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Press Release: A Premonition of the Raising of the Titanic

Written By: savethetitanic.org

Posted: 6/7/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1881   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Remote Viewing
In 2003, 12 Years had passed since the death of the nations last industrialist and international peacemaker, Armand Hammer. Hours after his death in 1990, the painting that hung from the wall of his home, would be warehoused. Inscribed in the painting are the words from the artist “To Armand Hammer, Melanie Taylor Kent.” The painting gifted by the artist to Armand Hammer was named “The Statue of Liberty” and today, is unveiled as a premonition of the raising of the Titanic. 
(PRWEB) May 30, 2004 --On December 12, 2003, Preska Thomas and Kevin Finn, the founders of the "Save the Titanic Foundation", discovered themselves and the likeness of two other associates also in the painting. In the painting they are the only individuals, on stage, blowing trumpets. Also on stage, next to Preska, was Armand Hammer, with a bright, red apple extending from his hand. The artists, prior to painting her work of art to Armand Hammer, had never met, nor did she have prior knowledge as to the existence of Preska, Kevin and the other two associates present in the painting. The artist however, painted their likeness and image as the only trumpet players in her painting that was soon to become that of a Titanic phenomena. 
The journey into the Armand Hammer Titanic phenomena began in December 2002 when Team Hollywood Global Networks, Inc. (www.teamhollywood.com), the marketing consulting firm founded by Preska Thomas and Kevin Finn, was introduced to Joe Marsh, a shareholder of RMS Titanic, Inc. The shareholder decided to retain the firm to provide answers as to why the company - who held the exclusive salvor and possessor rights for the ship - was on the verge of bankruptcy. Team Hollywood prepared “RMS Titanic Schedules” and a document entitled “RMS Titanic Unratified Drafted Treaty” to combat the unlawful international treaty agreement for the RMS Titanic, the major cause of their troubles. The unratified treaty agreement for the Titanic was unlawful within America’s homeland; yet was used by foreign competitors as an act of white-collar terrorism. They manipulated the media to to impose their opinions as laws to regulate the internal affairs of RMS Titanic, Inc. Preska and Kevin needed the media to educate the American public about the proposed treaty agreement for the Titanic, but could not get the story to break. Without success, they contacted and pushed over 300 reporters to break the Titanic white-collar terrorism story. One sunny day, out at Geoffreys, on PCH, they figured out a way to break the story. “Let’s raise the Titanic,” Kevin announced. On May 15, 2003, they distributed a press release entitled “The RMS Titanic Is On Its Way to Being Raised”, and then proceeded to write Senator Clinton and Mr. Treadwell of New York to tell them that the Titanic needed to be raised, they stated, “if the Titanic were to remain beneath the ocean due to white-collar terrorism, the New York stock exchange would have a gap the size of the Titanic.” They proposed to build a memorial with the restored ship on Ellis Island, New York as the world’s greatest cultural event. Kevin explains “when disaster strikes, America does not simply let devastation linger; America rebuilds and restores her foundations. Are we going to leave the Twin Towers in a pile of dust after 9/11 or leave vehicles on the road after a horrific vehicle accident?”  
Within two months of Internet marketing for the raising of the Titanic, over 11 million people signed a Petition for raising the Titanic. The "Save the Titanic Foundation" is perceived by the millions of petition signers, scientists, and researchers from around the world as their voice of reason that the Titanic is not a cemetery. 
The Titanic is deteriorating at a rate of 600 lbs. of steel per day, soon to be completely disintegrated in a few decades. Kevin and Preska has determined that Dr. Robert Ballard, who sees the Titanic as a cemetery, also shares the same views of protection for the ship, just as the foundation does. The only difference, they claim is that the foundation would like to commemorate the Titanic as a reminder of restoration, life, revival and that of the spirit of the American dreams aboard the ship, not that of death, neglect, cemetery and defeat of tragedy. Preska quotes, “ there is a Titanic in each and everyone of us that we raise the moment we step out of bed to live our American dreams”.  
Joe Marsh, amongst other shareholders of RMS Titanic, Inc, were pleased with the work of Team Hollywood, Inc. and requested that they prepare a marketing plan for RMS Titanic, Inc. for consideration by the CEO of the company. They did so on behalf of the shareholders and were surprised to find that the CEO of RMS Titanic, Inc. did not respond to their marketing plan as quickly as they would have liked. When RMS Titanic, Inc. finally responded, the company was not interested in their overall marketing campaigns within their plan. Instead, the Company was only interested in the strategic alliance that Team Hollywood wanted to form between Sam Perlmutter, the partner of the George Foreman Grill, and Salton Maxim. Preska and Kevin was please with the news of the potential Sam Perlmutter and Salton deal, but were devastated with the news that their proposed marketing plan would not be deployed. Instead, they were left with unpaid marketing bills and a marketing plan that had already involved business affiliates from around the globe without a contract to execute.  
