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Destroying Mankind Through Law

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 7/14/2008 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1557   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Conspiracy Theories

Regardless if you truly believe there is a shadow organization hell-bent on taking over the entire planet and forcing people into a totalitarian slave state, one thing is for certain: policy is the means to the destructive end. I don’t care who you are—when coming face to face with a government or organizational policy, you feel absolutely helpless, since those who are enforcing it are put into those enforcement positions and paid because they are somehow able to mindlessly meet the requirements and regurgitate the words of the policy to others. This is what we are taught in schools as the way to succeed—shutup and do as your told. Enforce policy like no other! Look at you meteoric rise! No no no, don’t look at who is hurt from your actions or what is the end result—just keep your eyes on that which is important! Policy.

Policy is the law. Policy is the program. And as a result, policy is the devil incarnate, structure itself, and what better structure is there than the one which keeps the policy makers at the top? I don’t care if you believe in the devil or not but policy removes human consciousness from all equations in life and turns the populace who are carrying out its creeds into soulless entities, and if that is not demonic, then I don’t know what is. Through the creation of policy, people are able to say such things as, “Well, I apologize you have lost your home and all of your belongings in a flood, but we have a policy that states you must include all building materials in your submissions form, and you did not include anything about balsa wood in your bathroom.” Or, “We have a policy to charge 3 times the rental rate of that video if it is overdue by a week, and even though you weren’t aware that your son did not deliver it to us after being involved in a car accident, you still owe us 400 dollars, despite the fact the video is only worth ten dollars and you won’t be able to buy food for the next 30 days.” What should you do? How do you fight it? You can’t, because it is a spiritless policy.

Society is supposedly kept together because of its laws, because of these policies. Laws, we are told, protect us from tyrants, from people who would otherwise take advantage of us and everyone around them. Why, then, are the tyrants the only ones given access to the creation of policies? Why can’t we do the same thing? They make the laws, laws which benefit them, not us. So how can we believe it is law that is in our favor? Security? From tyrants, written by tyrants? Bah!

And what is security anyway if it is true that we all live forever?

Is all of this set up for the sole purpose of protecting so-called private ownership of goods? Why should goods be privately owned, anyway? Why do we need money to do something for someone else? Why does the exchange have to be even? Who do we even need credit? Why do we have to have laws in place so the exchange is even? If we are all one consciousness, why does any of that even matter? I don’t sit around and count beans and try to determine who owes me something because I did something for them and didn’t receive anything in return. But so many do. Will people take advantage of you if you stop counting the difference? Oh for sure, and many will, just as many people have taken advantage of me. But it doesn’t stop me. Why? Because there is a bigger vision involved. A big idea. A New World Order. If these tyrants can throw their double-speak at us, why don’t we consume the doublespeak, but correct it without them being aware of it? Yes, my New World Order is the belief in abundance, not a dwindling supply of limited resources that must be “managed.” You can give as much as you want because giving does not require the value of it to be hardwired anywhere. But policy—policy!—tries to even stop you from giving by charging tax upon it. And this is supposed to be for your own benefit? To protect you by taxing you if you receive a gift?

Policy is the removal of an infinitely abundant spirit—from everything. Policy stops the flow of blood moving through your veins, killing you and your family. Policy shuts the doors. Policy and law, we are told, builds civilization, but it is doublespeak like every other piece of bile spewing forth from their paper lips. Policy is destroying us because there is so few of us who understand how to defend ourselves from it. That is what we need –a policy that protects us from policy! It is a brick wall, a one way road for a train that is heading straight at you, without a care if you are tied to the tracks because they are following a policy that they must make it to their next stop in 12 minutes time or they will be fired. Bah! Policy! It is shit from the ass of a demon, and we are all eating it.

You know what? See this website? See all the articles and stories I have written? Look at everything on it. Clone it. Do what you want with it. Take anything I have written and paste your own name on it and spread it and give it to whomever you want and say you wrote it. I don’t care. Private ownership means nothing to me. I don’t care if I get the credit. I don’t care if I have ownership. Will people take advantage of me? Yes, but I don’t care, because I have more where that came from, I have more for people to enjoy, more things to create deep inside of me. Because you know what? They are not really taking advantage of me, because I do not exist and they do not exist. We are all making this place up. It is all an illusion of scarce, finite resources, and I have access to an Alaskan pipeline of spiritual oil, just like you do, coming straight from the heart of it all that will not dry up. We have no limits. We are suffering from an illusion, but for God’s sake, let’s stop suffering from it and see it for what it truly is: a game that we are all playing where the cards are currently stacked against us. They have all the aces. They wrote the rules while afraid of losing something that cannot be lost—abundant and infinite energy from whence they came. But the rules are killing them, and the rules are killing us.

I don’t like the rules here because there are no rules that energize. I don’t like the way in which soulless entities are telling us to play the game, and I may be optimistic here, but I don’t think you like the rules here, either, and the person above you does not like the rules, and the person above them do not like the rules, all the way up the chain until you get to the top---where they love the rules because it keeps them there.

Look around you, all those people walking or talking or staring at a computer screen. What do they want? They want out. They want to be free from policy, free from the law, free to create their own world without restriction, without fear, without ridicule, external and internal, which tell them they cannot create this place because that is not how this place works. Bah! It is exactly how it works, and only those at the top are given this "knowledge" through their secret mystery schools so they can make this place work to their own advantage at the expense of the many. They are inventing this place and telling us that we cannot do the same because we don’t know any better. Just today, MSNBC invented the fact that John McCain is loved by Vietnam, videogame characters are getting smarter, the Federal Reserve (e.g. Rockefeller) can boost failing companies with non-existent money, Afghan is now deadlier than Iraq, and you need to be obsessive-compulsive (and a sadistic sociopath) to succeed. How is this stuff not an invention? Day in and day out. Why can’t more people see this? Why don’t we all wake up and realize that we can invent our own interpretations of those frequencies passing before our eyes that is not so shitty? Make your own media. Make your own papers and exchange ideas on whatever reality you care to invent, just as I have done and will continue to do because I understand my own power. Come up with reasons why unicorns exist. You laugh—you laugh! You laugh because you don’t know your own ability because you are told you have none. You are told it is not true. You are told unicorns are fairy tales. But these goddamn policies are just as much of a fairy tale—it is just the one we believe! And they are the fantasies that leech everything away from us! They are trying to take away that which makes consciousness interesting. We are under its spell, and the spell is winning.

Why do people become criminals? Hackers? Why do people go crazy? Because they see the sadistic structure of policy around them that has no soul, leeching them and using them, and they strike back or flip a switch inside and disappear and go somewhere else. And these are the criminals? These are the lunatics? They feel helpless to policy. What closes people’s eyes and makes all lose hope? It is a policy, a piece of paper that says one person is "worth" more than another, and it is not your name which is written down, so you must live with the trash and eat snails crawling under the bridges. Why? Because a policy says that is the case, and if one does not say, they have another policy which allows them to write policies out of thin air. You see things like peer to peer networks created by hackers, and it is branded disruptive technology as it destroys structured industry. We need more of this. We need all those supposed indigo kids to wake up and start doing their goddamn job and start creating what they were made to create--disruptive reality. Are you indigo? Wake the hell up. My unicorns need you. Or..do you all prefer policy instead?