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Gold! And Increasing the Certainty Levels of the Paranormal

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 8/16/2008 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 3078   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Conspiracy Theories

I have what many would consider a quite laughable view of reality, one that is easy to attack as it seems to say, “If you pray hard enough, you will get what you want. If you stare at a pencil long enough and practice psycho kinesis, it will float. If you believe someone loves you, eventually he or she will love you. If you practice the actions of a psychic, eventually you will become psychic. If you go to a casino and think about winning enough, when you pull the lever, as long as you believe, you should win. If you think you are well inside of your body, you don’t need your medication. If you believe the stock that you have just bought will go up, then it will.” When you actually take samples of people doing just that, however, you will find that pencils do not float, love doesn’t manifest itself, people lose more than they win in casinos and on the stock market, and people die despite all that positive thinking they apply to their own bodies. In fact, an individual’s belief quite often kills them and bankrupts them faster than anything else, so this view of reality seems to be easily disproved. But since I am somewhat adventurous in my own mental gymnastics that I play with myself, I thought I would teach myself a lesson: I bought gold, crossed my fingers and believed. 
Immediately the stock I just bought dropped 20%. I sold it. Immediately the stock went up. I bought again. Immediately the stock market went down. In fact, the stock did the exact opposite of what I wanted it to do. Money was evaporating in droves. Every day I logged in, more money—gone. I pulled out all my money, sat at my desk, stared at these charts of numbers going up and down, felt the fear of what I believed will happen in the future to decide long-term gains, and I was completely at a loss. My mind was telling me I had to place my money in that stock to save my family, but every time I did so, I ended up losing that money. Externally, the lesson seemed fairly obvious: you are wrong. Your world view is wrong. Everything you think you can do, everything you think others can do is wrong. There is a reality beyond you, and you can stake no claim to it because you are not in control. You are gambling. Your world view is worse off than those who just accept reality for what it is, because your world view will bankrupt you and make you miserable.

But will it? Was this my harsh reality, that I was absolutely and completely wrong? 
If you read what many would consider a spiritual work which discusses the power of prayer or the power of positive thinking or the power of belief, you will see the same themes come out of the woodwork, and they are themes which are peppered through my own world views quite frequently. I started realizing this connection after I read a book which used quantum physics to prove prayer, which made me feel sick to my stomach as prayer is not something I actively engage in nor care to consider as an approach to reality. It made me sick to my stomach because I actually left the church as a result of the silliness I saw with people crossing their fingers and wishing for things that do not manifest themselves, such as world peace or an end to troubles, or the lowering of gas prices or the next win at a poker table or on the playing field. Yet here I was, struggling with the fact that there was an extremely apparent connection between something I believe and something I do not. Over time, I ended up coming up with a world view which was the exact same world view I had revolted against when I was younger. My own understanding of quantum physics didn’t seem to be all that different from the understanding of the individual who was using it to prove prayer, yet I thought his use of the concepts were bullshit and mine were not. Which didn’t seem fair. Things aren’t more true because I am the one that said them. So what did this internal contradiction mean? What does any contradiction mean? It provides an opportunity for growth. And to grow, I have to fold my cards and reshuffle. 
But I am not throwing the baby out with the water. The interconnection between potential and realization makes sense, the contradiction between finite reality and infinity makes sense, the left and right side dichotomy of the mind makes sense, the yin yang and all its ancient glory makes sense, intuitive learning and factual learning make sense, the fractional nature of competing forces make sense, but what does not make sense is the core which connects one world to another—what cements reality into place? What makes one thing more real than something else?  
It is almost like your belief system can come up with new things, thoughts, ideas, and analogies, but it is not very good at spreading those ideas to others because it exists in a completely separate world. And the knee-jerk reaction most people have when they come across a creative concept of another is to respond to it by disagreeing. The moment they disagree, the whole thing falls apart. Like love. You say to someone, “I love you.” Their response might be, “Then why didn’t you pick me up last night and make me take the bus?” You say, “If I had picked you up last night, would you believe I love you?” Their response might be, “Would you be picking me up just so that I think you love me, or would you be picking me up because you really do love me?” In which case, your love is never believed, and it does not manifest in other people’s lives. No—and this is the key--it would only manifest if both of you believe and agree to believe. 
Take my example of the stock market. One person says, “I think this stock will go up. I am going to buy.” Another person says, “I think this stock will go down. I am going to sell.” The score is basically even as both contradict each other and thus stay at zero. But if there is agreement, “We think this stock will go up so we will buy.” Then they will create the upper movement of the stock, albeit momentarily and as long as they are the only conscious minds involved. The agreement creates the reality. If the two of you believe, and the stock goes up, there really is no question of, “Well, did the stock really go up or did we just make it go up?” It’s a non-issue. Of course it went up. The contribution of beliefs from multiple people make the reality. Agreement meets the base-level requirement to shared reality, at which point it basically turns into a numbers game. And speaking of those numbers, every vote counts—but some votes count more than others. 
Take the “super elite”, for instance, who are super powerful with lots of money and hence, lots to lose. Same people as the Illuminati--different name, different time. They know the power of agreement has, and with all that money, they probably do not like uncertainty very much. Reducing uncertainty through agreement is something that they actively practice. In such a case, they select key figures that truly have the power to make a decision that will affect these so-called open markets. If they “agree” to affect these markets, the uncertainty of making calls on what to invest in pretty much disappears and it turns almost every personal decision into a profitable one so they can rest easy at night.  
In the case of gold, before I had bought it, I had heard rumors through the conspiracy community that the super elite had decided to drop oil prices in their June/July meetings as they had discovered raising them to such a high level reverses globalization—and they had made enough profit through the price gouge. As a result, oil prices were to drop back down, and gold prices would consequently fall through the floor as they were artificially inflated in the first place, even beyond that of supply and demand. When I realized my mistake, I pulled out my money and threw it in the S&P 500 which has time and time again proven to me to be a guilt free location. I don’t think about my retirement money so much when it is in a boring location—I don’t want to. I’m not really interested in it other than to feed me when I cannot feed myself or when people see my white hair and don’t want to pay me for doing anything. Price fluctuations don’t disturb me when my money is in a boring spot and I can concentrate on life in general. Using my own spreadsheets and historical data, I figured out that if you invest in the S&P 500 which is a revolving door of top 500 companies whether they be solar panel producing companies or genetically modified food companies, regardless of the price, you pretty much gain 30% returns--and anything above 10% is considered fantastic. The trick is to stomach the price fluctuations, no matter how steep they may be. You will buy high sometimes, but you buy less. And when the price is low, you will buy more. Besides, if you sell stock, you owe taxes on the profit. It is much better to keep those tax dollars working for you by never selling.  

