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Angels, Demons, and The Tetragrammaton

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 6/20/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 18110   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality
Most people have the assumption that their thoughts are their own, the methods they use to reason and feel are their own. When they feel, they believe the feeling is coming from inside of themselves. When they sort something out logically, they feel that sorting and dividing capability is coming from inside. Why bother to think differently about it? People are generally discouraged to consider their own mental capacities in a different fashion, anyway. Saying to yourself, “Are these thoughts I am having my own?” we are told, leads down that slippery slope known as schizophrenia. I’ve approached this question without assuming I am mad, however, probably because of my background as a programmer and my fear that my and everyone else’s minds are mere toys of those in higher seats of power, either on a physical level of existence or otherwise. We have a firm belief that man thinks differently than the animals, for instance, but are unsure of what ’different methods’ are being utilized in our inner selves that other animals don’t have access to while they do their thinking. We never really stop to consider whether those different methods are even our own. Are these different methods manufactured by man’s consciousness, or perhaps borrowed? If those thought processes are manufactured and owned by human consciousness, why can’t animals manufacture the same methods of thinking as well over time to build spaceships and cities to compete with our own?

Let us consider then, just for the sake of argument, the way we think is not internally manufactured but instead has been implanted somehow and is merely made available for use. In such a world, the thoughts themselves aren’t necessarily created through egotistical conscious effort, but are instead channeled through the will of the person. The will then, is actually the tap and filter on a faucet, but not the water itself. Man thus feels he himself is being logical, but in actuality, the ’logicalness’ of his thoughts are being streamed out of him, through him, allowing him to see and communicate using the axioms of logic even if this logic does not belong to his own mental capacities. He could just as easily, at any time, stream emotion or creativity in a completely contradictory fashion. Whether it be logic or creativity or what not really doesn’t matter—these processes are not owned by the channeler. Instead, they are being decided to be used by the channeler and does not make up an ounce of who or what they really are. People become emotionally attached to their streams, believing it is themselves, but a much keener eye will realize it is not—it couldn’t be, because the streams can be switched at any time, and if we are to switch them, wouldn’t we have become lost in the shuffle?

You might think this isn’t much of a difference between channeling or generating thoughts and so it hardly matters to you, but it actually has a number of philosophical implications, one of which is whether or not man is a vessel for a higher power, or if he himself is that higher power. Obviously this is the dramatic argument taking place in most world religions. If man is just channeling logic through him like water, he does not have the capability to create something out of nothing as logic already exists as an actual thing outside of himself, albeit on some metaphysical plane controlled by God, and man only has the capability to express it just as he can express any other stream. But if he is generating logic through his own will, he has the capability of creating something out of nothing, so he is ’like’ God, the prime mover.

In a number of my own writings, I’ve explored the capability we all have that we are making this place up, that somehow through our own shared perceptions, like the stock market, we give the words we say its reality, its context, without the need for a prime mover to oversee the functioning of it all. This vision of life resembles the free market in which there is no manipulation, and the price of the Dow, for instance, is true, because that is what everyone collectively believes. Mob rules reality. In such a world, fairies will only exist if enough people believe in them, and they will cease to exist if enough people do not believe in them. Reality is what we, combined, make it out to be. Right is what the majority of the people believe, and wrong is what the majority of the people do not believe. In such a world, we do not channel any puristic concept at all and there is no metaphysical plane that we do not have direct access to—instead, we generate that metaphysical plane ourselves.

There is, however, an alternative view that we do not live in a completely free market reality at all because those prices (the substance of things) are intentionally created and manipulated elsewhere outside of the free market by the reality kings--the fat cats thus get an abnormal share where the common man loses out. The fat cats are in a closed society that do the real generating of the prices of things like gods, and the common men are in the ’free market’ which are pretty much given the leftover scraps—at a price. The fat cat never loses—the common man always does. The fat cat can thus predict the future prices because he creates them, and the others cannot because the future is a blind spot for him—a blind spot placed there by those who are in a higher seat of power. Common man can therefore only express the price of things, not create the price of things directly.

The ’free market’ view seems to state that we generate our reality collectively and as such we are our own thoughts and are not channeling anything. We make logic what it is, we make creativity what it is. The ’closed market fat cat’ view, on the other hand, seems to state that we are merely utilizing these things existing on a higher plane, made by God or otherwise (themselves, they hope). But why are fat cats so lucky? Why are common men so unlucky? It is difficult to understand how, in a free market, fat cats can get fat without a manipulation of some sort.

Which is correct? A blending, obviously, but the choice between the two views becomes even more intriguing when you realize that many of the fat cats in the system are occultists of some sort, in that they actively practice ritualistic behavior, which is almost completely against the concept of it being an open market system, or an ’open reality’ system. Why nod your head to a higher power when you have all the power? Occultists come straight out of the mystery schools of the upper echelons of society probably all the way back to Atlantis, and those upper echelons have the most power in the world today. But does their power come from an external source because they understand the most about this reality, or an internal one where they are generating their own power? Do they channel this power, or do they make it up?

