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Wilton Windmill, Near Wilton, Wiltshire Cropcircle

Written By: John Scott

Posted: 6/3/2010 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 4501   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Crop Circles
There were a lot of other people involved in cracking the mathematical codes for this crop circle so I play a small part in trying to decipher them also. Here is my latest edition to the Windmill CC in the UK. here: check out all the tabs for full info.

,But45×459y! And Alchemy
I don’t think the CC intended the Euler code to be pi as this is a mathematical constant if we crunch the original code in the brackets on the CC e ^ (hi)pi) 1 = 0 to this e ^ (φ,,,,,,) 1 = 0 by using (phi φ,,,,,, the “golden” mean, a reference to the Golden mean?”)
e ^ (φ,,,,,,) 1 = 0 we then get a logarithmic spiral they may be trying to tell us what is happening is irrational to our normal logic.

Thanks to JPC’s decoding of the hidden code in the implicate part of the CC this gives another dimension or space beyond the Euler identity code. The hidden message ,But 45×459 y !

The ,But45×459y! equation sounds like a puzzle like the first Euler code? The code was in “two places” one seen one hidden.

The numbers 45 and 459 may be a Fibonacci sequence starting with the number 4?
And the code makers ask us But Y (but why?) or But!

Albeit it’s an odd Fibonacci as it sits “in between” a real Fibonacci sequence, like an implicate or “hidden” dimension. Fibonacci usually starts with 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 and so on, but the number sequence changes at 3 and rotates or moves forward by 1 or + 1. Three (3) is significant in alchemy as the number of processes, separation (of the DNA), purification (fire) and cohobation (Gold).
The new Fibonacci 4, 5, 9 in the implicate part of the CC may indicate “dark light” or “hidden light” a reference to an “internal” change within our DNA/consciousness. The Alchemical processes of turning “lead into Gold” i.e. gold is the inner Sun symbolism. This may also coincide with the LHC experiments and discoveries.

The x y axis refers to the Cartesian coordinates. This may be important in relation to time-space relationships of light and particle acceleration. In alchemical symbolism the circle and cross stands for the earth. So the earth may be turned into Gold via the process of fire (see images further down).

Alchemical symbol for earth and x y-axis

Going back over some old ground we see that the binary code arising from the original CC was written in what seemed to be split base pairs like on a DNA chain

The number 4 starting point of the Fibonacci sequence may be alluding to the sugars in the base pairs also ATGC with a “h” (see the first deciphering of the Euler’s identity as to the significance of the “h”) hydrogen bond? Giving more currency to the Sun and DNA connection.

I took another look at this equation and cancelled out the second “i” and the middle bracket after all this is a puzzle.

We are then left with e ^ (hpi) 1 = 0 this doesn’t make sense either? unless it’s an anagram or puzzle for e ^ (phi) 1 = 0 or e ^ (φ,,,,,,) 1 = 0 (a compilation of Euler’s identity and the CC)

So new formula becomes e ^ (φ,,,,,,) 1 = 0 or e ^ (φ,,,,,,) + 1 = 0 ,But! x y 4 5 9

Intuitively this may indicate a phi logarithmic spiral going to 0 but with a twist (excuse the pun) It may also be indicating that we are going backwards in space-time?? and into a worm hole. This makes sense in regards to Euler’s identity and with the anti clockwise direction of the windmill. See the 3 spin of a Hydrogen atom below. The spd stands for speed. The 123 are the rotations of the atom. Then check the windmill blades closely in all photos available on the CCC: site?

here’s a higher spin and speed chart

another here, I assume the 4 spin and speed is the fourth row down.

quantum mechanics:

So we may be talking about particle acceleration physics here but internally. Heading into a wormhole via a “negative” energy, Fibonacci spiral (into darkness and rebirth) through a point of singularity and hopefully being turned into Gold at the other end hence all the Sun symbolism arising.

Monad and also symbol for Gold in Alchemy.

To back this up we come to this famous diagram.Note the 12 slices in the pie and the reference to Gold ions being smashed together?

First “Gold” Beam-Beam Collision Events at RHIC at 100 – 100 GeV/c per beam recorded by the STAR detector. [1] Original caption: “one of the first full-energy collisions between gold ions at Brookhaven Lab’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, as captured by the Solenoidal Tracker At RHIC (STAR) detector. The tracks indicate the paths taken by thousands of subatomic particles produced in the collisions as they pass through the STAR Time Projection Chamber, a large, 3-D digital camera.”

Note the similarity to the CC and 12 slices in the pi/phi/pie yum, yum, rapeseed pie mummy!

Diagram of a wormhole, the “throat” aspect turns to fire… the process of purification.

Update 29/ 5/2010

Hydrogen bonding and quadruplex structures in relation to the windmill CC

Here maybe a further windmill link to our DNA and the Electro magnetic fields emitted by solar winds, note the 3 co-ordinated metal ions in the centre of the diagram. These metal ions I feel are connected somehow to the Solar winds and magnetic fields that affect our DNA. Recently there have been inroads to the Sun’s core being made mostly of iron so this would syncopate with our metal ions inside the quad-4-ruplex structures via electromagnetic solar winds with our 3-quadruplex metal ions. (3 green balls in the middle) This might also hint to the second Fibonacci sequence beginning with 4 in the implicate part of the Euler identity code? The solar wind may affect the hydrogen bonding process at this level in relevance to the splitting of the DNA bonds. This whole process is connected with DNA replication. I’m not a scientist so this info needs to be examined. It’s the Hydrogen bonding aspect I was interested in as this is all connected to solar activity and the Hydrogen spin/increase rate the bonding of the base pairs in the DNA and the opening and reorganising of the collective “junk” DNA that is really crystalline in nature in regards to the sugars, this crystalline nature acts like a piezo electric “transceiver if you will”. DNA:

Crystal structure of parallel quadruplexes from human telomeric DNA. The DNA strand (blue) circles the bases that stack together in the centre around three green
co-ordinated metal ions (green). Looks like the ancient Bon symbol for the swastika but in the right direction in this case.

Thanks to everyone on CCC: for their contributions and photos.
Sociology I predict sheer chaos and don’t like the implication for humanity, enough for me, I’ve got a headache.

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