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Press Release: A Touch From Beyond

Written By: Debi Lynn

Posted: 6/12/2006 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1101   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Religion
Reed City, Mi- May 27, 2006- New author Debi Lynn announces publication of “A Touch from Beyond” ISBN# 1-4137-9031 in conjunction with Publish America Publishing Company. 
About the book: 
"He wore a reddish checker shirt with what looked like a long john shirt underneath. He stood next to the bed, still and unmoving. I stood alone and couldn’t move, all I could do was stare at an apparition of a man."  
"Fifteen minutes later, extreme fear welled up inside of me as I swayed between the edges of insanity and sanity."  
"A Touch From Beyond is a true account of a Michigan woman, Debi Lynn, who experiences a terrifying encounter with an unknown spirit. The fear that plagued her reaching points of being unbearable, you will feel each step she takes. With the help of a Minister, Debi begins this remarkable journey of putting her life back on track.  
A one time encounter of this magnitude will change any person forever. It can shake the faith of the most solid Christian. As you read her story, you will feel the pain in her eyes was nothing compared to the blood from her heart that reached to pray for help along with guidance." 
Lynn states, “Writing the book came easy. Everything fell into place from naming the book and chapters right down to the last word. One local minister told me that the Lord wanted me to use this encounter as a positive way in my life and better way than to write this book and let others know they are not alone when they encounter “A Touch from Beyond.” 
Executive Director Miranda Prather of Publish America expresses “Ms. Lynn’s book will quickly resonate with an audience from all over the world now that “A Touch from Beyond” is released. 
About the Author 
Born Feb. 17th, in Grand Rapids Mi and raised in Freeport Mi until the age of 13 when her family moved north to the Ashton area. Lynn is the second oldest out of seven, one older brother, two younger and three younger sisters. Lynn took her writing course from Writers Digest as well as two online courses from Michigan. In 2002 she began writing her own article for a UP newspaper entitled “A Step back in Time.” In 2004 after 15 years of researching she published her family history. 
Debi has one daughter and one son, both married and three grandsons and three granddaughters. When not working she enjoys going to her grandsons football games, and watching her granddaughter cheerlead. She also enjoys listening to them play the drums, keyboard and guitar. 
Ordering Information: Soft cover, 212 pages $16.95 
To order a copy of “A Touch from Beyond” contact: Publish America Inc. P.O Box 151 Frederick, MD 21705 or visit their website at www.publishamerica.com 
Wholesalers, retailers and book reviews, contact the publisher at (301) 954-1707 or by fax (301) 631-9073 
You can also purchase “A Touch from Beyond” from your favorite bookstore, amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, Borders.com, BN.com or throughout the 50,000 corresponding bricks and mortar stores.