I am not the super elite and I do not have the insider knowledge that they do, so my internal Nostradamus is a lot less reliable, which they are banking on for the most part. For us, such knowledge of market movements would be insider trading which would cause us to end up in jail. To them, using ‘spin lawyers’ or what not, they can insider trade freely after these meetings to which the public is not invited. Without insider trading or the removal of your own internal Nostradamus, the stock market is the equivalent of a casino. You could make all the right decisions for 10 years, then lose it all in the 11th. Like the super elite, I do not like uncertainty, either—but to these super elite meetings, I am a stranger, so I better act accordingly with my own money as my vote counts much less than their vote. For them, what better way to read tea leaves than to own the tea leaves as well as the interpretation of those tea leaves? The cards are stacked—they win every time. 
No, agreement is what is important to create reality, which is pretty much a left brained, strategic, disciplined approach to your life. The logical, skeptical side of you carries out plans, builds networks, thinks in a much more business oriented way, and your intuitive side lives in a make-believe world that requires the strategic side of your mind to spread those social memes it keeps inventing that it wants to share with the world. The logical, finite side of yourself keeps your feet on the ground, and your creative, infinite side keeps your head in the clouds. Logic and reason grounds you. Intuition lets you float away. Both have a purpose and are equally as important—purposes that they can share if you, like Einstein, will let them work together in some kind of agreement. 
Bringing this logic into the paranormal community, the question must be asked: just as the super elite have their goals to increase personal profit, what are the aims and goals of the paranormal community? The elite can obviously meet their goals if they work together in agreement to achieve them using cold hard logic and an appreciation of individual egos. They’ve harvested their ‘collective selfishness’ over hundreds of years of learned processes—processes to which most are not privy, processes that many ordinary individuals feel guilty even using. The paranormal could sure use a dose of their conspiracy medicine.  
The current problem paranormal enthusiasts have in spreading their social memes of life after death, psychic capabilities, the search for cryptids, and the discovery of alien life, is that they are unorganized. Yes, there are organizations, but I personally do not join them because they are false collectives, and it is so easy to spot. Whether you call yourself a non-profit corporation or not, whether you are a community or not, you are trying to “own” the collective organization, and when an organization panders to someone’s personal ego, it doesn’t work. There is no glue—it feels parasitic because it is parasitic, whereas successful organizations such as the Federal Reserve do work well together and have done so for many years. Why? Because all of its members can look across the table at one another and say, “Look, I’m a selfish prick, but so are you. You can have my peanut butter if I can have your chocolate. We will make our peanut butter cups and sell them and both own 50% of the profits.” There is no false collective—it is a true collective, a true organization, a true, networked community. And we do not have that. Everyone here is too busy being deceptively collective. So please, post your ideas below, and if you want to develop a network with me, with this selfish prick, send me an e-mail. I’ve got some peanut butter to share. Do you have any chocolate? Together, like the Federal Reserve, we will be able to print our own money without the need for gold.