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User E-mail: Clarifying The Differences Between Ghosts and Demons

Written By: William Max Fink

Posted: 12/8/2005 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 2269   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ghosts
I just can’t stand it any longer! Demons, demons, demons. Demons everywhere; under every bed sheet and in every closet.

What serious, educated and "non-delusional" investigators-researchers see as angryearthbound human spirits, (ghosts) " delusional and religiously brainwashed holy rollers " see as inhuman demonic entities.

Yeah right, maybe in the movie theaters but NOT in reality.

I find it fascinating in the year 2005 that there are individuals out there who are still buying into the ancient teachings of the Catholic Church. The entire scenario of Satan and demons was created by the ancient church as a means to control their members. " Keep em scared and they’ll behave " was their motto.

Apparently, some are still buying into that nonsense.

Today there are these so called and self proclaimed "Demonologists" that are running around with various Ghost Hunting groups trying to get attention and draw attention to themselves by seeing demons everywhere. Whereas I see nothing more than a pissed off angry ghost trying to get a message across, they see Pazuzu ( the demon that possessed Regan in " The Exorcist " ) flying around wreaking spiritual havoc.

If you study and research the origins of Satan and the Devil back to the original Aramaic texts, ( long before the subsequent translations in Hebrew, Greek and many others ) you’ll see that all references to Hell and some mystical evil spirit creature were in reality misunderstood idioms that were commonly used in Aramaic speaking middle eastern countries of the time. That right there destroys the entire argument over the existence of a king devil and his subordinate demon helpers.

The only spirits hanging around haunting various locations are those of human beings that have died and either don’t realize they are dead or have made the freewill decision to remain earthbound for their own personal reasons.

I haven’t seen a shred of evidence over the actual existence of demons from any of these amateurish ghost hunting groups and their demonology specialists. In my opinion, they are all just a bunch of ego driven, publicity seeking" attention whores " trying to get on TV or Radio.

Demons only exist in the movies and I don’t take anybody or any group seriously that believes in that nonsense.............

William Max Fink
[email protected]
Galveston Bay Area Paranormal Investigators