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Upon Which I Collide

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 10/17/2007 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 895   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Conspiracy Theories

I’ve been enthralled with this photo. It is a depiction of the Earth’s magnetic field. It is also what I believe ideas look like when the spiritual world comes in contact with the material world. All those tendrils sticking out of the ball of confusion in the middle are the features of an idea which have both positive and negative aspects. If you’re listening to someone argue the validity or invalidity of an idea, they are pretty much mentally tracing one of those tendrils. "It’s positive! It’s good!" they say. Which is convincing since certain tracings just make sense when viewed from one angle. But just switch your view, and all of the sudden the positives become negatives and vice versa.

Since the spiritual world has all these positive associations, might as well say the positive, north pole-looking blue lines in the photo are spiritual features of an idea. Since the material world has all these negative associations, might as well say the south pole orange lines are material features of an idea.

Now that we have that established, what is an idea? Quite simply, an idea is an analogy. Right now, I am showing you an analogy, graphing Earth’s magnetic field onto something else--the concept of a concept.

Now, the interesting thing is, the spiritual world is without context if there is no material world, so you basically cannot create an idea if you don’t have some substance that’s the material world. And the material world alone cannot come up with an analogy--it also needs some ethereal cross referencing point. You don’t see rocks thinking that people are like jello, or something like that. No, an idea requires life, and life is this conduit between the two worlds, flooding one world into the other, combining one world with the other. Life is almost a portal, and that portal is the center of that ball you see in the picture above. When a star collapses in on itself, it just seems to resemble a hole. A hole to where? The spirit universe, perhaps. The one affecting this world.

I’ve heard physicists talk about how there are multiple universes and they do collide and confuse one another. When they collide, I’m assuming there’s quite a big of conflict which results. Well, what if this depiction of the Earth’s magnetic field is this collision? What if the creation of an analogy, where your mind is graphing one idea upon another and showing how one idea is alike or disalike, is pretty much just a collision of the two worlds? And all those tendrils that we use to convince one another of the rightness or wrongness of an idea are created in order to affect other spiritual and material things around them? When magnetic things come in contact with a magnetic field, they are affected by it, which is pretty much the equivalent of being "convinced." The reason why you can’t properly convince everyone is that there are two sides to every issue that are completely even--some people are convinced because they are looking at the positives, and others fail to be convinced because they are looking at the negatives. Arguments of truth and fiction, fantasy and reality, they’re just features, and the arguments can easily be inverted on themselves.

People do things they don’t quite understand because of these conflicts. Look at Sadomasochism. It is pretty much this really intense depiction of how creation and destruction are one and the same thing. Sadomasochism is an analogy, in other words, and depending upon what tendrils you are looking at concerning the rightness or the wrongness of it, you will be affected by it, experiencing either intense pleasure or intense disgust. On a spectrum of unusual ideas, this is generally one which affects people in strange ways. It is an analogy with massive quantities of power--e.g. large numbers of tendrils. And how was it created? Through an analogy. Someone said, "hmmm--why do I want to destroy her?" or, "hmm--why do I want to be destroyed?" And they created all these justifications for it. It’s in our music, our art, our films.

Some analogies have just as many tendrils or fewer tendrils. Some have high volumes of magnetivity because there are so many reasons to look at it as there are reasons to avoid it.

In this sense, we are these collisions of universes. We make worlds like the one above. It is what we are. Conduits. Contradictions are worlds colliding. We are those collision points. So it’s okay to not make any sense. The universe is at a collision point with another at the moment, and if they move enough, who knows what will happen?