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The Eye of Hurricane Illuminati

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 6/12/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 5343   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Conspiracy Theories

I’ve been involved in this field since 1998 when I first set up paranormalnews.com. At the time, Usenet was rich with cryptic text documents filled with mystery and intrigue. Usenet itself was set up by people with a fundamental distrust of authority, many of who, like me, were afraid to come out of their house, so finding the information that was being passed in and out of electronic bulletin boards during the 80s was an absolutely fascinating adventure as it was completely unfiltered, unprocessed, unstructured. It almost felt illegal to read. I’d spend hours combing through one document after another, reading of underground bases, advanced technology, cover ups, military manuals, alien beings hell-bent on destroying and/or saving mankind, suppressed Tesla technology—and I read all of it unsure of whether or not I was processing an amazingly realistic science fiction script or legitimate truth with a factual foundation.

I originally was too intrigued by the unfolding storyline that I couldn’t even bother to take notes. I felt like there was this massive stomach in my brain that was lapping up an oasis of life-giving water as my schooled education had left me starving for something with substance, something which needed to be truly figured out as opposedly to just rotely memorized. Many people would probably find this an irony, as those involved within the world of conspiracies, ghosts, and UFOs are generally considered to be so open-minded that they might as well be reclassified as vacuous. Wasn’t this mindset exactly what the school system had been set up to prevent? But I didn’t care—there was something important inside—but what?

Eventually I reached a point of saturation, however, where the text documents became less and less fascinating as they began to contradict. In one text document, you would read about the greys and how they were an evil race of beings with no emotion—in another document you would read that the greys were there to preserve biological specimens of man to reseed another planet, which didn’t sound so bad to me. In another document you would read how aliens are actually demonic entities from hell, and in the next you would read how they are angelic beings who only want what is good for man. Each document that contradicted was written passionately where the author conveying it expressed how it had affected his lifestyle, forced him to move his family to Colorado, or some variation. These contradictions eventually drove me to lose my appetite in the field, and there were large periods of time where my website was lacking updates, as I generally did not know where to go with all the contradictions. I knew there was something important in these documents—but what? And should I write about bad aliens? Should I write about good aliens? Should I just post everything I found with a ‘you decide’ disclaimer that television so loves to use? That was the easy way out, and a part of me didn’t want that disclaimer on my site—I wanted to be the one who actually knew what to do with the information pouring in from every angle. But if I claimed to know, wouldn’t I be no different than those who ALSO claimed to know?

This internal inconsistency in myself would probably drive most people mad, and many people who I have run across over the years have assumed that it has, indeed, done just that. But given the fact that this is the only mind I have which has an innate sense of distrust for all types of authority, I refused to give up. There was an answer to my dilemma. But what was it? What was truth? Which elements of the world of the paranormal should I explore, and which should I leave behind? Should I chase the conspiracy path? Should I chase the UFO path, the military path? All of them? Which elements were dangerous to mankind, and which ones were good? And what did good mean? Submissive? Commanding? Illuminated?

There have been many published researchers (collectors?) who have come along which have drawn completely fascinating all-encompassing pictures of what is going on in the field and why there are so many different contradictory beliefs, but even these never felt right. David Icke, Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, William Bramley, William Cooper, etc…When I ran across the term ‘disinformation’ for the first time in their writings, however, I rolled my eyes, because it was used to create an ‘other’ pile which didn’t stick to the narrative of understanding of the author. It was info! But this other pile, I didn’t like to have. I wanted the whole thing to be complete. Why? So I would know how to live, how to act, the person to be, and understand existence itself without fear. All these ‘other’ piles complicated matters too much, yet I didn’t want to throw any babies out with the water, which is what most people do. I had initially thought that Usenet itself WAS the other pile. But here I was back where I started from in the school system: in the midst of a tainted world filled with ulterior motives, publishing contracts, and authority figures more interested in their own bank accounts than truly sorting out the mysteries of existence.

