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Press Release: Unique Paranormal Organization That Specializes In Hostile Hauntings

Written By: OPET

Posted: 5/24/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 8760   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ghosts
All hauntings have the potential to become dangerous. When this does happen, who do people call? Too bad there isn’t a specialized paranormal intercession group out there, right? Well, there is. The Omega Paranormal Eliminations Team’s (OPET) objective is to help those with problem hauntings to understand the nature of their haunting and offer solutions or recommendations on how to deal with or resolve it. The staff of OPET includes shamans that perform the traditional rite of spirit removals (exorcisms), house clearings, and spirit transitions (assisting spirits to move on). They use traditional methods to help people in problem hauntings at no cost.

A traditionally-apprenticed shaman spends years in his apprenticeship to learn about spirits and their ways. This knowledge is beneficial when it comes to interacting with those energies that we investigate. A shaman not only has the gift to see spirit, but is also trained in how to identify many different spiritual attributes, such as what causes a spirit’s energy to be held to a place (for example, the spirit may actually be connected to an object, not necessarily the building it is in). A shaman can interact with entities through the manipulation of spiritual energies.

Spiritual energy has a way of attracting other spiritual energies, malevolent as well as benign. Haunting activity does not always reveal the intentions of an entity. There are different influences involved with spirits. Some may be good-natured, some may be malevolent, and some may disguise themselves to look like something they’re not by manipulating their energy as if they were wearing a mask.

Dreams are important in these cases as well. Through a person’s dreams is often the easiest means for spirit to communicate to the living, and reviewing dreams is a part of our interview process. OPET staff includes a shaman who specializes in dreamwork. The dreams of all persons sleeping at the location during the course of an overnight investigation should be documented, and cooperation in this area of the investigation is appreciated.

OPET was created to assist victims of hostile hauntings by eliminating these dangerous entities from their homes. They also work alongside paranomal investigation groups whose clients request such services.

OPET can be contacted via their website at www.sasws.net/pages/opet/opet_home.html or at www.myspace.com/sasws.