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Internet Equivalent of Historical Book Burning

Written By: Philip Gardiner

Posted: 5/31/2006 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1056   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Religion
International best selling author Philip Gardiner was recently under fire when his website was attacked by individuals claiming to be fundamental Christians.  
For weeks these individuals have been emailing Gardiner’s webmaster insisting that his website be closed down or "they would take action". Loyal to their client and believing in freedom of speech FAH Designs of Nottingham, England, stuck to their guns and refused to alter the content or the site in any way. Within days an aggressive attack on the site brought it down for almost a day, but luckily the webmasters had backed everything up and increased the security levels.  
Just who exactly is behind this attack is unknown at present, but they have been reported to the relevant authorities and action will be taken.  
"I have no wish to start a war with anybody," said Gardiner, "I have no problem with freedom of speech, but this action smacks of historical book burning and suppression of truth, something I fight against in my own work."  
It seems Gardiner’s latest book, Proof - Does God Exist? has caused this excitement, as it radically points out all the sides of the argument and discusses the possibility of a real man who may have been the basis for the Jesus character. "I have only brought forth facts and findings with no prejudice, my goal is to provide information for anyone who wants to evaluate their faith and beliefs", says Gardiner.  
Security for the Forbidden Knowledge Conference in Stoke on Trent, England on July 1st has been stepped up with plain clothes security personnel being employed to monitor events.  
The website that has caused this obvious offense is www.gardinersworld.com and Gardiner himself said "I must be getting close to something that somebody out there doesn’t want me or anyone else to know".  
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