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Tomorrow and Beyond

Written By: Doug Yurchey

Posted: 2/21/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 3592   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Space
Where will the human race go in the future? The answer is we will leave the planet Earth or we will become extinct as a species. Governments have realized this truth more than fifty years ago during the ‘Geophysical Year’ of 1957. We must leave Earth or die. The problem is, ‘everyone can’t go, not everyone gets to be saved.’

What would innocent, naïve readers think if we have already left the Earth decades ago? Maybe the migration of people off of the planet has truly occurred and ‘they’ purposely have not informed the masses? Sounds unlikely, sounds implausible, sounds like such an idea would have been discovered and made public long ago. Why, because you have not been told on television shows or the news? Over the ‘public’ airwaves are the last places juicy truths are divulged. Is there substance to what is known as ‘Alternative III?’ SECRET launches of various spacecrafts have occurred often.

After reading William Cooper (‘Behold a Pale Horse’), John Lear, David Icke, Major Philip Corso, Frank Stranges and other insiders (‘whistleblowers’)…we should remain open to possibilities. Do not be so sure the world is exactly like ‘they’ program us to believe. ‘Authorities wouldn’t do such things to the general public!’ Are you sure?

Who would believe ‘they’ have been terraforming the Moon and Mars to make orbiting habitats more ‘environmentally-friendly’ to humans? The Moon was thought to be completely lifeless and waterless where nothing changes. Now, there is weathering, very light clouds and frozen water at the poles. Mars also has quickly taken an artificial turn toward an environment that could harbor humans. Decades ago, Carl Sagan spoke of seeding Mars with plants that produce oxygen and will thicken the atmosphere. Today, it is slowly happening. Mars has BLUE skies. But, it is not ‘nature’ that is producing the planetary alterations and accommodations. This could be the unnatural work of the feds.

Author’s note: Isn’t it wonderful to know that our tax dollars are going for something more than war and other methods of federal depopulation?

There could be bases established on the Moon and the planet Mars dating back to the post-Roswell days. There could be a whole Secret Space Program based on saucer-travel while we modern folks are left with a space program out of the Dark Ages. When did the authorities ever tell us the truth? Of course, you understand the problem, only a tiny few are benefiting from the labor and efforts of BILLIONS of people! Only a few get saved. Do the top, superrich elite already have ET ‘safe’ habitats in space for themselves while they ruin our home planet? Why care about the Earth if they have a way out?

More damage continues decade to decade when they do not inform us of what is really happening. Now, they cannot, it’s too late, too many lies have been expressed from the top. Study what has been found on Moon and Mars that ‘they’ would rather you not see. Why is NASA blurring photos? What are behind the tall, fuzzed-out areas on the Moon? Do readers actually think photos from the Martian (pathetic, cheap) probes have not been edited? What are they not showing us? Look for the odd, photographic anomalies that have been revealed. We deserve to know the truth and see the full view, we pay for it.
Saddest of all is the old hope that ‘one day’ we will ‘publicly’ leave Earth. (The public is not permitted). You really believe that we have NOT returned to the Moon in 40 years? Conspiracies that we never-went-to-the-Moon ‘they’ want in the public domain. Space travel is much easier than you think. Ask Mr. Tesla, Otis T. Carr or Ralph Ring.

If this writer has not given readers enough to think about, then there is always a bit more to chew. The notion will appear absurd to those that have never pondered such a concept. What if the fact that, from Earth, we always see ‘The Man in the Moon’ is evidence that something unnatural is happening with our satellite? In other words, because only one side of Luna eternally faces our planet, the situation is artificial. THINK! Planet Earth is the one body in space that we know for certain contains life…and we just happen to have a huge, super-rare, orbiting platform ‘set’ to ALWAYS face the Earth going around it? Realize the cosmic oddity of Earth/Moon. Ancient lore reveals a time when Earth had no Moon. Was the Moon (electrically) ‘brought in’ after the Atlantis destruction to monitor problems with the Earth colony?

Astronomers are so dumbfounded by the synthetic situation that they have invented a natural explanation called ‘Gravity-Lock.’ They say, ‘the Moon is locked in place because of its gravity.’ Wait a moment, why aren’t all planets and moons gravity-locked in the same way? What makes our satellite so special and extremely different? Astronomers have no ‘reasonable’ answers to the mystery. The truth is the ‘lock’ should change and break over time. Any slight alteration of the orbiting velocity or rotational speed of BOTH Moon and Earth would change the face-on view. No change has or will ever happen. The ‘lock’ is a true lock and scientists will tell you that the ‘in sync’ relationship (clock) is never going to vary. Here is another ‘wrong picture’ that everyone takes for granted.

Something is compensating for each time a normal, natural influence would break the perfect relationship. An automatic mechanism or infrequent perturbations by someone is keeping one lunar hemisphere facing the Earth. What are the advantages of spying aliens or ET humans maintaining one side facing (or one side never facing) the Earth?

Obviously, activity on the far side goes unseen. Possibly, transmitters have been positioned on the far side and are blocked from our sensors because of Radio Silence. A massive body like the Moon blocks transmissions from our detection. Space travelers could stop off at the Moon, broadcast reports to their home world from the far side and we would never know. Another possibility is ‘fixed’ positions (laser-perfect transceivers?) that must remain unchanged on the lunar side that faces us. ‘In sync’ advantages are endless for extraterrestrials that might be keeping tabs on what we are doing. Are the Seeders still watching? Or, are we only a form of ‘entertainment’ to them?

To sum up what students may discover if they access unconventional sources, the old (hollow) Moon has been mined and is mined to this day by various life forms. Mars is also incredibly ancient with buried (human) ruins from a time long before Atlantis. Ask Richard Hoagland ‘is Giza in Egypt a smaller version of the Martian Cydonia complex?’

Final item is a quaint, astronomical formula called ‘Bode’s Law.’ It was discarded in the late 19th Century with the discovery of (exception) Neptune. The Asteroid Belt, between Mars/Jupiter in the ‘gap,’ was once a fifth planet before it exploded! Strangely, distances of Pluto and the planet Sedna fit Bode’s mathematical relationship. If we could move Neptune, place it where the Asteroid Belt orbits, we would have a perfect ever-widening (mathematical) progression between the planets all the way out to Sedna! Bode’s Progression is a real law and real planets are aligned to this order. Saturn is very slightly off, but fits the pattern. Formation of the large, ring systems may have caused the variance. The pattern is not by chance. No one is rolling random dice, there is super-math, beauty and (artificially-manufactured) precision in the galaxy. Someone, very long ago, placed our planets in (virtual) perfect-order distances from the sun!

Will we ever discover what is really happening out in space or (hidden) on our planet? Will the meek ever inherit the Earth? This writer believes the meek will inherit Earth and eventually build a better world for children of the future.