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Nightmare or Alien Abduction?

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 3/18/2001 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2340   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Aliens
I don‘t know how many of you are into remembering your dreams or trying to interpret them, but over the past year, mine have been extremely unusual, poignant, and frightening. I suppose this isn‘t very unusual at all, considering that everyone‘s dreams are probably unusual, poignant, and frightening. Anyone that has had their teeth fall out in their mind can attest to this. However, waking up at 4:15 AM several times, feeling completely immobile, in fear of my life, and afraid that something is in the room trying to pull out my soul, really makes me wonder what could possibly be going on while I am sleeping at night, other than a quote unquote alien abduction.

Don‘t get me wrong. A perverse pleasure exists when I have these dreams, because after waking from them I wonder if I have just experienced this so-called abduction phenomenon. Most people who claim to have been taken by aliens probably say that the experience is something that they would never want to wish upon another human, but an alien abduction is something that I have always WANTED to experience, merely for personal affirmation of my beliefs--which I have, up until this point, never obtained. However, I feel that merely labeling this incident as a recurring "grey" experiment is not exactly the best way to scientifically find an explanation. Therefore, I would share my symptoms in hopes that there is someone else out there who has had the same problem.

Symptom Number One: The incident always happens around 4:15 AM. I will wake up, glance at the clock, notice the time, and suddenly fall into an amazingly tense panic, as if I KNOW what is about to happen and am helpless to prevent it.

Symptom Number Two: Intense waves of cold and hot chills will run throughout my entire body up and down my spine and I can feel my arms and legs suddenly become limp.

Symptom Number Three: I can no longer turn my head left nor right, move my arms, nor my legs. A sinking feeling suddenly feels my chest and I feel that something is either floating above me or waiting in the room for me.

Symptom Number Four: The panic takes over and I know that if I do not completely wake myself up, I will feel something begin to pull on the energy that I mentally connect to my soul. In an attempt to avert complete paralysis and helplessness, I‘ll mentally try to thrash my body around or wake up my wife, scream out loud, or pinch myself so I can move once again. However, nothing works, and my entire body slips deeper into paralysis. My wife neither feels me thrashing nor hears my voice, even though I swear on my own life that I actually spoke and that I was actually slamming my elbow into her side.

Symptom Number Five: I sense the pulling sensation and I wonder if my soul is trying to leave my body. Something has a grip on the energy within me and is physically attempting to rip it out from underneath my ribcage.

Symptom Number Six: I pass out and wake up two or three hours later, remembering nothing but the panic. I can move once again as if nothing ever happened, yet my chest is sore from the entire incident. My legs and fingers are tingling, and I have to remind myself that "it was only a dream, it was only a dream."

Some background information: Every night since I was twelve, I could NOT fall asleep unless I had a fan running in the same room in which I was trying to nod off. If a fan was not available, I would make every effort to find one. If I was forced to sleep without one, regardless of how well I slept the night before, I would buy a new one. If I knew an extended period of time would exist where I would have to sleep without one, I would bring a fan with me.

I have had this paralysis dream four or five times within the past year, most of them happening in my apartment in Chicago. I left Chicago in September of last year because of a deep hatred of the city. When I was forced because of my work to go back to Chicago for four days, I stayed at a nice hotel, and immediately had the same dream while lying in my bed waiting for morning.

I had the paralysis dream the first time while reading about John Dee and his attempt to communicate with angels. I was interested at the time in demon possession and having an out of body experience. Then, one night during this "research," I had a dream I was ushered into a theater with a number of people. We all sat on benches and a woman named Cinderella was floating in the air, and informing the audience that they needed to watch whatever would appear on the movie screen--the curtains pulled back and I could see myself on the projection screen. Everyone could see me. Humiliating scenes of my childhood were suddenly being played. Everything that I ever found embarrassing about myself while I was growing up were shown for the entire audience to see. Scenes of me masturbating when I was thirteen, scenes of me stealing Playboys, hanging cats, peeing my pants--I couldn‘t take it as I sat there. I had to wake up. The being named Cinderella knew that I was uncomfortable and she was getting off on it. I was in torment. Everyone was watching me, and I was in the room with them. Forced humiliation--and the only thing I could do to get away from it all was to wake up--which I did. The only problem was, Cinderella came into the real world with me.

So I lay in bed, awake, seeing this Cinderella being floating above me with a needle in her hand. She was jamming the needle into my head or my brother‘s head who I could have sworn was laying next to me. She was pulling on my chest. I could feel it. I screamed as I lay there, screaming for my roommate to wake me up. I thrashed, tossed and turned, and if anyone has experienced the sensation of "running through mashed-potatoes" while dreaming can sympathize on how my body felt. It wasn‘t listening to me. And Cinderella wanted what was inside of me. "Brian, wake me up!" I screamed, but my lips wouldn‘t move.

I finally managed to roll over while waves of chills were running through my body. I almost threw up. I crawled into the bathroom and lay on the bathroom floor. The chills of warm and cold tried to make me fall asleep again, but just as those teenagers in Nightmare on Elm Street would not fall asleep, neither did I want to fall asleep. I would not, could not, fall asleep. I wouldn‘t let myself. And even though I was exhausted, I was afraid to go back into the bedroom, afraid of what I would see, afraid of what I would feel, afraid of what was in there waiting for me to return.

I did finally fall asleep in front of the toilet. I woke up at 7 AM and asked my roommate if he had heard me scream the night before. He said no, and he would have ran in there if he had heard me. I told him that something had happened, and I didn‘t have an explanation. And I still have no explanation. My chest hurt for three hours afterwards. I could not finish the books I was reading, and I lost complete interest in astral projection.

As I have said, that feeling of paralysis has since returned four times this past year. I wake up at 4:15 AM, knowing full well what is about to happen, and become completely paralyzed. The waves of cold and warm chills sweep through my body. I scream but no sound comes out. I jam my elbow into my wife‘s side to get her to wake me up but she does not feel it. I end up passing out and waking up with a sore chest. And every time it is about to happen, I know beyond a doubt what to expect: Cinderella is in the room--and she wants something from me.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? If so, please contact me. If there is a scientific explanation for it such as night terrors or a psychological disorder, please let me know. I want to understand it. And like an abduction experiencer, I want answers. I am not claiming to have been abducted. I am not claiming to have had my soul ripped out of my body. I am claiming that something bizarre happens to me every now and then while I sleep at night, a dream so real that it affects my body physically, and I want to know how that can be. The last time it happened, the pain of it pulling on my chest hurt so badly that all of the salivatory glands in my mouth were shooting out streams of acidic liquid. They were spurting so violently that I wondered if I was damaging the glands themselves.

I want answers, and I hope someone can give them to me. Thank you for reading.