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Strange Giant Insects Seen In Pennsylvania

Written By: Stan Gordon

Posted: 7/13/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 7935   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Cryptozoology
I have been researching and investigating unusual incidents across Pennsylvania for nearly fifty years. During this time period I have had many strange reports cross my desk from very close range UFO encounters, to various strange creatures ranging from Bigfoot to Giant Birds that fall under the category of Cryptozoology. Sometimes the reports are of alleged sightings of something that is rarely, if ever previously reported.

Recently, I was contacted about an incident which happened in rural Westmoreland County, outside of Mount Pleasant. There were four people traveling in a car during the evening of June 27, 2009, when they saw something very strange crawling on the road ahead of them. A man yelled out from the back seat and pointed ahead, making the others aware of what was occurring.

The witness I interviewed provided a detailed account of what was seen and what had taken place. The first observation involved a creature, which I was told, "looked like a giant caterpillar." The over sized insect crawled from right to left on the road a short distance ahead of the observers.

The creature was described as about 7 inches in length from tip to tip, appeared to be segmented, and moved like a grub. It was primarily a very iridescent white color with a bluish tint, but the witness emphasized that it was not glowing. The critter showed no signs of legs or feet, and had no apparent head or tail. The body was skinnier at the tip ends, and fatter in the center of the body.

As they continued driving, just seconds later, a second similar looking creature was observed as it moved from right to left, then reversed its direction on the roadway. The car full of startled people continued down the country road, and within a very short distance, observed a total of 6 or 7 of the same sort of creature.

Some were in the roadway, while others were on the road side. I was told that one of the last creatures seen was in the middle of the road in front of them, and the shook up driver moved over top of it, but did not hit whatever it was. The driver refused to slow down to take a closer look as to what those things were.

Reportedly, when the observers returned home, they did an internet search to try to find what they had seen. One witness was questioning/wondering that if these were a larva, what kind of creature would emerge from them.

If you have any knowledge of similar accounts please contact me. My website is currently down, but I can be reached at my e-mail.

Stan Gordon
[email protected]