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Upon Which I Make Unicorns

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 7/18/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 3570   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality

There are two groups of people here on the planet—those who tap in to the particle, and those who tap in to the wave. The wave people are always complaining endlessly about the particle people, and the particle people are complaining endlessly about the wave people. If you are a wave person, you will lean towards the idea that we are one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. If you are a particle person, you lean towards the idea of ‘every man for himself’ so you should start working on experiencing this life objectively. Wave people constantly complain about the need to organize, combine, become one. Particle people constantly complain about the need to segregate, divide, give an equal share, as we all have many of the same dreams and aspirations, most of which are material, anyway.

When you tap in to the wave, the world takes on certain qualities that you will argue to death about because those qualities are so apparent. When you tap into the particle, the same thing occurs but on an opposite level. To the wave, we live in a despotic state of existence and the fundamental structure of society is one that we just do not need. To the particle, man came from an ‘every man for himself’ state of existence, and as a society we all need to make concessions to a structure that all of us knows does not work as well as it could.

Organization, however, is not something that the wave people are good at, so their efforts fall frustratingly short of their ambitious goals to rewrite the earth, but it makes complete sense that this is so. Specifically, if a wave were to organize, it would cease to be a wave. Period. Their objective to organize henceforth fails as it would deny themselves the properties of being a wave. Which is a shame in many ways because they are the ones who generally say and do all the things that are interesting and make life worth living—to me.

The particle people’s quest for a larger size, a bigger chunk, a higher amount--it fails as well, since no one likes working with someone who divides and segregates everything while they remain on top. They break apart, split up, categorize--a process of which obliterates all meaning and purpose. Yes, they get control, but their control is one that the wave despises. Luckily, humanity cannot be imprisoned—there are always subtle ‘accidents’ (or intentional acts?) which prevent it from becoming so. The gods would not allow it. Neither would France.

It is truly an interesting phenomenon...as the wave people age, their beliefs begin to match other waves. A lifetime of saying to yourself, “If this is so, then this is so, then this is so,” eventually awards you with a complete mental makeup that matches your “kind.” It is this “kind” which intrigues me. These kinds allow for an infinite numbers of differences between the individuals sharing a kind. Therefore, a wave person can say “Reality TV caters to idiots,” and another wave person can say, “All artists hate reality TV, but I watch tons of it and use snippets of it in my collages--check it out.” These two people seem to be, in a way, polar opposites, but they are actually tapping in to a geometric structure to develop their thoughts and express themselves. And no matter how hard you try, the wave people cannot escape the particles, and the particle people cannot escape the waves.

Try, for instance, to have a logical thought that has never been thought before. Try to think of something to paint that hasn’t ever been painted before. You will say, “I don’t know what logical thoughts have been had before. I don’t know all the things which have been painted before” and as a result, you’ll just come up with something that may or may not have been thought or painted before, albeit in a limited fashion.

Wave people want something new—why else would they have been born? They ask this of themselves. They eventually have to deal with the fact that the deepest they can go is to come up with an analogy—stacking thoughts or pictures together to see what pops out. Their ambitions are thus quelled--for the rest of the day, anyway. Particle people, on the other hand, seem to want something old—tradition and precedence matters to them, but then they run across the fact that they can only go so far, and if they want to go further, then they must be in that ‘old, precedential’ group in which they do not belong. Therefore both particle and wave people are shot down by the inherent qualities of the wave acting upon the particle, and vice versa.

No one likes to be shoved into a box and classified (unless you like the group in which you fall), but the fact of the matter is that if you look hard enough, you can see a shape to people’s thoughts, and it does not matter what candy coating of words and things falls around them. The shape is there, lit up like hot metal on an anvil.

Most wave people talk about how earth is evolving, how we are becoming a shared consciousness, an organism, that must work together to progress outside of our own tyranny of fear. Their reasoning is quite beautiful. Most particle people talk about how earth is decaying, and how everyone needs to pitch in using their collective and focused skills to save it from ruin. Their reasoning is quite beautiful as well. Who is right? Who is wrong?

Well, what if neither one is right nor wrong? What if the thought process themselves are just..shapes? Moving through the void, lit up by electromagnetic currents in our brain. What would it mean, then… to be human?

I have thought about this deeply, probably because I am inclined to be a wave person in my attempt to say something new, and give my life meaning. I have been this way since birth. I cannot help it no matter how hard I try not to be this way. Particles anger me, for a number of reasons. Boxing in things bothers me. Categorizing and dividing things bothers me. But waves—Gandalf is in the waves. Magic spells and potions. Elves, wizards, warriors. Truth. But particles…ugh. Such a thin coating on the energy of the universe. Weight and size and coldness—that is what particles consist of, masking the immortal wave beneath it all from whence we came.

The paranormal and conspiracy community is filled with wave people. Passionate, artistic. The scientific community is filled with the particle people. Politicians and mathematicians. One world doesn’t quite get along with the other. To the paranormal community, the science and political community are terrorists. To the science and political community, the paranormal and artistic community are terrorists. Eternally at war.


Which brings me to my Achilles’ Heel as an artistic wave: it seems as if someone, thing, or group of things, have pretty much figured out how to make the wave collapse into a particle without consulting me first, and that particle (or several, in the universe’s case) is not agreeable with me. Reality is this resistance made from something else which I cannot fathom. Why would the universe make something like this? Preventing people from flying. No magic. Nothing. What good is it? An accidental creation, or purposeful? What are us waves supposed to learn through these particles? It is like being coated and walking in sludge! But then, what are the particle people supposed to learn through all these waves? It is like being surrounded in chaotic multi-colored fuzz, and it must be placed under control!

In the heart of both worlds is a contradictive mystery---ultra powerful, eternal, as both shapes spin around one another complimenting and enhancing each other through their agreements and disagreements--and when they connect, boom! They give birth to untold numbers of children who are a beautiful, perfect combination of both…some more so than others.

I have always sought to discover the secret formula for unicorns. But in reality, there would be no magic without the absence of magic. So as much as I hate these particles that weigh me down and have prevented me from doing what I have wanted to do ever since birth, they have still enhanced my colors, intensified my wave--and have shown me a reality that I would not have otherwise known. Without particles, there would be no waves to appreciate. Without waves, there would be no particles to appreciate. If you don’t mind me getting mushy, in addition to all this ‘meta-physical’ substance flying around my brain in every which direction, without a you, there would be no me. So here is my toast to humanity and her children…for a job well done.