Regardless of who you believe is ultimately in charge, it is at least curious to explore the possibility that we are channeling modes of thought that we do not own, almost like we are executing programs, and not generating it. If we are channeling, there is nothing new under the sun, and we are merely given the capability to perceive this world through mental faculties handed to us. This is the view of Solomon. If we are generating, there can be much that is new under the sun, and distinctly different cultures should be cropping up all over the place, mentally or otherwise, including things such as pixies and unicorns. This is the--well, Timothy Leary perspective. I personally have enjoyed the Timothy Leary perspective more so than the Solomon perspective because it is more natural to me, and the faculties that have been given to me at birth sort of stacked the odds in Timothy Leary’s favor…but if I can step outside of myself and my own inclinations, the channeling perspective of Solomon is more, well, realistic.

The exploration of channeling and what it means to answer to a higher power has become well defined in our culture in trillions of different ways that are directly accessible in every vocation known to man. It doesn’t matter which you choose—all bases are covered—and those who are most successful in a vocation depends upon how well or how pure that person has control of the mental faculties available to him, and how well he is able to combine those faculties in a sort of beautiful synthesis. The difference between the common man and someone from the mystery schools, however, seems to be how well defined those channels have become and how pure the different modes of thought can be funneled through a person’s consciousness. The Illuminati of the renaissance, for instance, are known for this. A “renaissance man” was the equivalent of an ultra-powerful jack of all trades. He would write poetry, create books on mathematics, and paint in his spare time while holding court in his living room for nobility while commenting on the almondness of a brand of French wine—spoken in Latin. The renaissance man didn’t run around trying to invent unicorns, but instead, he simply attempted to utilize knowledge from the symbolism found in the mystery schools and build upon what was already there. His activities were all considered studies in which he was not attempting to say anything new, but instead trying to synthesize things through his mind which are already here.

Those who have become successful during such activities could take two very distinct routes—the “right-hand” renaissance man channeled the elements as an expression of his love for God, calling himself a mere vessel and his abilities a gift from heaven. His statements attempted to remove his ego from the equation, claiming all works were done selflessly. The corrupt or “left-hand” renaissance man learned all there was to know about channeling and, instead of using it to express the glory of God, claimed it for his own, infusing it with his own ego. The upright power structure ultimately became infected by the downright as it was impossible to maintain purity as man has free will, and all systematic corruption has pretty much stemmed from this secondary group. Since both apparently should exist, it is obviously extremely difficult to sort out the chaff from the wheat. Ultimately the choice on how to live is completely yours, as it was theirs. Do you want to be an upright channeler, or do you want to be a degenerate who discovers the truth, and uses it for base gratifications through inversion? Regardless, you must study the elements that make up these pure mental faculties we are using on a day to day basis, read elements encoded in works from the mystery schools—all the while hold it at arms length, unsure of whether or not it was written and shared among true ’initiates’ of God, or shared among the initiates of, well, something else--because ultimately it is probably a combination of the two, both of whom have a complete understanding of what it is in particular they are doing.

In both instances, whether used by the individual for the glorification of this universe as he found it or the glorification of an individual himself, we have the Tetragrammaton—God—the originator of all things. I see him/it/he/she/we/they most often as a spinning series of tetrahedrons, holographically influencing the meaning of all other pieces of itself, much like a diamond refracting light and forming a series of rainbows. Although the immediate structure of the universe that we have access through using our senses shows us something finite, the refraction of light upon the surface of the Tetragrammaton through synthesis is actually infinite and can be used to infuse any number of words and structures with meaning forever. Picture this Tetragrammaton (I call it the hologram) as a pair of glasses that brings focus to the world around you, and it is a pair of glasses that you must wear lest everything else outside of you resemble little more than a fuzzy mess (the wave state of reality). It is thus perception itself. Light is the source of everything, but to give light its various definitions and frequencies it must interact with something, and that something in which it is interacting with is the implanted structure of the Tetragrammaton you are using to perceive everything in the universe in a particular way. We are but wells which allow the variations of this light to find intense expression through our own practice of faculties in such things as art, literature, music, beauty, and aesthetics. How deep your well goes and how many different variations of light you can reflect out into the world depends upon how well you study your craft.

Mystics from the mystery schools seem to have been enchanted with this process of enhancing their understandings and have tried to understand the variations of the Tetragrammaton in as potent of a manner as possible. They felt that if they could define these differing modes of thought (refraction), they could use the various methods to get what they wanted in life—in other words, force the world that was being perceived through the hologram to assemble itself in a certain way that appealed to them specifically.

