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Remote Viewing of Host of a Parasitic Organism from the Roswell Crash

Written By: Joseph David Chase II

Posted: 2/4/2001 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1989   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Remote Viewing
Please stress this: The alien that made it to the farmhouse had something different about its brain than the other aliens in the ship. That difference is mirrored in the brain of someone alive at this time. People attached to the study if this ship know this difference--what they don’t know and need to know is it’s back. I had a vision when I was about 5 yrs old. I was in a farm house that I now know was in or near Roswell. An alien stepped in the door. I got a mental read that he was uncomfortably hot, mortally wounded and dying and should have been dead already, and was mad as hell. Even though his mouth was closed, a voice spoke from his mind like a speaker. The voice spoke in an alien language yet I could tell it was cussing a blue streak. The alien was gray skinned large eyed and stood about 4 or 5 foot tall. The alien walked in about 5 or 6 steps then fell flat on it’s face. The voice from it’s head faded away as it died. I think the voice from it’s mind came from a parasitic organism in it’s brain.

In the mid 90’s(on the same night that "The Bodyguard" premiered on national TV.) around 10:00pm, I heard a rumble overhead. I was in my parents garage at rt.4 BOX 233T Robstown, Texas 78380. I also saw a red light that was almost not a light(infrared?) outside the garage. I heard a voice hailing me. I heard the voice in my mind and from the TV. inside the house. I also felt a mental inducement of fear. I tested the parameters of this mental inducement and if I stepped toward the door to the house the fear was applied stronger, the rumbling overhead got closer and louder and the red light got brighter. If I stepped toward the garage door, the fear, the red light and the rumbling receded. I decided that since the voice was directed towards me that it was my place to deal with it personally. I decided to step outside and if I saw a ship overhead I would capture it with my mind and claim it as my own. Upon this decision, the ship overhead tried to escape, I reached out with my mind and felt it slip away. I dwelt on this for a year or so.

One night while I was dwelling on this I had a vision(the clearest vision waking vision I have ever had) through a form of remote viewing. I was behind a craft flying through the air faster than any jet could go. The back of the craft was flat with no portals, obvious engines, or rivets. The shape from behind was a square on a larger rectangle on an even larger rectangle. I sensed the pilot of the craft sensed me viewing it and opened windows through time(going back in time) to try to escape me. Just like a line on the ground was crossed it went from day to night to dark day to bright day to night. The shape of the land flowed by the same but changed from trees to shrubs etc..The pilot of the alien craft knew it was not shaking me from it’s tail so it turned around and came at me. I freeze framed it, got a good look at it and withdrew from the vision(if the craft was recording at that time and they have been able to access the recording, it would show, first behind, then in front of the craft, a large tapering tube with a hazel eye at the end of it, my hazel eye, the right one).

The craft was duel hulled (meaning the under side viewed from the front, was ’w’ shaped) had no obvious portals rivets, cameras, or protrusions. The craft was 3 decked, the small square going about a fifth of the way from the back, and the middle rectangle going about a third of the way from the back. I dwelt on this longer, (my grandmother came from Roswell and was told to me after she died that she was one of the people who viewed the craft and left before any authorities got there.) I had seen a drawing of the craft (reported to have been copied from a drawing that was then destroyed) before this vision, it is accurate. I had had a preconceived notion that it was a saucer and thought the drawing was false until I saw this vision.

I dwelt on this for a while and then in a vision entered the craft at the point where I had freeze framed the remote viewing. I questioned the pilots mind mentally(even not knowing the language it spoke I still had no problem communicating). I asked what kept it(them)alive during the turn around maneuver(at the speed the craft was traveling, they should have been smeared to jelly from the centrifugal force of the maneuver)it’s minds hands jumped to try to cover a switch (upper left side, midway along the second deck, this was a telekinetically operated switch for an inertia field). I pulled it’s mind’s hands away and pressed the switch with my mind’s then questioned the pilots mind about what was keeping it alive now. It’s mind’s hand leapt foreword (towards 4 more t.k. operated switches, 2 on each side, towards the front of the craft, alierons and elevators). I pulled it’s minds’ hands away, and withdrew my vision from the inside of the craft and played with the controls as radically as I could. Once I sensed enough damage had been done to mortally wound the occupants, I pressed the switches for a dive(figuring this must be Roswell NM.) I pressed the craft almost to the ground then withdrew (I’m not sure if I did this on purpose or just miscalculated) the pilot leapt for the controls to pull the craft out before impact so I pushed the entire craft down with my mind from the outside until impact.

Review: The craft had what I suspect was a reverse inertia field drive, a device that could open windows backwards in time (I suspect this device could only open windows going back in time), the controls were operated with the mind only (t.k. or p.k. no manual controls) and I suspect entry and exit (before the crash) could only be done through a limited range space folder (once they figure out this device it will be possible to step through a doorway from one place to another, be they on the same planet or even in different galaxies). I believe the current host of the parasite from the aliens brain is the 3rd man involved in the Oklahoma. Fed. Bomber (the photo of the one with the mirrored sunglasses, not Nichols or Mcveigh) T.D.C.Inmate #661133, Mark Vanmeter. I have had other visions supporting this and would be happy to send you this info. The woman that led me to the Roswell vision also sent me a vision pointing him out to me on her death @apr.20th, 1974. I know who she is now (she, and the alien have been reincarnated, like others who have died.) She has shown herself to me in visions but at this point in time the psychic terrorist has enough overt control over her that he has now convinced her that I am him, even now I hear her voice in my mind denying this but she refuses to face me or reply to my letters anymore.