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Conference In Puerto Rico Presents Abduction Breakthrough

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======================== Conference In Puerto Rico Presents Abduction Breakthrough
Posted: April 24, 2001
Source: OVNI

On March 18th, 2001, the "First Symposium of UFO and Paranormal Researchers in Puerto Rico" showcased a number of presentations dealing with all aspects of both fields of study.

Sponsored by www.ovni.net, the conference was hosted by researchers Lucy Guzman de Pla, Orlando Pla, and Prof. Carlos Fernandez. Dedicated to the memory of pioneering Puerto Rican ufologist Noel Rigau, the conference sought to provide a more scientific and less journalistic approach to the island‘s wealth of high-strangeness events.

The wide scope of the "First UFO Symposium" was clearly visible from the subjects broached by its speakers. Father Felix Struik discussed "Marian Apparitions", Professor Carlos Fernandez spoke at length about "Genetic Correlations in Abduction Experiences", radio personality Andrew Alvarez approached the subject from an anthropological standpoint in his "Meta-Anthropological Analysis of the UFO Phenomenon" while Orlando Pla presented the "Statistical Trends of the UFO Phenomenon in Puerto Rico".

Pride of place, however, was reserved for researcher Lucy Guzman de Pla‘s lengthy presentation on "Crises and Traumas in the Abduction Phenomenon", which centered around the highly documented events surrounding a female abductee known only as "Belén". Ms. Guzman told her audience that "at the time, I never thought I would find myself facing a case such as the one I‘m about to present. It changed my investigative interest from mere curiosity to a certainty that the majority of abduction cases subjected to study are not fantasy and indeed represent a disturbing reality."

Ms. Guzman has dedicated three years of study to "Belén"‘s abduction experiences, following a trajectory that began in October 1992 when the protagonist awoke one morining to find four red, cross-shaped marks on her abdomen, surrounding her navel. Startled but not overly concerned, "Belén" forgot about the curious marks on her body. It was not until June 26, 1997 -- notes Guzman -- that the abductee woke up at five o‘clock in the morning with numb legs, a bleeding nose, and ringing in her left ear. Shortly afterwards, she had a "flashback" of having been on a metallic, levitating stretcher surrounded by three "little men" wearing white coveralls. Described as small and thin, with symbols on their chests, the creatures appeared to be engaged in a procedure on her body. "Belén" felt neither fear nor pain.

Guzman‘s paper covers the subsequent apparition of marks on the abductee‘s body in May 1998, and the attendant phenomena to the abduction experience: lights emerging from walls, vibrations, buzzing sounds in both her ears and within her home.

The "Belén" case is probably the best documented abduction experience to have emerged from Puerto Rico since the island underwent a resurgence of UFO activity in the late 1980‘s. Parties interested in learning more about this case and seeing the images should visit: