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The Problem With Primates

Written By: Doug Yurchey

Posted: 1/22/2009 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2281   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ancient Mysteries
Why are apes, chimps, monkeys and other tree-crawling ‘primates’ ALIVE today? If humans originated from apes, wouldn’t anything that resembles anthropoids be only found in the fossil record? We certainly should not be able to shake hands with our very distant, primordial ancestors!

Why are humans in the same time period as our ‘living’ primates? That fact should not be…if we think carefully. The better question is, ‘how could one group of ape have turned out so damn handsome and sophisticated while the other group stayed crouched, hairy beasties?’

Scientists/anthropologists (that simply want to counter Creationism) point out the similarities between humans and apes. Rather, we should be aware of the great gulf between the two or the numerous DIFFERENCES among humans and apes. Remember, we exist at the same moment in time with the families of apes. What could have drastically changed one early group of ‘primates,’ while unaffecting the other in the same environment? The SAME environment should have produced similar humans, not generated vast differences between Monkey and Man!

Any physical semblance between us and (alleged) ape ancestry should have been stripped away a long, long time ago. Darwinists or classic evolutionists are not correct. If they were right, gorillas/baboons/orangutans and the rest of the ape varieties would not be living creatures today. They would be long dead and long gone. The only natural images of apes should be exclusively found in prehistoric, fossil records. The fact that monkeys are with us presently and we see them eat bananas is evidence that Darwinism makes little sense.

Logic tells us that the idea of ape-origination is surreal and irrational. No matter how often a genesis from ‘cave-people’ is drummed into our consciousness, the assumption remains untrue and unproven. Repeating an error does not increase its validity.

There are two very important FACTS that students should realize. The following are two points the educators will ‘sweep under the rug.’ The points make no conventional sense and cannot be traditionally explained. Therefore, the Darwinists go around these particular facts and pretend they do not exist. Archeologists and anthropologists would rather these treasures not be unearthed. The next points you will read cannot be found or examined in your anthropology books. They continue to be buried. They will also not appear in mainstream documentaries on such subjects…

One: Various types of proto-human forms such as Australopithecus, Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, Homo erectus, etc…all existed at the SAME time period and have been found to exist at the same archeological level!

Two: Cro-Magnon’s cranial capacity is considerably LARGER than modern humans! It is physical evidence that Cro-Mags were smarter than us today!
Let us investigate point number one. Darwin Evolution is based on the concept of very slow change over long epochs of time. Like not seeing the movements of hands on a clock, we could barely perceive how generations altered in their physical forms. Human progression or human-change, (always moving forward) according to evolutionists, did not happen quickly. The Darwin Theory is centered on the idea that one proto-human form dominated the planet for ages and was later (slowly) replaced by an evolving and superior form of primate.

‘Survival of the fittest’ is the belief system. The stronger type of prehistoric human wiped out the inferior primates that previously ruled the Earth. Standing upright, the use of simple tools even as weapons, adaptation were all utilized so that the ‘next’ or future-form dominated the planet. Evolutionary processes required ages, many millennia and unfathomable amounts of TIME…according to the theory. Nothing in human history happened quickly or suddenly to Charles Darwin.

As point one reveals, the secret truth is that all of the above mentioned (alleged) primates have been discovered to live at the same time period. Different primates, thought to have each dominated for eons, were found to co-exist. People of ‘science’ cannot harmonize the paradox. The truth means their precious Evolution as a creation-theory is out-dated, very ignorant and the concept of ‘primates’ is absolutely WRONG!

The fact that varieties of so-called ‘primates’ shared the planet, were found on the same level of rock strata and same time period means we need to rethink our view of human history.

Let us investigate point number two. Brain size determines intelligence. By measuring the capacity or volume of space (size) of the brain cavity, we can determine the intelligence of the species. Dolphins have huge, complex brains and are incredibly intelligent. The brain size of these beautiful mammals rivals the size of modern humans. Gorillas and orangutans have modest-sized brain cavities and are reasonably intelligent. Unintelligent creatures have small brains, it is as simple as that.

Now, see if you can fit the idea that the brain size of Cro-Magnons is LARGER than modern humans into traditional history. You cannot do it. The idea that one group of supposed primates were BRAINIACS and were actually smarter, more sophisticated, than people of the 21st Century…is unsettling. The large-brained Cro-Mags make no sense if what we are taught is true. What we are taught is not true and we must question everything that we are force-fed. Neanderthal, Australopithecus and other ‘simpler’ types of humans were not large-brained. Consider that Edgar Cayce, in his book on Atlantis, wrote that the ‘Cro-Magnons were Atlantean man.’ The faithful, talented psychic did not suggest that the other forms were Atlanteans, only the Cro-Magnons.

What is the significance of large-brained Cro-Magnons? It means that a super-civilization, a utopia, a technical Eden really happened. We needed other areas of the brain (unused today) to handle and deal with a Super Society. To build titanic wonders in impossible places, to move mountains, to construct pyramids, to master space travel, cloning and draw vast amounts of electricity out of nature required super-brains. If the New Genesis concept is valid, these ancient supermen and superwomen had to have used idle/dormant portions of our modern brains. Imagine a psychic-society without the need to read or write, we would know and be able to telepathically communicate over long distances. Imagine a smoothly-running paradise of brainiacs.
Now, imagine worldwide disasters happening to your great empire of Atlantis over time. High-tech ages suddenly collapsed and came to total standstills, such as the Egyptian/Incan and Mayan empires. On the order of how a global nuclear war would ravage today’s civilization. Our modern world could be demolished back into the Dark Ages, back into the caves. If human history had to endure cycles of floods, ancient nukes, wars and possible ‘electric’ disasters (destruction of the World Grid?)…you and your children might be thrown into a barbaric age. Over much time of having to adapt to a primitive environment, simply to survive, we would lose our natural mental abilities. Our super-brains would actually atrophy and SHRINK because of non-usage over time, because our Super Society blew up in our face and was no more!

We are humans and the few survivors lived in caves long ago. We did not begin in caves, rather we were forced to retreat to caves for survival. We kept producing generations of offspring, but our fantastic Metropolis was gone and so were our telepathic/telekinetic capabilities. The PHYSICAL fact of ‘large-brained’ Cro-Magnons supports the idea that we were once gods, but have long lost such high stature.

One more time, evolutionary scientists are not a little wrong, they are very wrong. We have been trained to believe that early forms of proto-human had ‘sloped foreheads.’ Anthropologists do damage by teaching that all primates had caved-in, sloped foreheads and were poor savages with small brains. One particular group of cave-people had large, huge, ‘bulbous’ foreheads and they were the Cro-Mags. Modern men and women are not at the top of the evolutionary chart when it comes to brain size. We stand (maybe as inferior apes) below the level of the Cro-Magnons’ brain size.

It is an error to refer or to picture Cro-Magnons as primitive cave-people in any way. Imagine them as space travelers, ancient astronauts, builders of pyramids or gods in the ‘flying chariots.’ Barbarous times were thrust upon them because their great empire was destroyed, as we will outline in this text. If nukes went off today, we would be thrust into similar dire conditions. The survivors would be forced into primitiveness because their mega-technological world got out of control and imploded!

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