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Decardology Psychic Cards

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Posted: 4/3/2005 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1562   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Prophecy
Decardology was imparted to myself, in a series of dreams by the spirit of my dear mother following her death in 1997, she gave me the gifts of the Decardology Cards and the Decardology Diet together with the knowledge of how to use them as a way of helping me to find my way through life, to help myself, my family and other people with all the problems that life throws at us. Decardology is a way of foretelling and guiding you through yours or someone else’s life by the use of a set of physic cards called Decardology Cards. 
There are one hundred cards in each Decardology Card Set consisting of ten packs of ten, the word Decardology I derived from the Roman word for 10, as in the word decimal, a brief description of the word Decardology could be described as the study of 10 packs of 10.  
Each of the 10 packs of 10 Decardology Cards represents 10 different areas of a persons life, matters of the heart, the soul, their health and so on, the face of each card is numbered 1 through to 10. To enable a reading to be done a Decardology Number is needed, for this purpose the persons birth date is reduced down to a number between 1 and 10 by adding the numbers of the birth date together as this example of mine 31/01/1955 which is 3+1=4+01=5+1955=1960= 1+9+6+0=16=1+6= 7 Which makes my Decardology Number 7.This way of reducing dates and names down to a single number is very broadly used in Numerology. Many people consider Decardology to be just another form of Numerology, in many ways it does seam as if this is right, the reducing down of a persons birth date to establish the persons Decardology Number is just one example, apart from this Decardology differs in many ways, the most important thing being that in Numerology the number 10 is reduced down to a number 1 (1+0=1) in Decardology the person is given the choice of reducing the 10 in the same way to make their Decardology Number a 1 or they can choose to remain to keep their Decardology Number a 10, but once they have taken this decision they must never change it. 
The number 10 is very important to Decardology, so important that it would not even exist without it! We all live in a digital world, everywhere we go we are surrounded by digital television, digital telephones, digital radio in fact you could say that we now live in a digital world! The computer as become the driving force behind this digital revolution, the computer as changed the way we all work and live, this wonderful machine as now developed so far that we mere humans can no longer make them, they are made by computers! Though I don’t think we are at the stage where computers take over the planet just yet! We humans have to give them instructions that they can understand, in fact a computer would not work without it’s own digital language Binary Code, this language is made up of noughts and ones, in fact everything that is digitalised is reduced to just noughts and ones! Everything you have in your bank account, everything you watch on your television or listen to on your digital Hi Fi is all stored as just a series of 0’s and 1’s! We have all heard the expression that people no longer feel human anymore and that they are no longer a person just a number in the eyes of their government or their employers, well to be honest they are just a number, just a series of noughts and ones on a string of computer systems that monitor you from the cradle to the grave, you are even a number when you have died! Decardology can help you fight back with your own Decardology Number and use their digital world to your advantage through the Universe’s own psychic energy.  
At this stage some of you whom may be more spiritually or psychically aware than others will be starting to grasp a little of what I am talking about, on the other hand some of you will be thinking to yourselves what a load of nonsense this is, or wondering what drugs am I on and which planet did I come from! To answer the last two parts of the questions, I take no drugs and was born in Wales! Decardology as I have previously explained would not be if it was not for the number 10, this number contains the two digits that are in the Binary Code, the computers language that is the building blocks of our digital world. The computer uses the noughts and ones in the Binary Code as switches, in the earliest computers these noughts and ones just stood for simple commands such as a simple yes or no, obviously things have progressed a little further since the earliest computers and now more complex commands are given in several different computer languages, though all are based originally from the same basic commands given in simple 0’s and 1’s. The simple command of yes or no made by the early computers can be translated in to another way, for one is the opposite of the other, just as in life, there would be no planet Earth turning in space if it was not for a universal force gravity, for the Earth to be able to not go spinning off in to space it as it’s own magnetic field a North pole and a South pole, both opposite of each other and neither of them being able to exist with out each other, Albert Einstein’s theories states that for every motion forward there is an opposite motion backwards , when you evaluate this theory and relate it to Decardology the 10 becomes 2 digits , both of them making a whole number, both containing the same digits that are the opposites when they are used in the Binary Code, these digits when viewed in the context of this can be expressed as positive and negative, completely opposite to each other but both existing in the same place at the same time, something that is not possible to do here on the earth with lets say for example electricity, lets take this a little further and express these as other opposites, as night or day or good and evil. All energy as a positive and a negative, the electric motor will not turn unless it is connected to an electric supply with both a live and a negative wire. Only in Decardology can both opposites be seen to come together and be united. Since I was given the gift of Decardology I have lost all fear of death, for death is just the opposite of life. Without death there can be no life and visa versa.  
Following the rules of Decardology the numbers 10 and 1 both have a dual meaning, they can both represent a good aspect or a bad one. For example if some one scored ten out of ten this would be generally thought of as being a good thing, but if someone came tenth in a race involving ten people then this would be seen as a bad result, a negative aspect. The same can be applied to the number 1, if you came first in a race it would mean that you had won! A good and a positive aspect but if you only scored 1 out 10 then this would be seen as a failure, a very poor result and a negative aspect. 
The whole point of the Decardology Card reading, as with any other card reading, is the readers psychic ability to know what the cards are saying in relation to the person who is having their reading done, therefore the results of the Decardology Card reading will vary due to the psychic ability and experience of the person doing the reading. It is therefore a good idea to have as much information about the person who you are going to do a reading for, try and find out what are the main reasons why they are seeking psychic guidance, it could be any one of maybe a dozen reasons, their health or that of a close relative or loved one, financial problems, romance, family difficulties, the list is endless, or it could just be that they are intrigued or just curious about psychic phenomena. 
Many seriously or terminally ill people, from my own experience, seek psychic guidance as a last resort after all other means have failed them, Decardology Cards hold no miracle cures for them, only perhaps a foretelling of the inevitable fate that awaits them, for although you can warn people about what is going to happen, this knowledge will and can not stop the inevitability of what destiny as is store for each and everyone of us, every life is a journey that is mapped out before we are born, some people have happy easy lives while others seam to be burdened and shackled down by one problem or tragedy after another, why this is even I don’t know? We are all here to learn from our experiences that we have while we are here upon this planet, for what reason one person has to suffer while someone else has a wonderful carefree life we can only speculate at.  
If you want to find out more about Decardology, want a reading or want to learn or obtain the Decardology Psychic Cards please visit www.decardology.co.uk or email [email protected]