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How To Find Truth

Written By: Colin Burt

Posted: 1/27/2005 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1106   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: General
I’ve a very significant history of unexplained experiences and there’s no REAL reason why anyone who’s had them should be forced into the closet. It is and will be formally recognized as unfair discrimination at best and psychological torture at worst, plainly and simply. Though I’ve no solid reason to believe it outright and would bet hugely that I’m not, I can’t be 100% certain I’m not schizophrenic. Imagine if you can the hellish injustice of an imprisonment as such. "I’ve done my sentence, but committed no crime."

The greatest quote I’ve ever read is by Bertrand Russell: "What we need is not the will to believe, but the will to find out." And I would add that both the sociological world as we know it and the planet’s health are in a sorry enough state to warrant all discoveries that would expand and elevate consciousness and otherwise improve our and our planet’s condition.

The closest anyone has to absolute truth (at least) in the present paradigm is the unbiased pursuit of and substantial desire for it. If one is prepared to learn that the truth has significantly absurd and unpleasant components, when it’s revealed, nothing could possibly come as too surprising or frightening. The darker stuff, to whatever extent it’s applicable, won’t matter when we realize what truth can DO for us.

One of my favorite pop lyrics is actually from a song that’s musically not so hot, in my opinion (except for the really good bass line). It’s the first (vocal) line from Spirits in the Material World by the Police/Sting: "There is no political solution to our troubled evolution." (In reality it would be more accurate to say there’s no PURELY political solution). I’m convinced only a new moral and spiritual direction that’s unassociated with organized or named religions (yet encompassing of their most truly important points) will produce any significant improvement for mankind.

I believe it will be done by a trio of precepts: First, people simply need to be real and acknowledge that everyone wants the same essential things - namely to be left the heck alone by (domestic and foreign) officialdom and to enjoy the maximum possible pursuit and attainment of happiness and freedom. Secondly, we need to think in terms of amnesty in exchange for revelations - exposing the National Security state and whatever other governmental or other vital secrecy - that yield knowledge and therefore power. After all, we’re basically victims of malevolent programming. (More about the apparent or possible Matrix later). Forgiveness - or as much of it as even remotely possible - is the only logical way for those of us who pretty much know not what we do. Finally, after enough has been revealed, we need to unravel and adopt the most benign method of rescuing and regenerating our ecosystem. If that translates to mass sterilizations, that’s a bitter pill we’re just going to have to swallow.

Rightly or wrongly and almost certainly wrongly, I suppose it’s conceivable that our planet can sustain, say, 100 billion or even more people, but absolutely not as long as industry as we know it exists. There’s already too much toxicity, destruction, depletion and it will only get worse unless it’s reversed. Even if knowing the truth about (apparent) close encounters and the (presently) unexplained in general yields no solution to the ecological crisis, at least we could say we tried and we care. In a worst case scenario, we would be able to say there were enough intelligent, moral, courageous people before the extinction of the human race to not be classified as a completely ignorant, frightened, worthless, failed species.

There’s NO known, conventional method of environmental purification that can save us in time and it’s the epitome of delusion to believe there will be (a) cure-all panacea(s) (created by conventional science) that will magically appear. Any improvement will require our having the courage to stand up to the ruling class and demand real change. Human population isn’t getting any smaller and the big polluters and their government sycophants are too greedy and megalomaniacal to support a new, logical system. So it’s up to ordinary people to do it for ourselves.

The way to the truth is for enough of us to truly WANT it and to start making enough noise where we can no longer be ignored by the government/media.

Now before anyone points their one-world-government-conspirator finger at me, let me make clear my libertarian, anarchic identity. (The real definition of anarchy has nothing to do with chaos). Not only do I not support a global government, I reject the existence all national or federal governments and, if ever possible, even local government. We’ve had enough of Big Brother and then some. We can have nations and national identities without central governments.

I agree with Alex Jones on perhaps most of his major points, but disagree with his conclusion of everything being tied into a globalist conspiracy. I agree that the Oklahoma City bombing (which was really 2 bombs) and 9/11 are not what the government and corporate media claim and I agree that there has been a substantial increase recently in police state activity. I fully consider myself a globalist, but in the spiritual, global consciousness sense, not the governmental sense.

Jones is juggling too much. How can one place George W. (for Wacko) Bush among a pro-environmental U.N. conspiracy when Bush has by far THE most abysmally, militantly anti-environmental agenda of any U.S President in history? And how can Jones state matter-of-factly that the alleged Iraqis who were involved in Oklahoma City were affiliated with "the globalists" and not the Iraq government? When Saddam was in power he WAS Iraq. I don’t see how anything could’ve gotten past him... There are holes in his conclusions, but I still want to believe Jones is basically on the right track, though I could be wrong. That a portion of his message sounds like the stereotypically gun-crazed, macho American redneck I find unsettling, though not enough so to pronounce final judgment on him at this time.

