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Posted: 3/22/2008 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 3058   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ancient Mysteries
666! A number filled with foreboding doom, with 144000 interpretations, 144000 meanings, all of which give birth to 144000 antichrists!

6 + 6 +6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9

The equation above has confused and delighted mankind for thousands of years, for with numbers, the meaning you attach to them, as well as the equations which result from breaking apart their constituent parts, are both arbitrary. But one thing is for certain—it is the number of beast, and we all shall have it tattooed upon our foreheads! God have mercy as the fires of hell rain down upon the evil doers…for in the end, those deafened to the words of the Almighty shall be enslaved by the devil himself!


Since numbers are arbitrary, the only reliable method for understanding their meaning is to turn to the Mystery Schools of the time and discover the meaning behind those numbers as Paul’s peers understood them. The writer of Revelations was soaked in the knowledge of the Mystery Schools, all of which were created thousands of years prior after the flood by Noah’s sons who, instead of destroying the Writings of the Watchers (or the Emerald Tablets, or the Books of Hermes, or the Books of Enoch--depends on culture) took them instead to Chaldea and formed the world’s Secret Societies in which the likes of Pythagoras, Aristotle, Plato (and Jesus?) spent years learning from them. And what do they have to say of those fateful numbers?

666 is a beautiful number. From every angle, it screams meaning. It doesn’t actually matter how you break it apart, the numbers in which it becomes, to the mystic, speak volumes.

6 represents harmony, of which it is written 3 times. The Father is 1, the Mother is 2, and the Son is 3. Three forms of harmony within the divine trio = 666!

But what happens when you add the numbers together? You get a new number: 18. What does that mean?

1 represents the supreme power, the primordial male force which invented this place by having an ego and inserting itself within 2, Mother Earth. 1 is the active state of the universe, utility, the verbs. 2 is the passive state of the universe, existence, the nouns. The two combined to form a third: regeneration and rebirth—Jesus Christ.

8 represents infinity, which is the playing field of the divine. When the supreme power (1) and infinity (8) get together, what it is that they create? 1+8 = 9.

9 is the number of man, because man is said to exist in the womb for 9 months before giving birth. 9 is the number of man because man would not be here without the 666..it takes both the father and the mother to make the son, and the three create a fractal representation of the regenerative process of life itself, mankind. 9 is also the number of man because 9 is one number less than 10, the greatest of all numbers, for it contains all other numbers in itself. 9 has thus “fallen short” by one, through the absence of the father within himself.

Oh, but everything has its opposite, my dear friends, for 9 also is an inverted 6, thus representing disharmony and discord, which is what man brings to the universe through the finite utilization of his own consciousness. He looks out at what he sees, and seeks to become the missing gear, the thing which no one else gets right. If only there were more priests, man says, if the universe does not have enough. If only there were more people concerned about the environment. If only there were more laws, more food, more money. Less poverty, less government, less guns!

More more more!

Less less less!

Man seeks to correct this imbalance that he sees, without realizing that man himself is that which is imbalanced as his consciousness seeks purpose, and he does so through the perception of imbalance. Nature does not need man! But man is afraid to know this. Therefore 9 is also the number of the beast--discord, disharmony. The father of lies, the bearer of false gifts. The beast signifies the end of the sequence (9) before God (1+0) returns.

666 is thus the number of the beast, and the beast is ourselves, created by the trio (666). You did come from your father and mother, did you not? So fear not the movement of the tides, that is how it works here, you see? And in the end (9), rebirth shall occur as we return to the father (1+0). If you go to the East, they have encapsulated this entire process in a symbol of their own untainted by invalid dogma and indoctrinated priests. You should thus remember it next time you hear someone proclaiming we shall all be burned alive and branded by it in hell with the number 666, for the dynamic nature of opposites swinging to and fro creates a balance all its own, despite the damage we may cause during our short stay. In the end, all wrongs shall be righted, just as all rights shall be wronged. Creation through destruction.

Enjoy your stay, and happy Easter!