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User Email: I Am An Alien

Written By: Georgia Smith

Posted: 4/15/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 14952   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Conspiracy Theories
I am sending the truth that I promised you. Did you attempt to contact the two parties that I referred you to? If not it doesn’t really matter. I just wanted you to have some proof because what I am about to tell you is pretty unbelievable. You may not want to post any of this because there are things that no one is prepared to accept. But I would recommend that you do so any way. There are things that I’ve written here that certain parties will kill you over. Myself, I would go ahead and post it. The more people that know the truth, the safer you are. But, you can keep this all to yourself and join the thousands who know the truth and are afraid to speak up.

I have been thinking about your question as to why the government of the US is keeping all of this secret, and this is a tough question and it will take some time to answer. The first thing that you need to know is that you have been lied to all of your life. So has everyone else Everything that you know about life, the world in general, history and especially religion has all been either an outright lie or such a twisted version of the truth that it is unrecognizable as such. So while you read what I am telling you, you will need to expand your belief systems. I am telling you the truth as I know it to be and I will tell you what I know to be true. I am not some kind of religious fanatic but when you hear what I have to say you may think so because a great deal of the reasons for all of this are tied up with historical issues that were twisted out of proportion. Knowledge of this has been suppressed by the Romans over the centuries. The truth has been kept in a small part by secret societies and what have you, and that truth is this planet was terra-formed and colonized by a race of hominids that call themselves gods. The people of Earth lived in peace and happiness. The gods gave their blood to the first kings and they lived for very long periods of time. Then the war in heaven spread here.

Yes, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a war. We lost. The gods that were here either left or went into hiding (yes some of them are still here). The world is controlled by these demons through the World Bank and the World Monetary system. The Sons of Darkness who walk among us appearing as the children of men will have you believe that they are the ones that are good and the gods themselves are evil. They have created a belief system that tells everyone that they must die in early childhood and that eternal life is evil. They have demonized those that were blessed by the gods and called them vampires. Technically speaking I am a vampire. This is all technology. Everything that you hear of as miracles or magic is nothing more than technology. Scientist here today are working on something they call nanotechnology. Specifically, nanobots. The gods had the technology to travel through space to get to this and they had the technology to terra form this planet, what makes everyone think that they didn’t excel in the medical field as well. The nanobots attach themselves to the end of each strand of DNA and make it stranger, better, that and nothing more. Those that have been blessed with the blood of the gods are not evil. They do not bite people or drink their blood. They don’t shape shift into bats or wolves. Demons are shape shifters. If they get exposed to the blood of the gods they will lose their ability to hold human form and turn back into a wolf. Vampires, if you must call us that, are just like everyone else, they just live a very long time.

Rome is the one that demonized everything that is good and killed off any one that knew the truth. Why Rome was founded by demons. Twin brothers whose mother changed into a wolf. They fought wars and held inquisitions and book burnings to wipe out the truth. Stop looking at the ancient writings , including the Bible, as mythological mumbo jumbo. This is real and the gods are returning very soon. Why do you think they left me here. The final battle in the war will come very soon and it will happen here on this planet. There is nothing esoteric here that you can’t understand. This war is real and so am I. And your next question is why have I gone along with the cover-up this long? In 1969 I gave birth to a set of twin boys. When they I called the police. The police officers were each written a check and they left all but one. This police officer held a gun in my face while the babies were taken. I didn’t know at that time that I was being killed and resurrecting over and over. I thought that I could be killed as the babies were taken. The demons and their worshippers lied so much. All I knew is that when they killed me for a time I couldn’t move, and then I would get up, perfectly fine. I asked the police officer why he was helping them and he told me that if he didn’t help them steal my sons he would have to get a loan to pay for his daughters braces. I was told that if I had to do what they told me to do if I wanted to ensure my son’s safety. I have recently found out that my sons were never safe. The demon worshippers that held them were using them in their Satanic Rituals. I have since informed the government of the US that I will not do anything that the demand until I have proof that my sons are still alive. They will be forty years old this year. I want to see them because they aren’t going to palm off a set of twins that are human in an attempt to pacify me. I want to know that they’re alive. The only reason that I went to London with The Prince of Wales is because he promised that he would get my boys back for me. As soon as we got there he told me forget it, I gave them up for adoption. I did not. He took me and my three daughters (my two youngest weren’t born yet) there under the pretext of marrying me. He treated me terribly and then I found out that he was giving me poison every night and telling people that I was a drug addict. There was a big stink about finding who ever was sneaking the drugs into the palace. One of the security guards that kept watch on the camera monitors said that no one was coming into the palace but Charles, Prince of Wales was putting a white powder in my drink ever night. The security guard was quickly blamed for the non-existence drugs and imprisoned. I got my little girls and went home. I will not bend to a demon who is trying to kill. me. It was about this time that I realized that I was resurrecting .

