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The Images of God

Written By: Paranormal News

Posted: 2/24/2004 12:00:00 AM   Reads: 1305   Submitted By:0x6a656666   Category: Religion
The second millennium is upon us and we are suddenly finding ourselves in a world that is dealing with issues that seem extremely foreign to us. We find programmers attempting to write software which can reproduce, and we ask ourselves repeatedly, is this a good thing? The only success we have truly reached in this arena is the creation of malevolent objects which destroy everything in their path--viruses. And according to such movies as the Matrix, perhaps that is what we are. On the biological end, we are creating cloned sheep, and as the recent front page report on Wired magazine states, we will be creating the first clone of a human being within twelve months. Whether this will happen or not is not really the issue. The technology is available, and we have this inherent curiosity which is almost pushing us to attempt it. The question, however, remains: Are we merely listening to curiosity, or are we playing out the same fateful drama which took place millions of years ago within the Garden of Eden?

As many of you are aware, one of the most debated theories within the last 30 years is referred to as the "Ancient Astronaut" theory, believed of course to be created by such authors as Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin, even though the theory itself goes back thousands of years and is found in almost every culture under different names. For the sake of brevity, we’ll stick to the one found and read consistently within practically every household and hotel room within the United States: The Old Testament story of Adam and Eve.

The story, of course, starts when all life began. God, referring to himself plurally, states in Genesis 1:26, "Let us make man in our image," and that fateful incident began. Adam and Eve were born with an unusual gift: the gift of reproduction. At first you may assume that this is an extremely natural thing and that all of life reproduces. But if it were so natural, why is it so hard to create life in a laboratory? And why does it cause so many conflicts within all nations? Abortion is bad, cloning is bad, HAL is bad (just watch the movie), and so will everything else be bad if we attempt to play God. And this struggle occurred within the ranks of God when Adam and Eve were created as well.

Angels are often described as being sexless. In my mind, this means that they are not perfect creations. You are only an image of something if you cannot reproduce yourself. A lamp cannot make another lamp and as a result, they are only an image of something which arose out of a human mind. They cannot change their own internal functions and because of this, they are not perfect creations.

Angels are thus images of their own creator, but not as perfect of an image of the creator as man. Angels could possibly even be a failed attempt at life--nothing more than trained and controlled house dogs, so to speak. Mankind, however, is a more perfect creation than the angels because it has a life of its own and can make its own choices and decide its own fate and even reproduce itself effectively. One third of the angels were of course angry with this and actually left their previous maker’s side in revolt. Will this happen again? How will mankind be split when the first human clone appears? Will we ourseleves split in the same way that the "angels" split when man was created? Will clones be given certain limitations so they rely on us? Will we strike out at these clones in anger? And how many millions of years will pass before these clones attempt to do as we have done?

They don’t ACTUALLY have a soul...do they?

Creating something, anything, is an expression of yourself, something that you were designed to eventually do. You are trying to take matter and mold it into a piece of you, just as these "gods" did when man was made. We don’t, however, physically try to mold out people. Mankind is something else’s creation that came from something else’s mind. The conflict that arose out of this creation came because mankind was so perfect of a representation of another race that he became a race himself. The angels that did not agree with this creation ended up fleeing their posts, resigning in anger. They then wanted to destroy mankind because he was free to multiply and do as he wanted to. He is not a mere drone. He is a fully functional, reproducing God. Satan could merely be just one of these high ranking beings who did not agree with the fact that man is his own God. Satan, perhaps, cannot reproduce himself. He thus wants man to die as a result. He is jealous. He is a drone.

And this conflict continued throughout the entire old Testament as these alien gods were forced to come to terms with their own creation. Will we try to create a race of beings designed to survive the harsh conditions of Mars? Will we be willing enough to give them the perfect gift of reproduction? And what will happen as a result? We will try to force them to listen to us. And when they fail to do so, Perhaps there will come a day when they look up to the sky and see a glowing planet and bow down in admiration of their own fathers. We may also have to bring them a savior--a blessing, perhaps--to inform them that they have every right as a perfect creation to make their own decisions--and in effect, be their own gods. Like us. Will this happen? That is how we were created, and if fate is any indication, that is how we will create our successors as well. Start with the angels, and then make the gods.

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