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Book Review: The Real Men in Black

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 6/4/2011 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 3879   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: UFOs

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Nick Redfern has covered a lot of ground in his ongoing series of books surrounding all things paranormal, and in his latest work, The Real Men In Black published by New Page Books this month, he reveals the latest phenomena surrounding these dark, deviant individuals. Just what are they--government officials? Aliens? UFO investigators? Cases of mistaken identity? Time travellers? Or perhaps something much more devious? Half of this work entails the lore, and the other digs deep into the theories concerning the origins, what they want, when they appear, where they show up, and even how they feed. Will you wake up one morning to find two of them on your doorstep like identical twin Hell Brothers peddling the latest WatchingYou magazine...or will you see them only late at night, frozen solid in another one of your paralytic nightmares?

Redfern’s writing is easy to digest, and he does a good job covering all the proposed origins for these UFOlogical demons. His chapter on tulpas I personally enjoyed the most, as it raised some thought-provoking concepts which should be looked at much more closely by the UFO Community in general. Tulpas have their counterparts in occult literature under many names--’egregore’ being another--and it firmly establishes the foundation which built up the mythology surrounding the Nephilim. Are the Nephilim real, or imaginary? And is there even a difference? Linking tulpas with the Nephilim and onwards to the Men in Black is a logical next step.

Whether you consider the Men in Black a legitimate group, the idea does properly encapsulate the paranoia which hits investigators who attempt to rationalize the unknown. Considering that so many of these individuals feel alienated by society in the first place as they attempt to contemplate, alone in their office, what is really happening in the universe and hopefully give it a name, the threat of the intimidating “others” is quite real. Hearing a disconnected phone is enough to send some people into a panic, and soon enough, mail has been read, the water softener is spiked, and nano-bugs have found their way into milk products--all placed by government agents and/or demons who don’t want the truth to come out, or better yet, killed before it can take its first breath of freedom. ’Unshared reasoning’ is common place amongst conspiracy theorists, so we should at least be thankful that they agree on one thing—the truth, whatever it may be, has been hidden from us, and those who are responsible prefer to keep it that way.

Read it, enjoy, discuss, and tell us what you think. Good job, Nick.