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UFOs and the Military Bases

Written By: Shaman Cougar

Posted: 10/18/2008 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 4814   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: UFOs
Often in the UFO researcher community you hear about UFOs spotted over military bases. Many believe they are there observing our military technology. I could accept that theory except for the fact of how regular this kind of occurrence is. Why would they need continually do this, did the aliens forget what it was last week? Do our military bases change technology every other week? I feel this is arrogant thinking – that civilized man is so damn important that they are keeping tabs on our “advancement”. Perhaps they are, but I propose an alternate theory…

If you look at any state travel map, or any federal reservations (zones) map you may find something interesting. It is quite common to find Native American Reservations in the same areas as Military bases.

Historically speaking, many U.S. Army Posts were established next to Native American Reservations to “quell” any unrest. Many of these locations became federal land and eventually, became military bases today.

There are numerous tribal legends about “extraterrestrials”. These “Star People” or “Sky People” legends refer to “other world beings” that have interacted both benevolently and malevolently with Native American peoples.


"The extraterrestrials are of the White Brotherhood from other planets.... In South America there are still physical traces that give testimony to a time when we worked closely with our older brothers from other planets. In antiquity our ancestors — the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas — received visits from other worlds. The return of these ships at this time needs to be understood. We are on the eve of a great cosmic transition. They are here to assist us through this transition period. As the pace quickens during the next few years they will be making themselves known more and more through direct contact with individuals, both physically and non-physically. It is their mission to guide us safely through this transition by awakening our consciousness."

- Willaru Huayta, Peruvian Incan spiritual teacher.

"We believe other planets are inhabited and that our prayers are heard there."

- Chief Dan Katchongva, Hopi


So I propose that “civilized man” may not be as important as he thinks. Perhaps these “other world” visitors are here checking up on some old friends living next door to those
uninteresting military bases.