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Press Release: Searching The Abyss

Written By: Mark Mihalko

Posted: 8/18/2006 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 766   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Cryptozoology
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Does something roam in the backwoods of society?

Since the beginning of time, every culture and civilization has had legends of strange creatures stalking their every move. In some locations, these inhabitants have been snuffed out by progress, while in others they live on, passed down from generation to generation. Many of these legends and creatures may still be alive today, with new sightings being reported on a daily basis. In fact, 2005 was a banner year for both discoveries of new species and rediscoveries of animals thought to be long extinct:

1. The rediscovery of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker in Arkansas provides Cryptozoology a boost.

2. The identification of unknown hair and fur, although eventually discovered to be from a Bison, provided Cryptozoology a chance at scientific acceptance.

3. Reports of Bigfoot Sightings became international headlines after the release of the Clarke video footage and reports from Malaysia filtered out.

Based on the evidence and the amount of reports being generated, there is a great chance that unknown animals still populate the world. With history providing proof, groundbreaking discoveries can still be made, animals such as the Mountain Gorilla and the Giant Panda are but two of a long line of Cryptozoological success stories

Behind every solid finding is a mountain of research, both in the field and in the library, providing any information that could open-up a pathway to a discovery. Organizing this information into a usable record for you and other researchers will go a long way in potentially making any search a success. This is where renowned researcher and investigator Mark A. Mihalko comes in, providing you with some basic fundamental elements to a successful journey into the unknown in his book Searching the Abyss: a Beginners Guide to Cryptozoological Investigation (Publish America, December 2005, $16.95).

Using a balanced blend of Myth and Fact to give this field of research a place in science. This book contains well-written and simply explained methods and techniques that anyone could use to become a Cryptozoologist and be confident that their findings and reports would be viable.

About the Author:

Mark A. Mihalko is a dedicated researcher, investigator and writer, who has seen his work published in a variety of web and print outlets. From his humble beginnings in the rolling hills of Appalachia to his days researching every facet of the unexplained, he has been dedicated to finding the scientific explanations involved in the case. Mark has been a guest on numerous radio programs is currently serving as Editorial Director of Haunted Times Magazine, a quarterly print publication dedicated to the paranormal world.

Mark Mihalko’s public appearances, books, and articles can be found at www.acprg.org or www.hauntedtimes.com.