One thing that seems to be shared amongst all theories, however, is an overwhelming sense of dread they convey, of mankind being out of control, of the corporate world pulling the strings and churning out humans as if they were cookie cutouts to be eaten, physically or metaphorically, by these monstrous creations. Regardless of theory, the insurmountable problem that man has found himself entrenched filled all these writers with hopelessness that they passed on to their readers. And after September and October of 2008, that is exactly how I felt. Everything was doomed, there was nothing we could do. The grand beast from the West had risen from its crypt and we were all about to be eaten. The best advice the conspiracy researchers themselves seemed to come up with was to grab a bullhorn and shout. For myself and my own fear of leaving the house, I just decided to drink. And as we all know, the feeling of hopelessness and despair doesn’t disappear in a bottle. It’s amplified.

Yet through the months following when it felt as if everything was about to end, I discovered something that seemed to, on the surface, contradict all of my understandings that I had gleaned over the years from Usenet and conspiracy theory: knowledge is not always power.

I started having these bizarre visualizations of an entire world in turmoil, bombs blowing people’s heads off, families being torn apart, people dying left and right of rape and thirst and starvation and blood loss—all images that have been encouraged in one way or another through my research. In the very center of this terrible hell, however, like a pocket of silence in the center of a hurricane, a single family sits who are so bloody ignorant, they continue to play kick ball with each other in the back yard, grow tomatoes, and wave to their neighbors and invite them over to share their lettuce. Big holes are tearing the community asunder, but still, grandma rocks her grandchild back and forth at night, singing lullabies and knitting sweaters. The world outside is an absolutely chaotic mess, but inside their home--pure serenity. If you were to ask them why, why they’re not paying attention goddammit!, they would just smile. They don’t know who is president, what country they live in, who owns it, or how long they have to live. They simply choose to exist, peacefully, through the simple act of not paying attention.

I was incapable of escaping this image. To me, knowledge had always been power, but here, with this image, it was not power at all, and by staring at this family in my mind, I felt as if the thin veil between this world and some sort of heaven was opened, not through the cryptic world of mystery schools and secret societies, but through pure, intentional ignorance. And when I noticed this, that constant stream of dread, doom, hopelessness and despair which I could see so clearly thanks to my years of research, suddenly imploded on itself, because I realized the most powerful defense lived within me, within everyone, hiding in the disguise of no defense at all—ignorance.

I opened my browser, deleted all rss feeds associated with the news, disconnected my cable box, removed all references to everything that was taking place around me. I cancelled all newspaper subscriptions, stopped reading magazines. I started practicing waking up in the morning and not visiting sites as opposed to waking up in the morning and visiting sites. At first, it was so difficult, much like anyone who has ever broken free of an addiction will tell you. But after a week or so went by, that feeling of ‘missing out’ was replaced by a feeling of peace and of never wanting to go back—as if I had found an answer in the most unlikely of places. That peace assisted in allowing my grasp on the neck of a beer bottle to release, and my shallow breaths to become deep once again. I felt waves of the waters of life flood into me that I hadn’t felt since elementary school where I did not know what an oil crisis was, who was at war and what they were fighting to own, or what I would do from one day to the next. I began riding my bike again, waving to neighbors, laughing when they told me tidbits of news about plane crashes and flues. I did not care. And I still don’t care. Why? Because there’s nothing I can do.

I choose to be that family in the center of the hurricane, ignorant enough to be playing the piano, rolling dice on a board game, sharing my tuffs of lettuce with the neighbors even if the world crumbles around us all. If enough of us do this, we will have robbed our oppressors of all their strength simply through our own failure to pay attention to them. If it is true that they control the problem, the reaction, then provide the solution--once you know these things, you can let it go, because you will realize that the only defense is nullification. The return to paradise. Going back to zero.

Use your attention however you see fit, not how they see fit. Why give them the ability to own your emotions, your state of mind, your interests? Unplug yourself. Shut off everything. As hopeless as you might feel in a world that’s ending---there is an escape for you and your family, and it takes absolutely no schooling whatsoever. You can be taken to a place to explore all of your interests without the heavy burden of impending doom where you can still rock your children to sleep at night in something other than a womb of destruction. The curtains have been pulled aside--something much larger than ourselves is in control. Re-instantiate culture by creating your own in this infinity of all possibility. It is so completely unpredictable to all those in charge when you do so. Know there is no death. Realize what that means—and let your hair fly through the breeze with a grin on your face that you haven’t felt in years, back when you were much wiser and knew that nothing mattered. Because nothing does when you finally let go.