That weekend, the phenomena of the Armand Hammer Titanic painting began. Preska, ventured to the Rocky Mountain Candy Apple Store in Marina Del Rey on a Saturday afternoon. All the different types of candy apples overwhelmed her. Rocky road, caramel, white chocolate, you name the apple they had it. A gentleman had just purchased his candy apple and offered to buy Preska the one she liked. Preska said the only way she would accept the offer was if she shared the apple with him. The two of them continued to talk until 2 am. They shared consulting stories of the Cayman Islands, spoke of God, and shared a little bit of their similar backgrounds as business consultants. The man said his name was David Smith. David’s jaw about hit the ground when Preska told of the plans with the RMS Titanic. David shared that he was a director of the Armand Hammer Foundation and continued to communicate that Armand raised the ship “The Mary Rose” for Prince Charles. The next day, David called to thank Preska for her words of expertise and presented her with a an original masterpiece that he said was purposed for her to have. Hours into the early morning, as Preska continued to stare at the painting that nearly gave her a heart attack, her written words from months earlier were being displayed within the painting. She phoned Kevin to announce, “You have to see this.” When Kevin arrived to pick her up for work that morning, as he walked in to see the painting, he could not speak. He was staring at the original painting by Melanie Taylor Kent. He was not in shock because the painting was that of an original, or even that it was one of Armand Hammer’s favorites. He was in shock because the painting described their exact scenario written to the government as a celebration event for raising the Titanic. In the painting, the day was the 4th of July. The celebration ground was Ellis Island, New York. There are two ships in the painting. One that looks like the “Mayflower” and directly across was another that looks like the “RMS Titanic.” Hundreds of celebrities are in the painting. On center stage, beneath the “Lady of the Harbor”, are celebrities who made their dreams come true within our homeland. On the grounds from the stage are more celebrities living their American dreams. Pilgrims from the Mayflower and immigrants from the Titanic proceeded to walk forward, away from the ship, to join the famous on the grounds of the American homeland.  
Preska and Kevin told their lawyer and friend Sam Perlmutter of the painting. When Sam visited to see the painting at their office, he was amazed. Sam asked, “Where is Armand Hammer?” On center stage, in the middle of the painting, they found Armand Hammer with a bright red apple extended from his hand. It was at the candy apple store that Preska met David who gifted the painting. Shocked and amazed, at Sam’s request, they walked to Houston’s across the street from the office for having lunch. After lunch, on the way back to the office, they identified and witnessed a fresh apple on the ground next to their vehicle - in the beach community of Santa Monica, California! They later decide to photograph the painting. When the painting was developed, to their surprise, was a light that scintillated above Armand Hammer in the peddle stool of the “Statue of Liberty’. When the original painting is inspected, one can see the shadow drawn by the artist with the intent to emulate light. In the photograph of the painting, light was now scintillating in the exact location that the artist intended. It has been reported that the office floors located in the Occidental Oil building that houses the Armand Hammer office and Museum, on occasion will illuminate with strange lights, and unusual sounds. The list of phenomenal events continues weekly. The greatest phenomena of all, is that of a Titanic mystery that Kevin and Preska will in time expose to the public. The subject matters relating to this mysterious phenomena discovered is very sensitive and will be announced at the right time. The founders claim that their information relating to the mysterious phenomenon is sensitive and will only be disclosed if the Titanic is saved from deterioration. Other than Preska, Kevin, their attorney Sam Perlmutter, Michael Hammer, the grandson of the late Armand Hammer, and David Smith, were the only other individuals purview to the mysterious discovery via documents and research prepared by the founders of the foundation.  
The Titanic sank in 1912. In 2003, 12 years ago Armand Hammer passed away. David Smith was documented as having been healed of a brain aneurysm 12 years ago. On December 12th, of this past year, Preska, Kevin, and David, and their associate Joseph found four people in the painting blowing trumpets - the only trumpet players in the painting. The people blowing trumpets in the painting are the exact description of the founders and their associates. The painter had a premonition. The next time 12/12/12 happens is in the year 2012, the hundredth anniversary of the Titanic -prior to that it happened in 1912, the year of the sinking of the Titanic. The phenomena of the Armand Hammer Titanic premonition led to the formation of the “Save The Titanic Foundation”. During that period of time, the founders, Preska and Kevin wrote a reality-reading book entitled “The Index: A Road Map" as a motivational journal that explores the American road map relating to their past business consulting experiences.  
Left behind are their days of consulting on RMS Titanic, Inc. shareholder issues. In April 2004 they were approved by the IRS to be granted 501 (c) 3 status to operate the "Save the Titanic Foundation" as a non-profit organization for public benefit and the raising of the Titanic.  
They do not receive salaries for their efforts and have never owned RMS Titanic, Inc. stock. They spearhead the raising of the Titanic because the premonition of the Armand Hammer phenomena led them to.  
Armand’s spirit built Occidental Oil with $5000 dollars of borrowed money, and that spirit continues to live on. Preska quotes, “the Save the Titanic Foundation” will commemorate the Titanic as a monument of the spirit of the American dreams, not that of a cemetery. Our nation will not be recorded in history as a generation that salvaged the ship, but neglected to honor, acknowledge and respect the spirit of the American dreams that perished aboard the ship vying for America’s homeland.” We will save and preserve the Titanic for the future generations in honor of the American dreams that perished with the ship that you and I are all living today.”