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End of the World for the World - 2012

Written By: John Pineal

Posted: 11/29/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 9250   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ancient Mysteries
Do you want to know what can be done about the predictions for all that horrible destruction which is set to occur in 2012 including the destruction of the world? We can prevent it. Really, with your help we can actually prevent it. Ask your guides if what I say is true and you can be instrumental in saving the world.

I am a 29 year Tibetan Buddhist, psychic, prophet and of course a medium.

I was in meditation about 6 years ago and I saw the Russians putting a big trailer looking thing, which they stated was for ocean research, into the ocean and lower it to the top of a sea mount in the mid Atlantic. It was a bomb. The KGB had asked their scientist how big a bomb would need to be to make a sizable tidal wave in order to destroy the east coast of America. The scientists told them how large. It was in the Gigaton range or thousands of times anything that the US ever detonated and about the power of the comet that destroyed the dinosaurs.

Then the leaders simply told their weapons manufacturer to make at least 6 of them for all around the earth. There is even one for the Indian Ocean though it does not rest on a sea mount. Most of the others rest on sea mounts though.

A sea mount is the core of a long extinct volcano. It is very hard and acts like both a plug and a wedge located right between two tectonic plates. It extends right down into the core of the earth.

So in my vision I decided to just watched this big device the Russians put on the sea mount go off just like a three minute private video. The bomb drove the sea mount 6 miles into the core of the earth. Due to the incredible pressure increase in the core hundreds of volcanoes around the world erupt at the same time (this Nostradamus saw in a vision followed by huge tidal waves) and the earth literally splits apart the tectonic plates. These bombs will break apart the plates like the spring weather breaks up the ice on a frozen river. These broken plates will slip over the core of the earth just like ice dips and bobs on a melting spring river. I saw in my vision that the part of Arizona where I lived would slip across the earths core and because of irregularity in thickness it would submerge itself three times under the ocean before it came to rest about 300 feet underwater where Australia is today.

The idiots in the KGB never asked a single scientist exactly what would happen if they exploded these giant hydrogen bombs on sea mounts. I think this is scheduled to happen in about three more years or about 2012. It can be prevented, that is what I am supposed to do if I can convince the right people. This, by the way, is the core and the source of most of the visions the great prophets have had like Nostradamus about the ’earth changes’, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, the East Coast flooded and the general destruction of all mankind.

Russians live for revenge. They always have. It’s a major part of their character. They wait up to 70 years to strike against an enemy. It’s how they are, it’s how they have been for over 500 years (actually thousands), and they have not changed in the last 12 years no matter what the KGB killers who are now running Russia tell you.

It’s inevitable that they will take out their vengeance on the west who they have seen as their main enemy since WWII.

Osama, what is he really about? I mean what he is doing makes very little sense to any logical person. At least with the information that you have it doesn’t make much sense. Facing off the US all alone? That is absurd. Nine eleven, only a mad man would have dared ordered that and Osama is not insane. Ordering that was suicidal. Unless he is not alone and he knows something that we don’t. He does not intend to hide like a rat until he gets caught, killed or dies of old age. He fully intends to take over the Middle East.

In 1989 when the Russians were pulling out of Afghanistan a young KGB agent named Vladimir Putin came up with an audacious idea. Why not hire the best Mujaheddin he could find to do to the U.S. what they had done to Russia? To the defeated leaders of a defeated Russia this sounded like a good idea, at least at the time. So the Russians struck an agreement with Osama Bin Laden.

This is how that nobody Putin with no past became the president of Russia and still runs it from behind the scenes. There are dog catchers in Moscow that had more qualifications than he did. Well, there is at least one dog catcher that is more qualified.

Here are some of the things that I see. MI6 in Britain has the most information confirming Russia’s involvement with al Qaeda and so does the NSA. The CIA has a lot too but it is so buried and disorganized that you could probably never get anyone to locate it. Although I have to add that my sense is that it’s pretty much in one place and in one file or set of associated files. So theoretically it could easily be found.

The British have information about Vladimir Putin, 25 years ago, involved in Russian decision making about Afghanistan. I think they also have information about him traveling to that region. If the CIA could locate their old records and look at what made no sense at the time, they would see the evidence all fall into place in today’s light. It would be enough to convict Valimir and Osama of collusion. They would not need anything else other than what is in their files. I wonder if that information could be found by a non government employee using the FOIA?

The agreement with Russia involved a lot of gold being paid to Osama. Most of his family was nearly broke at the time. The British have information about some of his family members either selling their cars or homes in France at emergency low prices. Then his close family members suddenly and for no obvious reason became flush. That is when the payoff happened. That gold is held in banks and drawn against. When it was refined they added surface soil so it has measurable traces of radioactive fallout from Chernobyl (and some of the gold is supposed to be over 150 years old).

It is pretty ingenious how it works (and certainly more ingenious than I could invent or hallucinate in the twenty minutes that it took to see all this). If you are an Arab prince on an allowance of a million dollars a year and need more money you can donate a half million to al Qaeda and get a ’chit’ for about $700,000 which you can then take to a bank and draw out. That is how Osama raises his funds without using the gold directly. I could find a lot of this evidence including the gold (and prove it came from Russian mines). Some of it is in Great Britain.

Why did I tell you this information? It is necessary for you to understand how a war on terrorism can lead to Russia attacking the US in the next three years.

Where is Osama? I keep seeing in the home of a middle Eastern diplomat. I think it is perhaps a Egyptian diplomat with strong Army background working in their embassy in the capital of one of the Arab states. He is most likely in Sanaa the capital of Yemen. Osama does go to the ocean for short stays where he rents a whole lot of adjacent rooms in a high rise hotel.

