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Upon Which We Let Go

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 11/15/2008 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2728   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality

What is a shaman? It is a person trained in the art of moving something called their assemblage point. An assemblage point is like a viewpoint, but more powerful and terrifying. A viewpoint exists in a system, whereas an assemblage point exists in an entirely different world that is so strange, words to describe it are usually not even known—except to other shamans who explored the same place through a similar ritual. A viewpoint is relaxing, yet an assemblage point is frightening as it is the equivalent of staring into an abyss without a context for anything that you meet. To put this in simple terms, consider a game of chess. There are an infinite number of ways you can play a game, but to do so you must play either the black set or the white set. “Playing the black set” is a viewpoint, just as “playing the white set” is a viewpoint. Viewpoints have rules—assemblage points, however, do not (at least initially), as they are an entirely new set of perceptions to the game in which the common identifying features are morphed in a way that only the shaman knows. After embarking upon multiple assemblage point adventures, what is ‘reality’ becomes less and less apparent as the raw stuff of the universe bubbles up and finds expression in the shaman’s mind.

When you play the black set, you make certain moves that you would certainly never make if you were playing the white set at the same time, and vice versa. In life, people learn over time how to look at the board and play a color depending on how they have been taught, and so they see certain patterns on the board and respond to those patterns in their own learned way. Many become stubborn after awhile, as their viewpoint becomes transfixed in their mind and they can see the board only in one way. They begin to believe these artificial rules are unbreakable without even being aware that those rules were initially artificial. Those rules that they see are created because of this hypnotic affect of actually using an assemblage point more than one time. People’s awareness basically falls asleep after awhile as their assemblage point takes over and does the thinking for them. In that sense, they are not so much aware as they are just going through the motions. Sound familiar to your daily routine? It is a natural process in many regards, but when such assemblage points are taught in order to control people with them, as the conspiracy theorists have noted, it is diabolical, entrapping and, in that sense, utterly despicable. Mankind becomes the borg when they do not know they fully own and can explore all potential assemblage points. They begin to believe whatever the creators, or the illuminated ones, tell them to believe. Black is white, four is five, it doesn’t matter. They will believe anything as long as the answers come from somewhere without, instead of somewhere within.

Shamans have difficulty falling for the illuminated trap of a single assemblage point precisely because shamans can move their perceptual awareness quite naturally. The hypnotic affect of overusing a single assemblage point doesn’t occur with them as they are assemblage point travelers, wise warriors who not only can see all sides, but can create new sides as well. What makes a shaman who they are is the fact that they cannot be hypnotized by a reality—if anything, they themselves are hypnotic and own the raw stuff of potential. Shamans, like the Illuminati, can change the way others perceive the world merely through their intent to make it so. As such, they make a formidable opponent to the Illuminati. Shamans believe this switching of assemblage points that they do is not merely an artificial change of perception as they view the universe in a new way, but a fundamental change that modifies the universe itself to let in other possibilities. Creating assemblage points and exploring them is the work of a shaman, and it is a power the Illuminated Ones do not want you to know you have. So they brand it as an insanity, a madness, to scare you away from learning about it, stripping you of your ability to cope with what you may find.

The patterns that humanity is taught to see on the board, the illuminated give names to, increasing their reality, increasing the reach and power of their assemblage point as they stretch their wings (or horns) over humanity. For those without the knowledge of a shaman, words themselves are truly representative of a particular ‘pattern on the board’ that exists, and they have no knowledge that those patterns are only there because of how one is looking. Other patterns are available, patterns that cannot be seen until one discovers a new assemblage point. Assemblage points grow through the creation of words describing the assemblage point itself, and these words enslave people’s minds to see the world in only one way. As a result, people who view a stock market crash see trillions of dollars being ‘lost’ instead of trillions of dollars being ‘transferred.’ If the word ‘transferred’ was used, people would ask, ‘where was it transferred?’ and wake up to the fact that they have been hypnotized and are being robbed. So we are trained by those creating the words to remain transfixed, immobile, powerless—the exact opposite of a powerful Shaman.

If, for instance, you were to ask a person playing the black set or the white set, “How does a knight move?” They will say a knight moves in an L pattern, with no rationale as to why. It is not even a question to them. It just moves in an L pattern. But a shaman knows that the players have been hypnotized, the illuminated ones have hypnotized the students, just as the Illuminati have hypnotized the world. The L pattern doesn’t really exist, just as the knight itself doesn’t really exist—both are perceptual, and come into being through the creation of words. The value of money itself doesn’t really exist, for instance--it is a slight of hand by those who know, tricking us as they steal everyone’s property from underneath them. We are taught patterns through hypnotic diabolical owners of the assemblage point preached through their media outlets and schools, and it truly takes an extraordinary amount of effort to break free. This is called ‘insanity’ when one does break free, because it opens up a doorway inside of us that strips the ownership of reality away from the current creators. I call this ‘waking up’, becoming a shaman, opening yourself up fully to human potential that you have basically given away to someone else.

If you listen to an owner of this assemblage point, this reality, an ‘Illuminated One’, he lies to you to get you to do his bidding. In such a case, he will call something love when it is really hate, he will call something patriotic when it is treason, he wall call something a bailout when it is really a “bail-in”, sinking the boat they were supposed to keep afloat. The list goes on. It is hypnotic because you truly cannot believe someone has deceived you so easily, and you will continue to go along with the deception just so you don’t have to deal with the pain of waking up. We want a FEMA created ‘Camp Savior’ to be a beacon of light in the foodless wastelands, even though that is where the most death will occur. We want this slavery to be freedom, or else we will be devastated. It is painful to point this out. People will scoff at you, scream at you, tell you to fall back asleep along with the rest of the herd, because the doorway you are opening can never be shut. Don’t point out the assemblage point! Whatever you do, they scream, just leave it alone and let me live my life! But it is NOT a life—it is mechanical, borg-like, and you might as well be dead for going along with it.

The fearless displacement of their own assemblage points is why the shaman is considered a warrior. They are not trapped through the words of ‘insanity’ or ‘madness’ as they ruthlessly discover other worlds. They are not afraid, and march boldly into the cold hearted center of it all. There are other worlds than these, don’t you see? The shamans (and recently conspiracy theorists) know how to go there. If we see the current assemblage point and observe how it is being manipulated, the illuminated ones glow will suddenly darken, and it will fill us all instead. That power can be ours, my friends--just turn on the light.