the flesh, but rather, they are precise, surgical excisions."" /> the flesh, but rather, they are precise, surgical excisions."" />
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Anomalous Energy Patterns Detected at Bovine Excision Sites

Written By: David E. Twichell

Posted: 7/5/2006 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2049   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Animal Mutilations
Anomalous Energy Patterns Detected at Bovine Excision Sites.  
David E. Twichell © 2006 
This article is intended as a follow-up to my article "Is Bovine Hemoglobin The  
Smoking Gun in Cattle Mutilation Cases?" published in the June, 2005 issue of The  
MUFON Journal (. 2005).  
As a brief recap of that article, biophysicist W.C. Levengood of the Pinelandia  
Biophysical Laboratory in Grass Lake, Michigan, whose analytical methods involving  
crop formations and animal excisions have become the worldwide standard, shared his  
discovery of small, black, hardened specks on the chest and testicles at the point of the  
excision, which ultimately proved to be pure bovine hemoglobin. In a peer review,  
analytical chemist Phyllis Budinger of Ohio confirmed his findings using the latest state- 
of-the-art infrared spectral photometer in analyzing the samples. The only known  
modern biochemical process to produce pure hemoglobin from human or animal blood is  
in a laboratory with chemicals, a centrifuge and strict temperature control.  
"It’s totally incomprehensible how the hemoglobin could be removed in the  
middle of the night out in the middle of a pasture and separated from all the other cellular  
components," Levengood states in his scientific paper "Biophysical Study of Two Bovine  
Excision Sites at Christmas Valley, Oregon, 2002" © 2002.  
For this reason (as well as a laundry list of other elements of the evidence),  
Levengood rejects the skeptic’s assertion that "cult worshipers" are to blame for the deed.  
"The technology involved is beyond anything currently available," he says. So too does  
he reject the theory of predators. "The alterations are not a random ripping and tearing of  
the flesh, but rather, they are precise, surgical excisions." For this reason, the term  
"bovine excision" is a more accurate description of the scene than "cattle mutilation", for  
which the phenomenon is more commonly known.  
In Levengood’s scientific thesis, "Consistency in Patterns of Energy Distributions  
at Worldwide Bovine Excision Sites" (. 2006), he observes, "there is an energy pattern  
infused into the soil and grass in the immediate region around the animal, and extending  
outward in a radial manner. The type of energy applied, increases the thermodynamic  
free energy of both the grass and soil. These free energy changes are consistently  
observed in most all excision cases examined in this laboratory." This energy pattern  
extends outward from two to thirty feet from the carcass.  
A well-known aspect of animal excision cases is the fact that other animals refuse  
to venture into the area where the carcass was discovered long after the carcass has been  
In a recent bovine excision investigation in Boyne Lake, Alberta, Canada,  
Levengood writes, "When the owners arrived in the field, and found the dead cow, the  
rest of the herd were very upset and ran away from them as they approached. They told  
me that had never occurred before."  
This curious characteristic of the phenomenon could well be explained by the  
energies being radiated from the site. This energy may be outside the range of human  
perception but well within that of other animals. With the aid of scientific instruments,  
these energies are easily detected and help to verify the reason for the animal’s reluctance  
to enter the area.  
An affiliation between animal excisions and crop formations has long been  
suspected among UFOlogists and, covertly, some mainstream scientists. Many  
characteristics, such as high concentrations of "magnetic particles", are found in both  
instances. Biophysicist Levengood has alluded to this connection for years without  
directly making this assertion. However, recently he has become more candid in his  
treatment of both subjects. In the aforementioned scientific paper he writes, "We don’t  
know why specific organs are excised. Do the bovine organs concentrate certain  
elements such as the rare earths [Cerium (Ce), Praseodymium (Pr), Neodymium (Nd),  
Samarium (Sm) etc.] that are of importance in the restoration of free energy in the  
internal cells of the entities involved?"  
Entities involved?! What entities involved?!  
Levengood references the book "Raechel’s Eyes" by Helen Littrell and Jean  
Bilodeaux (Wild Flower Press, 2005, pp. 96), in which cattle abductions and excisions  
are mentioned at length. "This process is described by HL as taking place in ‘a vortex of  
highly charged light particles, which transports the animal to a waiting spacecraft  
hovering above’. The light particles discussed here may have properties quite different  
than the light particles with which we are familiar. In our frame of reference, ordinary  
light or photons are quantum particles, which do not possess an electric charge."  
In the first paper mentioned in this article, he states, "The energy affecting the  
plants is of a more subtle nature, giving the impression that it may be an artifact of the  
propulsion or internal energy components emitted by the ‘UFO’ craft." And, "This local  
injury effect was not observed in plants at the bull excision site; however, in this case the  
energy source (UFO) was at a sufficient height above the soil surface to cause the  
induced magnetic field from the ion-electron avalanches to ‘pick up’ magnetic particles –  
thus accounting for the reduction in the level of magnetic particles near the animal as  
well as the log-log type of distribution." These statements qualify the energies as being  
intelligently directed as opposed to random, natural energies, and specifically mention  
"unconventional flying objects".  
If there were a correlation between the crop formation and animal excision  
phenomena, one would expect the greatest concentration of energies to be found at the  
carcass and decrease outward, as is the case with radiation levels detected in crop circles.  
However, Levengood has found that the reverse is true. The greatest concentration of  
energies is typically found in the outer ring.  
In a telephone interview, Levengood theorizes that the higher energy levels are  
being emitted from the outer ring of the craft. The variance in the outer diameter of the  
energy ring on the ground is dependent upon the size of the craft and the altitude from  
which the animal had been lowered or dropped.  
When asked why he is only now admitting to his acceptance of the UFO and  
related phenomena, Levengood cited his advanced years and the fact that he is tired of  
"beating around the bush" about it. He has enjoyed a long and respected career within  
the scientific community and feels he has the right, as well as the obligation, to publicly  
announce his conclusions based solely on the data.  
The data should always do the talking; regardless of how far afield from  
conventional wisdom the conclusions may lead the investigator. In the final analysis, it is  
not a sin to admit that the answer remains illusive. Nor is it (nor should it be)  
unacceptable to postulate the extraterrestrial hypothesis as a possible solution.  
The UFO hypothesis has been taboo within the mainstream scientific community  
since the days of Kenneth Arnold and the Roswell incident. For one to acknowledge  
their opinion, that there just might be a more highly advanced civilization elsewhere in  
the cosmos that is interacting with our own, was tantamount to professional suicide. A  
few courageous souls have done so with disastrous results. I applaud W. C. Levengood’s  
candor in doing so. Hopefully such will be the spark that ignites other mainstream  
investigators to view the subject seriously, resulting in a better understanding of a matter  
that has long been deprived of serious attention.  
In the interim, more and more anomalous evidence, in conjunction with bovine  
excisions, is being brought to light that can neither be denied by the honest scientist,  
logically attributed to hoaxers, nor explained in conventional terms.  
David E. Twichell  
"Is Bovine Hemoglobin The Smoking Gun in Cattle Mutilation Cases?" . 2005  
by David E. Twichell  
Biophysical Study of Two Bovine Excision Sites at Christmas Valley, Oregon,  
2002. © 2002 by W.C. Levengood. All Rights Reserved.  
"Consistency in Patterns of Energy Distributions at Worldwide Bovine Excision  
Sites" . 2006 by W.C. Levengood. All Rights Reserved.  
"Raechel’s Eyes" by Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux (Wild Flower Press, ©  
Note: All excerpts from reports and articles were reprinted with permission.