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The Bit Switch

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 5/23/2008 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1771   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Alternative Spirituality

The bit switch is a mechanism in the center of our consciousness that functions much like the head of a hard drive. It can read in concepts and topics from the world in a passive state and agree with all of what it runs across, or it can switch the bits of those very same concepts so the positives are rewritten as negatives and the negatives are rewritten as positives. Once this switch has been done, a person may feel that he owns these switched bits, that they are who he is, and can get very angry when someone else comes along and attempts to perform the very same function on the bits that he just switched.

At work, the bit switch function of consciousness is probably the most apparent. One person will have spent awhile laying down a foundation on how something should be, and then a new guy will come in, or a different guy from a separate department will come in, and they will say the foundation won’t work with the additions he plans to do in the next two weeks, so the plans are deficient until he gets his own input incorporated. Depending upon the company and the people, a war could ensue, with one person switching the bits of another, and that person switching bits as well in this massive interplay which seems silly and pointless to an outside observer, but to these two participants, it is seemingly a battle of life and death.

Now, if you truly own the bits that you have switched in the raw plenum known as the universe, and you have somehow been infused within those bits and they make up who you are, it makes perfect sense to say it is a battle of life and death. But if you do not infuse the bits you switch, it’s really no big deal. As long as the requirements are met for that which you are both trying to build, and you both don’t become emotionally attached to your switched bits, it shouldn’t matter. They’re just bits. If your company is supposed to build something that starts with 0 and ends with 1, and you write:


And some other consciousness comes along and wants to enjoy his bit switcher and erases a few of your bits to satisfy himself and writes:


What is the problem? The requirements have still been met, and you both were able to use your bit switcher, so all is well. Right?

You probably have the capability to interpret this in two ways or more. One side of your brain is saying, “What point would there be to consciousness if you didn’t get to express yourself? And some idiot comes along and changed my expression for no reason other than to be an ass. How dare he! I might as well be dead. I can’t even recognize myself in the universe anymore.” The other side of your brain is probably going, “If we didn’t concede to one another and allow each other to perform one of the primary functions of consciousness together, then none of us would exist in the universe. Just let it go, as they are merely bits and you don’t really exist within them.” Depending upon which side you care to listen to (which ultimately is based on a bit switch itself) you will either be fine with the modification, or not fine at all.

So I have to ask you the question: do you infuse the bits which make up your own body, or are they just bits external to yourself? If those bits disappear into nothingness as it joins with the rest of the organic matter on the planet and are rewritten as dirt and dust, does it make you angry, or was the ownership of those bits by your consciousness a momentary deception?

Enjoy your bit switching capabilities as our infinite selves create this place, and from one face in the cloud to another, have a deceptively distinct day!