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ParanormalNews.com Interviews Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre (R.A. Mihailoff) about Hatchet II and the Hollywood Ghost Hunters

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Posted: 2/7/2011 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2303   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ghosts

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With the DVD release of the movie Hatchet II, R.A. Mihailoff agreed to talk with us about his own ghost hunting group, The Hollywood Ghost Hunters, which includes Kane Hodder (Jason from Friday the 13th) as a member. What terrifies these two, and what interests do they have in the paranormal? Read on to find out:

Paranormal News: You two scared the hell out of me when I was 12--I thought I could handle a VHS tape of Jason while my parents slept at night, but I couldn’t walk near a lake in the dark for the next five years, and Texas Chainsaw was just plain terrifying. What scared you two when you were younger?

Mihailoff: One of my most vivid memories is being absolutely terrified of watching the original Invaders from Mars on a 13 inch black and white TV. Don’t ask me why. It just really got to me.

Paranormal News: You hear in the media all day how video games and horror movies warp our minds and turn us into sociopaths. My son, for instance, plays Call of Duty and laughs when he dags people. I usually give him a concerned look when he does this and wonder if I am making a monster by allowing him to play, but he just looks at me and says "What? It’s not real. And I get points." What’s your take on kids being exposed to violence in film and video games?

Mihailoff: Of course I’m 100% against censorship of any kind for adults, but I believe it is the PARENTS’ responsibility to understand their child and what they are capable of handling at any age and not to be afraid of exercising their parental responsibility in making sure the child is able to handle the material.

Paranormal News: Has it changed you at all to play the roles of serial killers?

Mihailoff: Yes, playing an iconic horror character was a game changer for me. It elevated me from being a day player to a main title star, however, if you mean did it leave any deep psychological scars or dredge up any latent evil, absolutely not.

Paranormal News: Everyone seems to enjoy reading about reasons they should keep their doors locked--to keep out the baddies like you two. Which begs the question, do you lock yours?

Mihailoff: I live in the second largest urban area in the country...of course I lock my doors.

Paranormal News: You two have a paranormal group of your own: Hollywood Ghost Hunters. How long has it been around, and how did you get started? Can you tell us about it?

Mihailoff: Well, Kane Hodder, Rick McCallum and myself were doing a movie at the Mansfield Reformatory in Ohio, a place that is allegedly haunted in its own right. Sometime during the filming of the movie, Kane and Rick did an investigation of the prison, and that was the beginning of Hollywood Ghost Hunters. They invited me to join the group because I think they needed a "pretty face,” and that’s how the group got started. That movie was shot in 2006, and we started investigating formerly as HGH about two years ago.

Paranormal News: What investigations have you done which stick in your mind more than any other?

Mihailoff: My favorite place to go is the Oman House on Cielo Drive, perhaps better known as The Sharon Tate House. We’ve been there multiple times, and it’s always very interesting.

Paranormal News: What equipment do you use, and what is your best evidence that you have captured?

Mihailoff: We use most of the electronic equipment currently available, and for a review of the evidence, please go to our website at hollywoodghosthunters.com.

Paranormal News: In between your ghost investigations, You two have found the time to work on a new movie, Hatchet 2, which was released February 1st on DVD. If it scares one of our readers to death, do you promise to go and investigate?

Mihailoff: Only if their spirit manifests itself and invites us.

Paranormal News: Seriously, Leatherface and Jason chasing ghosts--when do the Hollywood Ghost Hunters get their own TV series?

Mihailoff: That is the $64,000 question and one that I hope is on everyone’s minds...as soon as we can brother, as soon as we can.