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Implant Removal: Stranger Than You Think

Written By: Deborah L. Lindemann, C.H.T

Posted: 7/24/1999 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2041   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Aliens

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Self-professed abductee Pat Parrinello was one of several people who consented to undergo "implant removal surgery" in August, 1995 under the direction of Dr. Roger Leir and Derrel Sims. This article is the result of an interview between Pat Parrinello and hypnotherapist Deborah Lindemann on August 30, 1996, one year after the surgery.] Pat Parrinello remembers well the evening he awoke feeling paralyzed. Although he was only six years old at the time, this is the type of experience one never forgets. When Pat had an "implant" surgically removed last August 19, 1995 by Dr. Roger Leir, it represented a culmination of unusual sightings and paranormal events that began at the age of six.

All of Pat's memories are consciously recalled, and he has never undergone any regressive hypnosis. Long before anyone knew much about Pat and his experiences, and before he had decided to have his implant removed, he was convinced that he indeed had an implant. He didn't need anyone to validate it for him. There were too many unusual incidents in his life, too many sightings. Somehow he knew it all related to the strange object in his left hand.

By the time Pat had decided to have his implant removed, he had come to the conclusion that the aliens were keenly aware that they had been discovered.

He noticed that about the time he definitely made the decision to have the surgery, he began having massive headaches in the frontal area of his head, much like migraines. This was approximately one and a half months prior to surgery. He had never been plagued by such painful headaches before. Still stranger was the fact that the headaches completely stopped after removal of his implant. He believes that perhaps he was being warned by the beings not to have his implant removed. Perhaps they were indeed watching his interest and awareness of them.

This suspicion was amplified even further one night about two weeks before his scheduled surgery. He and his dog went as usual to the store next to his home. The store was full of people, so he and the dog walked around the store building and to the back of his apartment complex. As Pat was sitting there, he looked to the east and noticed a large orange full moon rising. After about ten minutes, he returned to the store. He didn't think much of it at the time.

Pat was only in the store for about five minutes. When he came back out of the grocery he noticed that the moon had risen about 45 to 50 degrees in the sky. At the time, he thought, "Damn, the moon has risen in a big hurry!" As he was witnessing this huge moon, he noticed a sort of pulsing in his left earlobe. As he reached up to feel his earlobe, he felt something rather peculiar, like a small knot. His wife also felt the strange object in his ear.

Over the next few weeks, this object seemed to slowly travel upward in his ear from the lobe. By the day of the implant surgery for his hand, the knot in his ear completely dissolved or disappeared.

About a week before his implant surgery, a friend called to let Pat know about an upcoming television program on implants that Pat might be interested in watching. Pat and his wife watched and videotaped the program. Then the day before Pat was scheduled to fly to California for his surgery, he decided to re-watch his video of the program. As Pat watched the video, he was amazed to find that an entire segment on ear implants had been removed from the video, as though it were never recorded in the first place. He knew for a fact that this particular segment was part of the program. Both he and his wife saw the original program, and all of it was recorded. He reviewed the video over and over again, thinking that perhaps he was going nuts. There was no space or glitch in the video. If both he and his wife hadn't seen the program together, he might have begun to doubt his own sanity. To this day, Pat cannot make sense of this experience. He has decided to put it in the category of "high strangeness."

Pat Parrinello feels strongly about examining the motivations behind implant removal. He feels this is an important decision that shouldn't be made hastily or without thought.

He feels that fear is not the right reason for implant removal. Regarding his relationship with whatever beings are behind this phenomenon, Pat says that if the opportunity presented itself to walk right into a craft and meet them, he'd be there. Fear was never a part of his reasoning for removal of the implant. He understands how others may have fear concerning the presence of such a device, particularly if they felt that they were being controlled through it. But he strongly emphasizes that we need to find out the real purpose of these devices and why they're being placed into people. This is the reason he decided to have his implant removed. Once we know the real purpose or function, then individuals can make more intelligent choices on whether to remove them or not.

Pat is convinced that at least one of the purposes of his implant was some type of communications or psychic function. Pat only realized after his implant was removed that something he had taken for granted all of his life as normal, wasn't. That was his psychic or intuitive ability. Pat relied on his intuitive sense as something that was always there for him. Though it landed him in many childhood fights and he often felt ostracized by other kids, it always came in handy during his adult years. He learned to depend on those insights. Suddenly, after implant removal, he felt naked. It was as though someone took him "off line." He does believe, however, that either a certain percentage of his psychic ability remains, or that some of it is beginning to come back. But the frequency is unclear and his intuitive glimpses seem somewhat muddied.

Removal of Pat's implant has not stopped the unusual sightings that are a trademark of his life, however. Though Pat had his implant removed in August of 1995, on November 14, 15 and 16, 1995 he videotaped a remarkable series of daylight sightings in West Columbia, Texas. Sightings in themselves certainly don't automatically equate with contact; however, most of us have never experienced or seen even one sighting. Did Pat just coincidentally happen to be at the right place at the right time; or is there still some type of continuing relationship that even he is unaware of? Either way, removal of his implant hasn't appeared to completely sever the visitor umbilical cord.

Like all of us, Pat remains anxious for the final laboratory results of the implant analysis. He doesn't know any more about its properties than anyone else on the outside of the testing loop. He has been told that hopefully within one more month, the results should be in. All he could say now, based on the limited information given to him, is that it's "God-awful different from anything that is terrestrial."

Despite the loss of much of his psychic ability and other changes in his life, is Pat glad he made the decision to have the implant removed? His answer was a resounding "yes." He's committed to understanding this mystery further.