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God Vs. UFOs

Written By: Angela V. Michaels

Posted: 7/2/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 870   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: UFOs
Author Paul Davies wrote, “Belief that mankind has a special relationship with God is central to the monotheistic religions. The existence of alien beings, especially if they were further advanced than humans intellectually and spiritually, would disrupt this cozy view.” 
Our earliest philosophers debated the nature of our reality. In a sense the debate has never ended, as a continuous stream of philosophical, religious and political definitions have surfaced through the ages. Today, as the world advances technologically and scientifically, the world continues to struggle with new, even more radical interpretations. While some are finding God through quantum physics, others are losing their faith because of confusing abduction experiences, or a radical reinterpretation of the Bible. 
At the heart of all philosophical discourse is the question, how can we know? We can listen to the debate, and find logic in different places. Who should we listen to? How can we know the real truth – for sure? 
Science is a great place to start. Quantum physics teaches us that at the heart of each atom is not matter, but energy. What all atoms have in common is a large empty space, or void, which contains these quarks of energy, spinning around so fast as to provide the illusion of matter. The Void binds together our reality. Science calls it the unified field. Sages called it theTao, or Brahman. To connect with this Empty Force, we must find also the Void within ourselves. For we are also made up of atoms. 
In a sense this empty void is where our spirits reside. The Upanishads teach us all the universe is Brahman, the beginning and end and life of all, which enfolds the whole universe and in silence is loving to all. So to connect with this force requires a concentration on love. Ueshiba teaches us that, “The Art of Peace allows us to perceive and tap into that tremendous reserve of universal energy.” God, the Tao, is not a coldly silent and amoral energy to be manipulated, as occultists and esoterics believe. It is a consciousness, alert and aware, wanting nothing more than for us to choose to exist in awareness of it and its love. 
Love is the key ingredient towards the attainment of this frequency of awareness. Still the mind, and concentrate on love. This is the key to immortality, the Great Path spoken of by Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus. Jesus said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” (Matthew22:37-40) 1 John 4:12 writes, “No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” God is not a being in this sense, but a Force. Tao means Way, this Way of Life is a walk of love. We cannot see God except in every blade of grass, every tree and bird,every smile and every breath. And to communicate with this Force requires not ritual, but love. For God is beyond thought, beyond knowledge, beyond words, beyond ritual and beyond religion. 
So if this great omnipotent and loving Force exists all around us, how come bad things happen? Every human being is blessed with two important qualities. We each have free will. We now understand we also have a spirit. With our free will, we can choose to connect our individual spirits with the great universal Spirit. The key to this connection is love. Therefore if we use our free wills to choose love, we align ourselves with this great flowing consciousness of love, the Tao.  
If we instead choose to follow the will of our physical natures, it is possible we are not living purely in this love. This does not require austerity. The Force is made up of love, and wants us to live in joy. But if we remain unaware ofthis higher spiritual reality of love, we will continue to make non-loving choices that result in bad things.  
Today the UFO-alien question has created a confusing interpretation of our reality. Many people have experienced sightings, and even similar abduction type experiences. Still others experience communications from intelligent beings which reside outside of our dimensional reality. From our ancient myths right down to our new age religions, strange super beings have continued to interfere with our civilization, and confused our concept of who ‘God’ is. Powerful orthodox organizations also retain many of their influences, such as symbolism and the notion of hierarchy. 
Zechariah Sitchin is one of many involved in a radica lreinterpretation of our Bible, and other creation myths from around the world. They suggest the “God” of the Bible was actually many “gods,” which somehow “fell” into our world and since then have created elaborate systems of belief and worship to control and manipulate our existence in this realm. Mystery schools and secret brotherhoods state a similar claim, that their wisdom comes from ‘somewhere else’ and are guided by a superior race of beings.  
