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The Day Before Disclosure

Written By: Terje Toftenes

Posted: 10/9/2010 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 3121   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: UFOs

The Day Before Disclosure from Ritchy_Niburu_2 on Vimeo.

We here at New Paradigm Films are among the millions of people across the world who have a strong notion that humanity is on the verge of major change on both a social, biological and spiritual level. But we also reckognize the need for widespread information on the key subjects of this transformation. Our goal is to produce films covering several of these subjects, and make them available for as many people as possible across the globe.

We now have the pleasure of inviting you all the see our latest documentary "The Day Before Disclosure" free of charge, right here on our website. If you like the film and wish to support our work, please consider purchasing our DVD’s and merchandise. We also have a video archive called "Voices of the New Paradigm", which features full length interviews with people on the forefront of the transformation. Enjoy! - NPF

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And here is Paranormalnews.com’s short interview with Terje:

Q. Many feel the Hastings conference was the beginning of a deeper disclosure. But why now? Why not in 2001 after the Greer conference? What changed?
A. What has changed in my opinion, is that the exposure of stories related to the phenomenon has become more frequent in the media, especially after the opening of the national UFO files in Europe. Also the NASA published Hubble pictures and the findings of earth-like planets has had its effect. And not to speak of AVATAR...

Q. How could governments reveal information concerning extra-terrestrial life without losing their power?
A. By admitting that this phenomenon has been impossible to determne in way of what, who and from where. Just say it as it is, that as long as we did not know exactly the true nature of the phenomenon, we were concerned about not spreading fear and panic.

Q. Since government basically serves the banking industry, What financial incentives could there be for disclosure?
A. In short terms probably no incentives, only fear of loosing the grip. On long terms and in a wider perspective a great deal to win. But several things would have to change, in particular the strong ego-incentives that rule the banking industry/

Q. Why should people trust what any government says NOW concerning UFOs and aliens when we have been lied to for so long?
A. It would take huge efforts to convince the public that what is revealed is the actual truth. No easy task. And the oposition would use all their wwapons and arms to undermine it. I believe this is one of the main reasons it has not been done yet. Political suicide for any leader, I guess, if not done in the right manner. And no one really knows what the right manner might be.

Q. What would be the difference between a "fake" disclosure and a "real" disclosure, and how would humanity be able to tell the difference?
A. The real disclosure would have to be supported strongly by our cosmic neighbours, like appearing with visible craft in great numbers all over major cities, and appearing in person on TV etc. A fake disclosure would still carry with it a lot of secret issues, with no true transparency.

Q. Many religious individuals feel all governments are run by a sinister force, and the revelation of extra-terrestrials is just a continuation of a nefarious purpose. What is your take on this?
A. Hard to answer. We don’t even know if some of the aliens represent a sinister force, though I personally believe the majority are peaceful (or else they would probably have taken us out long a time ago). But obviously religion is one of the thickest walls you will hit when it comes to disclosure, as religious powers have a lot to lose when the truth on how things really are on the spiritual side comes out.

Q. How would you take it if the first televised alien ’reveal’ occurred in the UN headquarters?
A. I think that would be the most proper place to have the first revelation, as it is regarded as neutral ground by many.

Q. What would be going through your head if an alien offered himself to be baptized by the Pope?
A. I guess aliens also may have a sense of humour.

Q. Have you had any UFO experiences of your own?
A. I have seen the lights in Hessdalen, and that was a pretty awesome experience. But no real close encounter, if thats what you mean.

Q. What could happen the day after disclosure? Best case? Worst case?
A. Worst case, business as usual. Best case, the start of a new world order where humanity can reach its true potential, and the planet can heal again.

Q. What do you hope humanity will learn from this?
A. That the main purpose of all life through out the universe is development of conciousness, and that separation is an illusion.