. No countries, no loyalties—only endless conflict in their wake. You cannot find God with a map and compass, and just the same, you would not be able to tell on Earth who is really calling the shots, either.

Their illusion, they believe, is almost complete, as we have difficulty distinguishing between two actions—acts of god vs. acts of man. Was the 9.0 earthquake in Japan man-made, or was it an act of God? They both seem to have equivalent capabilities here. Is this the will of an invisible being, or is this the will of man pretending to be an all-powerful invisible being? The door is closing. The winner has almost been called in to claim his prize—Earth itself, and all of its inhabitants.

But! But! They do not own the ring!

No. They don’t.

The creator of the universe with the real one is out there, somewhere, in all those gaps, invisible because he wears the real ring. But what happens, might I ask, when he finally takes it off? And what do you think he will do to all those counterfeits hellbent on destroying his gift of free will?

The ring which has been forged—not by the creator--but by the hand of man, will be worn by a peasant whose sole philosophy is to eat, drink, read, watch the birds, feel the wind, and be merry. He shall wear it around his neck, and walk to the darkest land, reach the highest peak, hold it over the forge—and let it go. He will open one finger, then another, then another, and watch it slide from his grip and tumble end over end until it is swallowed by burning magma. Won’t he? Let us all pray he can do it.

That hobbit is our last hope.