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Ancient Google

Written By: Firepen

Posted: 8/1/2005 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1476   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Ancient Civilizations
Title: Ancient Google 
Google Earth is not a new concept; satellite imagery has been around 
for thousands of years. 
Whilst I was travelling through New Zealand a few years ago, I joined 
a tour taken by a Maori guide around Auckland’s main museum. In one 
stunning exhibit, he showed us some kites made by the Maoris. These 
great ancient Maori kites fascinated me, and I asked the guide what 
they were for. 
He told me that the tribal leaders (tohunga) would put themselves 
[astrally] into the kites, and fly them up above the village. In this 
way they could see for hundreds of miles around the surrounding land, 
and be forewarned of any rival tribes movements. 
The idea that human beings have the capability to project themselves 
outside of their bodies, and be conscious in that state, is not a new 
one. I have read hundreds of accounts of this both in history and 
today, and met many people who related out of body (OOB) experiences 
to me with a genuineness that is hard to ignore. 
In my view it is entirely possible, and a logical and reasonable idea 
that the Maoris had this capability. There is no proof that it was 
otherwise to my knowledge, and so I choose to believe the Maori guide 
that this was in fact what happened. 
These experiences in the kite provided images from their ’satellite’, 
which were valuable information to the tribe, long before the 
existence of Google Earth and the satellites of today. Oh and 
incidentally did not harm the environment in their use, having been 
made from entirely recyclable material. Was their version of the 
satellite worse than ours, or better? 
Science and technology industries emulate nature, our own human 
capabilities, and celebrate themselves as the author of these ’new’ 
technologies. The externalisation of our own capabilities into 
computers and technology is in my view the easy way out. It is 
difficult to look inside and discover your own potential, but easy to 
look outside and discover the potential of a computer, or a car, or a 
machine for coring apples. These external technologies are evolving, 
but in many ways are distracting us from the true evolution that needs 
to occur, in our own minds and human capabilities. 
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