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Psyimology – The Secret Language of the Mind

Written By: John Sanchez

Posted: 1/11/2005 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1730   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Remote Viewing

Many years ago I used to browse an old bookshop in Northampton. It stocked old and interesting second hand books of varied occult interest. Sadly like so many other interesting curiosity shops these days, it too has now been swept away and replaced by a new and uninspiring cloned retail outlet. In those days I was a young student eager to find new and interesting reading material, so the old book shop became a frequent haunt. Many pleasant hours were spent browsing and searching through its treasures of esoteric knowledge.
On one of my regular visits, I picked up a book that made references to Freud and Jung’s theories and beliefs. One area discussed was their thoughts about dream images and the subconscious mind. The belief that the subconscious acted independent of the conscious mind, lead them to deduce many theories now accepted in psychiatry today. Dreams it seemed not only influenced the future of the individual, but also its continued good health and well being. My interest in the subconscious mind and what could be learned from any interaction with it was sparked into life from that moment onwards. Further, awareness that dream images may be a gateway to an unknown part of the human mind was fascinating to say the least. A well known tool that interacts with the subconscious mind is Hypnotherapy, but side effects and unknown elements means that many professionals shy away from its use. My own personal introduction into Hypnotherapy was unfortunate in the respect that I met a charlatan of dubious intent who used it for financial gain only. Without doubt Hypnotherapy has a place if used correctly, even if my own introduction to it was flawed. I wondered if there was a simple effective alternative tool that could be developed to unlock the mysteries of the subconscious mind with positive health benefits?

The Technique
As humans we express our inner feelings and personality in various ways. What was needed was a simple common element we could all use. It became apparent that drawings seemed a simple activity that could be produced by most people and become a starting point. The initial investigations gave very positive results. It was known that doodles and scribbles hold some significance to the person producing them, and children draw simple drawings that indicated their emotions, so why not adults too? Over many years of investigation and some public demonstrations, this developing tool I named ‘Psyimology’ was born.
A structure had to be developed where this tool could be evaluated. The first object was to find a general set of ‘tests’ for want of a better word, which were simple, general, and could be completed easily. The results could then be analysed and conclusions drawn from the images. A set of shapes was devised and put onto sheets of paper. The subject would use these shapes and include them as part of their overall drawing. It would be interesting what influence if any, these shapes had on the drawing they produced. Could it be that the shapes used would be a key to the subconscious lock? What would long term investigation reveal?

Intuition played a part in formulating what the results were suggesting initially. The only way to describe how the procedures were conducted was akin to the first alchemists. They mixed two base chemicals to see what happened and made conclusions from it! Two base chemicals once mixed may not produce a reaction, but a third added to the first two may and so on! As already explained, trial and error was very much a part of the study initially. The underlying belief that geometric shapes could produce a reaction from the subconscious was never in doubt though, it was just proving it.
Eventually a procedure was formulated and tests devised. Over many years a variety of people took part and the results were encouraging. Results showed many consistencies and unexpected surprises along the way. One surprise came in the form of showing up physical aspects in the health of the subject. Health problems unknown to the test initiator were found ‘coded’ in the results. A strange phenomenon was also developing about the subconscious. It may detect ailments developing in the body as they begin, even though they were not known to the conscious mind!

Conclusions and Financial Implications
In conclusion, results from trials were not only fairly conclusive but were extremely encouraging and valuable. There was a proven link between the shapes used in the test environment and what was unlocked from the subconscious. The shapes used where the keys. A particular shape gave a specific consistent result.
Psyimology has potential too as a tool in assessing candidates for vacancies. This is due to the revealing of the inner self and not the conscious person. Psyimology could be used to produce hidden character information, as the candidate would not know what was being divulged in the test. There is a financial opportunity here for taking and analysing results from applicants, to assess their suitability for vacancies as an external consultant?

Further Research
It has been an aim to further the research so that the results and technique can be published in the near future. The big hurdle will be acceptance by the ‘establishment’ so its use can be used alongside existing alternative therapies. Who would have thought that Bee stings would be used for the treatment of certain aliments a few years ago? Acupuncture, herbal treatments and aromatherapy, are all alternative treatments that are now accepted by many as having beneficial results. The aforementioned have been dismissed as irrelevant in the past, as they fell outside what was considered to be ‘acceptable’ by those who set the initial rules of what was acceptable! The validity of Psyimology as a beneficial tool for health and well-being is not in doubt. Acceptance as a new and valuable tool will be proven by its use and results. Only those who have used it will feel the benefits. Like so many other established healing techniques, the results are the proof.
There is more to be done and more results to assess. This can be achieved not by finance, although it is an obvious part, but by genuine interest and cooperation of people to further the subject and compile a first edition publication. I am very interested to hear from interested parties, not just from a sector that could use Psyimology on a daily basis, who are willing to conduct tests and return results. Having used Psyimology to help individuals such as Mediums, clairvoyants and psychic’s, the public should benefit widely from its use. An acupuncturist I engaged in conversation with about Psyimology commented that any additional tool that could show ‘hidden’ problems before any treatment was given was an invaluable tool indeed.
All too regularly, precious knowledge and establishments like the old shop in Northampton, are swept away in a sea of progress but at what cost? Let’s hope that the inspiration I received from the old shop lives on into the future, even if the shop itself was lost forever……
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