As far as marrying Charles goes, there was talk of annulling the wedding. I don’t know for sure if he did but he married Diana not long afterward so I suppose that he did. I didn’t get anything in writing and I do have diplomatic immunity. I don’t know for sure because no one will tell me anything. But trust me the Royal Family are demons. Elisabeth has a brother. It was reported that he was stillborn. No. He doesn’t have enough human DNA to hold human form. Him and several others of his kind are kept in hiding in an underground set of rooms in Balmor Castle. At least that’s where they were at when I saw them. I have been forced to live on welfare all of my life because of this and I won’t do it anymore. Yes, I tried getting a job and my boss was paid to rape me and tell me he was going to murder me so I gave that up.

I had a great grandmother in the family that I was left with that died and left me a large sum of money. They government will not release this money to me for fear of what I might do with it. They are allowing people that pretend to be related to me steal money from the estate and use it to pay to have crimes committed which they attempt to blame on me. I was never really suspected of committing these crimes that include a large number of murders, but the police in the town where the money is at are waiting for me to go there to claim this money so that they can kill me on the strength of these crimes. I know this because I asked a friend of mine who is a police officer to go to Clymer, Pennsylvania to find out the name of the attorney that I had to contact. She took with her mug shots proving that I hadn’t committed the crimes, they told her that they didn’t care they were going to take care of me any way. I they were paid off as well. Right now I am homeless. I have a young grandchild with me and we have no home. I can’t find an attorney anywhere that will take my case in finding this money so I have offered a $500,000 reward for any information leading to my accessing this account. I even contacted an attorney in the area who sent me an agreement to sign stating that he demanded a $10,000 retainer for finding the name of this attorney. The thing about it is that about 12 years ago an attorney called me wanting to know if I was still alive. I believe that the legal offices that I contacted were the same legal offices that the attorney called me from. It was a long time ago but the name sounded familiar. Any way, no one in Clymer will return my phone calls or answer any letters or emails. They are stealing the money for personal gain, claiming that I am retarded and they are taking care of me. I have never seen a penny of the money and the cousin of the woman that swore she was my mother (her blood type was AB and my blood type is O) is now taking the money. He claims that he come to my house everyday (what house?) and he claims that he takes care of me. I know this because I have heard him say it several times right in front of me, and he did not recognize me.

This whole family that I was left with are demon worshippers. It seems that their are prophecies that the Romans suppressed give the exact time and place of the coming of the messiah. I didn’t know this until I was in college and one of the professors talked a Jewish man into giving out this detail. The Messiah will be born in the new world in a place called Indiana or Pennsylvania. The Messiah will be called both farmer and shepherd and the birth date was given in the Jewish calendar corresponds with the date November 25th. 1949. I at first thought that this was a joke or something but was soon assured that he was being completely honest. My name is Georgia, george being an old Saxon word for farmer,and my last name is Smith, this is an old English word for farmer as well. My maiden name was Sheppard and my so-called mother’s maiden name was Berger which I believe is French for shepherd. I was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania on November 25th. 1949. Now I suppose I’m expected to save the world. After reading about what has happened to me every minute of my life every day, so much that I’d write books on what they’ve done and still not tell it all. But there it is. I thought it was all about the money, but it’s not. They think that I’m going to save the world and they are trying to stop me.

This family that position itself into the right time and place to receive me all have a very violent form of retardation called cretinism and they are all blaming their crimes on me. I have never been arrested in my life. They also claim that I am crazy and say that I have delusions that I have children, of course they are trying to kill me and inherit the money, so I have delusions and any one actually seeing one or more of my seven children and ten grandchildren are told that I kidnap other people’s children and claim that they’re mine. My children don’t exactly like being called delusions. But the fact is that I would do anything to see my sons again.

I guess the next thing you would want to know is how I came to be here. I was abandoned here on the day that I was born. The US military tracked the star ship that left me here. There was a sighting of the starship hovering over the hospital the night that I was born. The woman that they left me with had given birth to a stillborn male infant that suddenly changed into a very much alive female infant who’s blood is not human. Really did they think that no one would notice? So the government knew right from the start and they left me with a family of demon worshippers that were afflicted with a violent form of retardation in hopes that they would kill me soon. They did, over and over and over again. The abuse was terrible and Child Protective Services left me there because the government of the US told them too. All of my life there have been murder attempt. When I was a small child there were attempts made by what I believe were FBI agents. When I was eighteen they sent Marines after me. All of this was pretty disconcerting at the time but I know that they don’t know how to kill me. And still they keep trying. Now we’re homeless again. Every apartment that I move to the manager or someone in the retail office evicts me for no reason, usually paid to do it. And now they government has taken away the housing voucher for no good reason so my grandchild and I are homeless again. I think that I would like to get a camping trailer for us to live in. That way we could just move the trailer. I’m so tired of having to move all of the time. But again, welfare doesn’t give you enough money to buy something like that. If any one has a camping trailer that they would like to donate please let me know. My grand daughter and I need a place to live. And the end of the reign of the demons will come very soon. I promise.