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Remembering Being Born

Written By: Claire King

Posted: 8/18/2010 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 12839   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality
I remember being born and it’s about time I spoke about it. When I bring up the subject with people they don’t usually believe me and just laugh but for some strange reason I have an excellent long term memory, (and a not so good short term memory.) I feel it’s my duty to explain my experience and other early memories and experiences so people can understand more about our abilities as human beings or some human beings abilities, and to show that science is currently overlooking some things. I also want to give the baby that couldn’t speak a voice, now I’m an adult.

Also, people who have children might be interested to know what abilities are possible and how to help your child remember its birth. I don’t know if everyone can or will remember being born, but it’s worth bringing up the subject at around age 3 and seeing what they do remember, and keep asking them every 6 months or so, so they don’t forget if they do have some memories, keep going over it with them, but allow them to access it from their memory rather than just telling them about it. Once they have established the memory themselves, they can remind themselves about it every so often, one day they might be an adult who has also remembered their birth and it would be good to hear about that. I will definitely be trying it out with my future child/children.

I have spoken about this to my mother since I was about 3. There were things I told her that she never spoke to me about in the first place, like how her waters were broken- ‘’I said how come you didn’t have any water in there?’’ And she said ‘’that waters break’’ and went on to explain-I didn’t know this when I was younger or really how any of the process of pregnancy worked. I told her the description of the midwife and the position and relation of everything in the room and inside the womb-which obviously she can’t tell me-these are the reasons I believe I genuinely remember being born, not just remember being told about my birth. The memories are as clear as today, I remember more than my mother. Although my mother may have triggered the memory back when we spoke about it, I have chosen to keep it fresh in my mind all these years, it just so happens I’ve kept them fresh now for so long that I’m now 25, and I will try to keep remembering them for many years to come hopefully. Over the past few years my mother’s memory has started to fade, but mine hasn’t, so before it does, this is my memory of being born.

The earliest memory I have if I go as far back as I can (in this life) is of a sort of floating sensation and being surrounded by total darkness. This is on the day of my birth but it is as clear today as it was then, 25 years ago, and 6 months to the day!

I don’t know where I was in this darkness, I could have been anywhere, in the middle of space or in between some sort of death to life realm. I could hear the sound of my own conscious mind thinking peacefully, a sort of where am I but I don’t really mind type of thought process, and I also felt a presence although this may have been the sudden recognition of myself and my existence. It also felt like there was a male presence near me or in my thoughts, urging me to go forward into the light. I had a soul (and perhaps a spirit guide.)

The next thing I knew I was in the corner of a room. I had no physical body, I was invisible as I looked at myself there was nothing there-but that wasn’t abnormal, I wasn’t shocked that I had no body, the whole process was perfectly normal and natural, instinctive and effortless.

I was just a conscious thinking seeing spirit floating in the top left corner of a room. I have drawn fairly accurate diagrams to show the delivery room to my mother who said it seems accurate but that she has actually now started to forget some of what it looked like so unfortunately I can’t get complete confirmation on its accuracy although in previous years she had confirmed it by my description. Also the hospital building is no longer there to check either or I would have gone as far as making a visit.

So I was in the corner of the delivery room watching everyone, I could see the bed where my mother lay, the nurses, I think there were about 3 of them and I was aware of where my father was, down a corridor waiting. In a split second without much conscious thought or effort I was inside my body, inside my mother’s body, as if I knew instinctively what to do and it all flowed naturally and at lightning speed.

I now had a body, arms and legs and I stretched out and touched the skin inside my mother’s womb with my hands-which felt like the slimy membrane inside the cheeks in your mouth. I could see quite a lot inside the womb. The light shining down on my mother’s belly must have been bright enough to light up enough of the womb so I could see. It was dark red to orangey colour inside and slimy, veiny, round, circular and stretched out. I fitted in there ok and there seemed to be enough space, I wasn’t uncomfortable, in fact I felt no pain whatsoever, not like when I think about how I feel most of the time these days all achy in places, I was brand new. I spent some time looking around at the glowing light coming in from the top but I didn’t have long to relax.

I heard the nurses talking and felt a rush of panic, I felt my mother panic and this made me panic!! What was going on? I listened to the nurses and understood exactly what they were saying (I have no idea how I understood the English language before I was even born but for some reason I did, and also in later memories I understand what people are saying well before I can speak.) they were going to cut my mother open! One of the nurses exact words were ‘’I’m just going to sharpen the knife.’’

I knew this person I was inside was my mother and that I loved her unconditionally and didn’t want her to be hurt or in pain, I also knew I didn’t want to be dragged out against my will. I knew what I had to do, it was my time to come out, they were all waiting for me! (They were going to do a c section because I was in the breech position.)

I turned around, did a 180 degree turn to the left, and pushed myself out with my feet, I remember looking down at my feet and then my knees and as I pushed out my legs fully stretched out. I came out on my left side on my shoulder and the first person I saw was a lovely black/African midwife who then quickly grabbed me as I was a surprise practically giving birth to myself, and I don’t remember much after this, I think I was weighed and my father came in and everyone was very happy.

But I will always remember this day as I have always chosen to remember it. It was a happy day and I realised quite early on thanks to my mother that it was unusual that I remembered it. Now I’m 25 people just think its ridiculous but I told some friends as a child when birth wasn’t so long ago at the age of 6 or so, they just said they didn’t remember theirs, but not that it wasn’t possible. It’s a shame we end up so closed minded, if we choose to be. But since remembering being just a spirit without a body, I feel blessed with this knowledge as if anything is possible and it has made me a very open minded person all my life, it’s changed everything, believing in all sorts of things or that they are at least possible. I think a lot more is possible than is realised and that people shouldn’t be so quick to judge and pass things off as rubbish. I am not alone in my memory of being born as internet searches show and some famous people have spoken about their experiences.

The following link is an experience I felt was so similar to mine I just cried when I found someone else also had this unique experience of being blessed with such an extreme memory and felt the same way about it and life. They are also a spiritual person. I wonder if this happened to us because we are spiritual people or whether this made us become spiritual, personally I think I have just always been different and remembering this and many other early experiences and paranormal experiences just reinforces my beliefs.

But you can only ever experience an experience not just read about it, I probably wouldn’t have believed it had I not been through it myself or any of the other strange things that have happened. although I hope it opens people’s minds, putting it out there is mainly for open minded people anyway interested or wanting to help their children possibly access their memory, and for people who also may have had the experience as I may not have written mine had it not been for the person who wrote about theirs and now I feel so much more complete as a person and not alone in my weirdities.

Thanks for reading. More to come…
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