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Book Review: Infinite Love is the Only Truth - Everything Else is Illusion

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 7/17/2008 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 6641   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Conspiracy Theories

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I recently read David Icke’s “Infinite Love is the Only Truth - Everything Else is Illusion” and considering that I really hadn’t seen all that many honest reviews in the paranormal community over this book (in fact most books in the paranormal community aren’t peer reviewed since everyone seems to be afraid of doing so), I thought I would write one and share my two cents. Great! 
According to Icke’s book, there seems to be two conflicting matrices of reality. One is fear-driven and controlled by a select few at the detriment of the many (The Reptilian matrix). The other matrix is not fear driven at all but fun, where consciousness is able to do exactly as it pleases without being tricked into believing that divisions truly exist (The Infinite Love matrix).  
The reptilian matrix screams, “Pick a side or die eternally! There is only so much of everything, so be on the side that has it all…or perish!” It uses fear to make people line up and do as they are told which, unchecked, will turn the universe into a police state of misery and despair. It tricks consciousness into believing the illusion of itself is real and that everyone really is disconnected from one another.  
The second matrix, however, the one that Icke approves, allows polarity as a reality creation device, but the participants know it is just a game and your consciousness is free to do whatever it likes (change frequencies and what not) since there is an abundant supply of everything and we live forever.  
The Reptilians control the fear matrix, whereas our interconnected consciousness controls the fun-matrix. Icke, of course, prefers the one that is more fun (who wouldn’t?) and has done so all his life—his love of soccer helps emphasize this preference. 
First off, I have nothing wrong with Icke’s work since the theme of the reptiles works quite appropriately in context—our materialistic minds are reptilian, are they not? Our mystery schools support and bow their heads towards the winged serpent, do they not? Making fun of his belief seems to be mostly made by those who have not spent enough time outside of the mainstream studying alternative viewpoints and archetypes, nor understand how the illusion of existence works other than the one handed down to them from someone else in the control grid. The Reptilians are an archetype in the same way that Congress and the President of the United States is an archetype. Icke readily admits they are just as much of an illusion as everything else, but it is one of our delusions which have taken control, much like a horse which suddenly throws a saddle on our backs and rides us instead of the reverse. It is this delusion of ours that is out of control. As a result, he warns us to not give in to fear, that this fear is exactly what the Reptilian matrix was designed to draw out of us so they could control us. He wants us to return to the knowledge of what we really are, that we are not really disconnected at all, that there is nothing to fear. This, in itself, is a beautiful message that I believe many can relate to, inside or outside of the paranormal community, and I believe Icke was writing this just as much to himself as he was writing it to others. 
My criticism of the book and of his viewpoint, however, is that he seems to create these two matrices instead of sticking with one, which comes across as quite confusing at times. When you are reading his words you often get lost as to which matrix he is referring to—the fear driven matrix or the fun one? In one breath, he states that the Reptilian matrix creates the illusion of division to frighten us and control us, and in the next breath he states that division is okay as long as you know it is make believe and understand the whole matrix is a guilt-free illusion, because without division we could not have fun and play a game of soccer or have sex—so he seems to believe in the importance of division, but with concession that you are doing your divisions within the proper matrix.  
As a result of this muddle, I don’t see the reason why there even has to be two matrices. If Icke’s chosen matrix is all a game, for instance, why can’t the Reptilians play? If it is all a game, why can’t the Illuminati play? Why can’t the Freemasons play? Knowing it is a game is the important step in both of Icke’s fear vs. fun matrices. The Reptilians obviously have reached a level of knowledge of the gameplay far beyond that of the masses. Freemasonic rituals, for instance, teaches the student that they can be their own God, and that, in essence, is the same lesson Icke seems to be teaching his readers—you can be your own God because we are One, so don’t be afraid to make up the rules. It is all just a game that we are playing with ourselves eternally. Obviously, control eventually gets out of control, but isn’t self correction built into the system of a frequency? Look at any wave travelling in a direction…it’s opposite eventually shows up.  
To me, therefore, the Matrix is in control of itself, and it is our perception (disconnected perception, mind you) that makes us feel the Matrix is out of control and that it needs us in particular to correct its failings. We (David Icke included) need to feel that the universe needs us. But ultimately, polarities will correct themselves. We, like the reptiles, will be corrected. Icke seems to believe the current matrix is bad or is incorrect since it has been hijacked by the Reptilians, and this is what I have difficulty accepting. Stating our infinite consciousness is out of control doesn’t sit well with me. Our minds operate using an electromagnetic frequency in which polarity is built in as it moves, pauses, stops, creates, and moves again. The polarity itself is energy. So what’s wrong with it? Let the reptilians think they’re in control—a surprise is always in store. There is always a Black Swan in the mix.  
As a second criticism, Icke tends to create division all the while stating that division is the work of the Reptilians to generate fear. There is a bad matrix run by fear-sucking Reptilians, and a good one run by fun-loving infinite consciousness: Which do you choose? Either choose the fun one that knows it is dreaming, or choose the one ruled by fear that does not know—hence, you really do not escape the fear matrix at all by believing in the one containing the Reptilians, because division is what creates fear in the first place. “Oh no!” the mind says, “am I adhering to the matrix in which the reptiles are in control or am I adhering to the one in which fun-loving infinite interconnected consciousness is in control? Am I hearing truth, or am I hearing doublespeak? I can’t decide. I’m so afraid.” Promoting the belief in the Reptilian matrix instills the same fear that Icke is trying to teach you is unnecessary to consciousness. If you read Icke’s books—you fear for your children will be subject to an evil by a foreign power if you do nothing—the Reptilians. If you do not read his books, you feel the world can handle itself because there is no foreign power other than ourselves running the show. If the removal of fear is the objective of Icke’s book, then why instill the fear of the Reptilians? Why not just get rid of the fear by not frightening yourself?  
Polar extremes are cyclic, as any look at a frequency will show you. For every right there is a wrong and for every wrong there is a right. Self-correction is built into the system, so honestly I don’t see why you have to go out and tear the system down by believing it has been hijacked by reptilians from another dimension. Many people on the planet currently perceive that the masses are not in control and the current system is only beneficial to a select few—they just don’t know how bad it is going to get or when and how the current control grid will collapse like a house of cards—by meteor? By pole shift? By popular uprising? Icke’s book seems to be encouraging the collapse and the return to infinity, and for sure, he is not alone. But without division and without structure, what is infinity going to do with itself? Nothing? Just be aware that it is aware? More than likely, we are given amnesia at birth to play the game—not because a Reptilian tricked us into forgetting, but because that is how it is played.  
If you do not like how things are going with the planet or with your life for any reason, don’t blow off his Reptilians, however--pick up his books. The archetypes he uses apply to everyone equally. But know that within infinite interconnected consciousness--and of his own admission--the Reptiles, like Icke himself, are nothing more than momentary illusions. Having said that, I enjoyed the book as it echoed many of my own thoughts that I wrote about in The Hologram. Check out Icke’s book or check out my own--they are all a part of the same whole, fractally repeating itself to avoid being lost in the shuffle. That is how it works here. Regardless of what or whom you choose to read and believe, however, the message is clear: don’t be afraid. Listen to yourself. Everything else is bullocks.