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Answers from a Psychic: How do you spot a Fraud?

Written By: RainbowMoonUnderSun

Posted: 7/21/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1636   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Prophecy
Q. Can psychics predict the future?

A. No. Psychics can tell you one or more probable outcomes of any
situation. Free will always plays a part in life’s outcome. A psychic reading may be 50 -99 percent accurate, but never 100%.

Q. Can psychics really reunite you with a lost love?

A#1. Depending upon the psychic’s claim, yes and no. Psychics can look into the current path you are both on to see if reconciliation is possible. Once they see a possible outcome, then they can tell you your best course of action, and spiritual guidance to help you participate in the reconciliation.

A#2. Psychics who claim they can guarantee your lovers return are what is known as a fraudulent psychic. They may have psychic abilities but there is no such thing as a guaranteed reconciliation.

Q. Can psychics speak to the dead?

A. Yes, a psychic who has medium capabilities can speak to the deceased. A responsible medium will never call upon a departed soul as they are at rest. When a spirit has something to say they will come on their own. Psychics with medium capabilities use the senses of sight, touch, emotion, hearing & smell to connect with those who have past away.

Q. How do you tell a real psychic from an imitation psychic?

A. A real psychic will never ask for you to say more than your question and your name, birth date, names of people or places you are asking about. They will not want any other information from you. Should someone try to pump you for more information than mentioned above then you know that they are not a legitimate psychic.

Q.In what ways will an imitation psychic try to defraud a client?

A. A phony psychic will try to defraud you in many ways. Usually it happens that the psychic pretends to see something which can be "fixed" with a psychic cure that is very expensive. A few examples are: A psychic fraud will tell you that you have a curse on you, even though there is no such thing as a curse. Frauds will tell you that your aura
or chakras are blocked, and that they can do some energy work to unblock them for you. One might also tell you make your life better simply by purchasing and burning a candle for an outrageous amount of money. Any psychic who claims to be 100 percent accurate is a definite fraud.

Q. Can a psychic or a witch cast a working spell for me?

A. No, they can not and here is why. When someone casts a spell it is their own desires and intentions that manifest the spell. When someone else casts the spell for you, your chance of it manifesting is only 50-50. The same percentage of chance as if you never had it cast in the first place. You also want to make sure that your spell is written in a karmically correct way. Spells can backfire when they manipulate free will, so always use caution

Q. If psychics are real why can’t they foresee their own future?

A. Think of it this way, just as a psychologist or a doctor can not be their own patient. They are too close to the situation to see what’s really there. A psychic may see what they want to see rather then what the reading is really saying. Destiny occasionally plays a part as well. When you know the future you have a chance to change it, some things aren’t meant to be changed - so it won’t be made known. We are here on this planet to learn life lessons. Predestined life lessons cannot be interfered with.

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