The question is, not whether they exist or who they are, but whose will are they enacting? Just like humans, they each have free will. Some researchers see them as ancient astronauts, powerful gods which came to earth seeking gold. Religious believers think in terms of angels, or fallen angels, come to Earth as part of a selfish rebellion against God, against love. Others see them as aliens, and many believe they are come in peace, perhaps in a need to survive themselves. The descriptions differ, from bright and wonderful beings of light, to demonic reptilians and small, grey entities.  
They are well known to employ Machiavellian techniques, having us believe that some are good, others evil. But one thing remains the same. They are following their own wills. No matter how much they make speak of love,and even if they happen to appear in the Bible, I have yet to hear them tell us of our true natures. That with love, we can ascend this realm and become even greater than they are. 
No matter how different these entities seem, no matter the confusing assortment of images and messages, they all have this in common. They are enacting their own selfish wills, and teaching us to do the same. They may seek to ‘help’ us through a difficult time; they claim to help us learn to survive this realm. They may even claim to be our creators; claim to be our ‘true God’. They come in brightly glowing packages of magic and miracles. The more wonderful and exciting they seem, the easier to fool us.  
But the true God does not tempt us with pride or ego. It does not speak of worldly power or even political structure. The real “God” is within us; the Tao is the rushing river of loving energy we must still our minds to connect with. The goal is to ascend past this place where these ‘gods’ can interfere and control us. Any gods of this world, intent on having us as subjects to rule, would not want us to know this – whether they be ‘good’ or‘evil’. In the book of Genesis, the gods, the plural “Elohim”, denied us the tree of life – they denied us understanding of immortality. 
They continue this ruse today. This philosophy is hidden in the background of our world’s most powerful leaders. Together they work to keep us busy in this world, and unaware of our spiritual potential to ascend right past them. These ‘gods’ try to tempt us with pride, promising we can become ‘like gods.’ They tempt us with knowledge and power, perhaps even guiding us towards a sort of transcendence, or enlightenment, in an effort to control us in the higher realms as well. What they don’t want us to know is that we are potentially more powerful than they are, and don’t need their guidance. If we accept the love of God inside of us, we can travel space and time ourselves, guided only by the Spirit. But to do this requires us to make a conscious choice, with our free wills.  
Some throughout the ages have attempted to tell us the truth. But their message has then been absorbed and reinterpreted by the present powers, which seek to have us remain within their control. Instead of understanding the truth as a Way of life, religions have been created to contain and control the message. It becomes one facet of our lives, instead of the guiding Force. Today, our minds have been made arrogant with technology and our ability to control our reality. Competing religions and generational traditions further compartmentalize our understanding of our reality. Old rivalries and stubborn minds continue toreject a more enlightened way of being. 
Many people probably would choose not to follow spirit instead of mind. Many would resent the idea of letting go, and letting God, aligning their wills with the divine will of love. But some will hear this message. Don’t lose your faith because you saw a UFO. Don’t listen to the confusing messages of questionable ‘angels of light’. Don’t assume that just because they are in the Bible, that the Elohim have your best interests at heart. God is much greater than anything you can read in the Bible. Have faith in love, in the all-powerful Force of God, the Tao. It has nothing to do with UFOs, arks, pyramids, spears, staffs or magicalgold powder. Only bad guys need tools tomanipulate our reality, because they are not in tune with the Tao. 
There are super beings which do work for the Tao. Just as there are bad guys, there are good guys. But the good guys are far moresubtle, never interfering, only guiding. They never seek glory for themselves. They just tell us about the power of love, and wait for us to choose it. Tune in to love, and the Great Path will appear before you. Don’t get caught up in religious or even scientific interpretation. Seek to know the truth from within yourself. With your free will, choose to quiet your mind and seek truth with your spirit. Don’t listen to what anyone else tells you –don’t expect to find the whole truth in any one book, or from any worldly or alien authority, religious or otherwise. Choose only love, and Surf the Tao into eternity. Just by changing our minds, we can change the world. 
Surfing the Tao: A Revolution of Free Will by Angela V. Michaels. More at Surfing the Tao www.surfingthetao.com.