The different refractions of light, or modes of thinking, or processes, were given names. To the christian mystic, they would have been the names of the angels and the demons. Each angel would be a puristic example of a process that the mystic could channel. Each demon, the same. I used to be relatively confused when reading occult literature. I asked myself, why in the world would someone pray to God just before ’summoning’ a demon? In addition, there were warnings issued by these mystics, stating that the process of summoning a demon should not be given to ’the profane.’ When I ran across the fat cat philosophy of controlling the future for their own benefit, I realized who, in particular they were referring to. A part of ascension is to know that materialistic faculties are just as much a part of God as any other. If you have control of those faculties and use it for the glorification of pre-existing structures (God) as opposed to trying to put a saddle on it and ride it like a beast, you are taking the right-hand path.

The mystics understood that they must “bind” these thought processes, and they could only do so by understanding in very potent and puristic detail how those processes function. If they failed to ’bind’ them, the mystic would be the one used instead of the reverse. A mystic would summon a demon which represented a method of seeing the world—destructively, constructively, creatively, logically, all a part of the Tetragrammaton—and claim authority over that archetype. Once this commanding role had been taken by the mystic, he was free to utilize and control it. Tapping in to one of these methods without symbolic ’binding’ protection ended up with the mystic becoming obsessed and addicted to a given demon or angel (or mode of thought), causing them to become little more than a mindless vessel for the singular realized activities of that supposed supernatural being. It would be like a faucet getting stuck and they would have no ability to shut it off. Without knowledge of the power of such beings, one would be incapable of controlling it and thus mindlessly fall prey to it, so they attempted to purify their understanding through occult (and masonic) apprenticeships before attempting such rituals.

This colorful scenario is played out on a day to day basis in people’s minds around you without the need to summon. Everyone, whether they like it or not, can be seen as a mere vessel that is either in control of these immortal angels or demons finding expression through them (flows and frequencies), or is controlled by them like a puppet. Logic, for instance, if understood in its purist form, is a system of perception, and that system of perception, to the mystic, is given a name so the mystic knows when, where, and how that supernatural being (method of thought) is finding expression through him. Through the use of magic squares, the mystic could then take the word ’logic’ (in a much more ancient language, of course), and break it down into all of its variations: LOGIC, OGCIL, GICLO, ICLOG, CLOGI, and as long as they understood the fundamental meaning of the letters and numbers, they could further draw out meanings of these variations of LOGIC. Only those who had bound the demon called ’logic’ through the Tetragrammaton square could they fully utilize its power without being seduced and consequently addicted to it. It is without a doubt easy for you to think of a number of individuals around you who can’t see their hand in front of their face in many instances simply because they are addicted to one mode of thinking or another. You, consequently, can become addicted to emotion, or one of the other sub-angels or sub-demons of emotion as defined by the magic square. Only you know what method you use more than any to do your thinking, and it is that method of thinking which in 100% of the cases has a mystical counterpart that has been defined by the mystery schools.

Furthermore, control itself (of angelic beings or otherwise) is often associated with a mixed balance, and balance requires a number of things—most notably that all elements (modes of thought) have an equal voice. Everything has a time and place, and those who are in control of their faculties assure that everything does have a time and place. As a result, society finds it much easier to relinquish control to them, because you know that your voice (which is really not yours but one of the archetypes you use the most often) has been heard and you don’t have to say anything more.

At some point in human history, a few have apparently come to this conclusion and, as such, have incorporated extreme ritualistic behavior into their life, ensuring that they control the reins instead of one of the archetypes individually seeking expression through them. Through their ritualistic behaviour, they hope that all of these variations as has been defined by the occult sciences find expression-- since they give all of them a piece of the action, they take on the honorific role of living like a ’god’—from whence everything, combined, originated, and to which everything glorifies. They thus become ’god-like’ and it is quite telling that those on the planet who utilize the most power have become just that. They thus listen to astrologers, numerologers, freemasons, Qabbalastic and Hermetic scholars to define ways to break up their actions and thoughts so these angelic and demonic beings know who is in control, the master craftsmen of the planet—even if they are ultimately not in control at all. They get as close as possible to the sun, but without ever being able to see what lies beyond.

Angels and demons cannot be bound forever,however, so the wrongs given to those who have bound them will eventually be corrected. 2012 perhaps? Those who believe they are doing the riding will eventually be the ridden. It is a an escape hatch in the system of this “demon-haunted” world. The animals who are considered lowly beasts by the left-handed enlightened shall rise up somehow, build those spaceships, fill them with the parasitic king rats, and blast them directly towards the sun to give them what they ultimately know is coming straight for them. This is the ’flipping of the poles’ or the ’many’ taking over the seat of power of the ’one.’ I do not know when or how—all I know is that it is inevitable. All those valves and faucets out there hidden inside of us will just decide enough is enough as the universal energy is coalesced like a massive weight at the top of the pyramid, and as the result of their gravity, it shall flip the whole structure on its head. I hope all of us will be here to watch the show.