Conspiracies aren’t only difficult to prove, sometimes they’re difficult to define. To the extent any intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious conspiracy exists concerning all things Big Brother or imperialist (or other oppression by the "power elite"), the best way to macrocosmically define it is, as wordy and silly as it sounds, the Conspiracy of Domination by Bullies or the Oppression by Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Psychotically Religious or Other Zealots (including atheists, agnostics and adherents to strictly materialistic science) and Other Angry and/or Twisted Fools. To give the whole mountain of dung the shortest possible name, I’d call it the Macho Conspiracy; which pertains to certain ignorant, brainwashed, stubborn females as well as the obvious males.

The answer to whether or not Satan exists and what it really is and does will be found when we’re able to unravel and truly understand the psychology of human evil. After all, we are the sum total of what we’re PERMITTED to learn and, moreover, what we permit ourselves to learn. Permission ultimately comes from the people, not from any government or god/God.

Religious people (in whatever degree of their religiosity), atheists and agnostics are all essentially of the same mind. When it comes to unexplained phenomena, all are programmed for ignorance, passivity, helplessness and secrecy. All are God-fearing and, as far as I can tell, that’s precisely THE reason why the world is in the all-too-sad state it is.

Speaking of programming, now let us step into the Matrix or that which may appear to be unreal, yet unavoidably real.

For brevity’s sake, there’s only one unexplained experience of mine I’ll discuss here. It’s the only one I’ve had that I feel closest to certain is truly of God or the Way of Light - benign, benevolent - but am by no means sure of what it actually was. (I’m not much into blind faith or belief without proof, but will admit to having a certain amount of it anyway). Everything else anomalous that’s happened to me is questionable at best and, very apparently, rankly evil at worst... It will require an autobiography to do justice to everything I’ve experienced and indeed I haven’t a clear enough picture of certain events yet to begin to explain them well enough...

Sometime in September, ’03 I went to a convenience store that’s near where I live (currently) in Austin (TX). Before going in, I was a bit startled that they had "remodeled" and wondered how I’d missed such a big construction job. The door was in a different location, the checkout area was on the opposite side as before and there were "new," different fixtures, features. At the time, my mind perceived the interior as being new and definitely nicer and brighter than the store I was used to, but in retrospect it didn’t look BRAND new like a freshly remodeled establishment. When I got to the counter to purchase my items, I thought they’d gotten a bargain on a used wooden counter that replaced the cheaper, linoleum-covered one that was there previously (at the opposite end of the room).

Imagine the Twilight Zone effect when I returned to the store on October 4 only to find it exactly as it was prior to the "remodeled" day 2 or 3 weeks earlier. No changes at all. The only explanation I can conceive of is that it was a venture into a (or the?) parallel universe! Or whatever it was, it wasn’t a hallucination or dream. I used the products I bought in that alternate world in this world and there was otherwise nothing else dream-like about the experience. It was reality as we know it here to the smallest of details. I have no idea when I entered the other world and when I came back to this one.

For argument’s sake, IF what happened was merely schizophrenia, it’s a VERY subtle, very insidious form of it that bears no resemblance to the standard, known cases like John Nash. (Nash is the subject of the film A BEAUTIFUL MIND). I don’t see how mental illness could explain how I kept and used the items I bought in the (apparently) parallel universe store. And I’ve no history of such an experience dating back to my childhood, teens, twenties and even up through my mid thirties.

Though I hope to be proven wrong, it appears possible that the reality we perceive is only an elaborate computer program - the Matrix. It’s possible that we are, at least effectively, alone in the universe and that, after a certain distance past our solar system, there’s nothing there. The universe we see (or think we see) MAY be nothing more than fabulous artwork designed to soothe (anesthetize) us into a feeling that we’re not alone, though designed by whom and why is another area of guesswork.

As I see it, 2 recent scientific discoveries lend credence to the question of artificial or holographic reality. (And it’s probably just a question, not anything strong enough to postulate as a likely truth, as far as I can tell). When viewed individually, neither qualifies as a "smoking gun," but together, there might be something tangible. The first is the recent consensus among astronomers of the (now) RAPIDLY expanding universe. The second is the mysterious slowing of the Pioneer 10 and 11 probes - the most distant man-made objects. That the recent acceleration of universal expansion is definitely inexplicable and the slowing of the Pioneer probes defies conventional laws of physics/Newtonian gravity suggests the possibility that reality is strictly PERCEPTUAL and, well, not real. Tie that into quantum theory - the belief that subatomic particles aren’t really particles, but black holes - and abracadabra, the entirety of Creation is one grand holographic Matrix, not solid reality.

I want to believe there’s more, not less. I’m fine with the quantum/holographic aspect (if true), but I very much want to believe the universe is real and teeming with life (including intelligent life, of course). Beyond that, in accordance with my amazing experience, I want to believe we need to start seeing, thinking in terms of not only the universe, but multiverse. However, the purpose of being a serious, real truthseeker is to be prepared for anything and to avoid fear-driven and/or ego-driven negative reactions to the unexpected or unpleasant. The healthiest mindset is to assume that everything everyone knows and believes is wrong, even if that’s not literally, 100% the case. Happy trails.