And yes, Osama does have atomic bombs. He was asking for them in the mid 90’s and then stopped, why do you think he quit searching for them? He found what he wanted. Where are they? Exactly where you would have put them if you were him and used logic. On one of the ’farms’ in Afghanistan where he lived. They are buried. I could find them fast. In 2001 Osama had to leave in a hurry and he could not take along several tons of atomic bombs. Besides where would he have taken them? And why bother removing them until they were needed if they were well hidden? Since they were well hidden he left them there and they are still there! About twenty atomic bombs, mainly suitcase bombs. Yep, I could find them quickly.

There is one event that may precede most other terrorist attacks involving the U.S. It is one which a Buddhist teacher of mine, Master Yu Tian Jian, has also seen in part and told others about. The reason I have included this next information is simple. In part you may wish to avoid doing anything about the information in this paper, which would help directly save the world, but I can guarantee that when the following event happens you won’t be able to avoid doing so anymore, at least in good conscience. Also, this paper will give their deaths meaning because through it their sacrifice will save the world.

Russia intends to wipe out the US 2nd fleet in the Atlantic with a nuke. How do they think they can get away with it? It’s the KGB at their best (or worst). Osama is going to have one of his men fly an airplane into the middle of the fleet. At the same time a Russia sub nearby will launch a missile powered by only a short firing booster rocket. The booster will burn out but place the missile into an arc and it is intended to explode near where the plane is flying. The missile is very nearly identical to a old Polaris missile in size.

Due to it flying in an arc the automatic defense radars on the US ships will see it as an outgoing arcing ’shell’ and not a missile which normally flies in a flat trajectory. It won’t be shot out of the sky. After the bomb goes off it will be assumed that it was on the plane, not a missile from a Russian submarine. Although the missile will be seen by many people on the nearby US ships none of them will live to tell about it....if this event is allowed to occur. Another bomb will blow up and destroy Diego Garcia but that might not happen until later.

There is another situation that I want to point out. Russia has huge stores of Anthrax and BW production facilities. These are targeted by US and British nukes. This is only logical isn’t it? No, it isn’t! If a nuclear war occurs then these storage facilities will be split open. Several hundred tons of Anthrax, which is highly resistant to all radiation, will be lifted up to well over 100,000 feet by the rising mushroom clouds and fires. Then the Anthrax will be taken by the jet stream and the winds to the far corners of the world. Both northern and southern hemispheres will be too poisoned for most life to exist for several hundred years. That includes humans. These facilities need to be taken off the lists of western targets.

This next information may explain a few things including Russia’s cruelty and ruthlessness. It’s Russia’s plan for war against Europe.

The KGB had a lot of Blinder bombers (Tu-22’s) made back in the 1950’s on orders of the KGB. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tu-22 No one has figured them out. They are over powered, especially the ones modified for use by the KGB to be a decent theater European bomber. It is a dragster being called a dump truck.

The plane is flown at high speeds in an arc which tops out at over 100,000 feet. There a bomb is released and either a large balloon or large parachute is deployed to keep the bomb at nearly that altitude. When the plane is a few miles away the bomb goes off. The bomb gives off a mixture of blast effect and Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP). The EMP will destroy all the electrical circuits within about 500 miles including those on US made airplanes (except maybe some of the F-15’s). Almost every other plane, helicopter, land vehicle and communication system will become immediately inoperable.

Then there is the blast effect of several hundred of these bombs from many of these planes. These bombs will create a several hundred mile wide ’zone of death’ (that is what the Kremlin leaders and KGB keep calling it) extending from the Caspian sea to the Arctic Ocean. Nothing will live in this zone for at least 50 years. However, BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMP-1 were specifically designed to be able to drive back and forth through this zone transporting troops without a loss of life from radiation. No western troop transport is designed to handle this passage.

Let me explain what will really happen if the Russians use these bombers they way they intend to. (Oh yes, they still intend to use them.) Not only will they create a zone of death but they will kill nearly everyone in Europe. They will start a huge fire which will be the equivalent of many thousand Dresden’s. Not only will all the cities but all the forests will be set on fire. That is easy for anyone to see this except apparently Russia’s leaders.

The updraft from the fires will drop radioactive stones the size of marbles in Germany and the size of your small fingernail in the UK. These will blanket the ground. China will get lots of BB sized fallout. Yes, this will kill a lot of Russian soldiers but a large number of the Russian Army will be held in reserve. However, they won’t be needed of course because, as I have stated, almost no one will be alive.

Sometime during all this Russia is going to lower a new iron curtain and put millions of it’s own people into slave labor camps. In fact their cleaning out and re equipping those camps will probably be the first indication of these events occurring.

I think there are enough bits of information in most of the intelligent services of the west to prove this scenario and with this information plus what you know you can fill in this puzzle. I just know thousands of officials and military leaders have wondered what is up with Russia’s plans for war in Europe. This information fills in the blanks and the proof that it is accurate is the fact that it should not conflict with any of the facts that they already have. It should in fact confirm, reinforce what they already know and also fill in all the remaining blanks.

One of the main reasons I have this ability to have visions in which I can see these events is found on my web site http://bestbrainmachines.com at this web page http://bestbrainmachines.com/researchl.htm#BB . The third eye machine is that powerful. What I write about on that page is not a lot of noise. It’s the most powerful increaser of psychic abilities that has ever been created. Unfortunately it is not fully developed. At the present time it takes five or ten years before the changes it creates can be directed properly and utilized sufficiently. This may change if I can determine the right frequencies and I look forward to doing this.