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Posted:2/24/2015 4:00:39 PM
So you've noticed how they portray christ as a shepard. Why do shepards herd sheep? Even after all the sex and good times eating a couple they sell them for MONEY! Oops, I forgot about the wool. Nonetheless, money is the key. Why do they need money? To obtain pleasure, everybody likes a little pleasure. And if you can convince people to give you money without too much effort all the better.

Posted:2/23/2015 9:18:42 AM
What gets me is that people give money, property, and children to an all powerful god they have never seen and would have no use for such things.

Posted:2/22/2015 9:18:07 AM
Those plant based six fingered aliens? I think not! I got one growing in a pot and except for glowing in the dark it just sits there.

Posted:2/16/2015 5:34:26 PM
Jeff said today you can comment on things again. Personally, I think JFK killed himself!

Posted:2/8/2015 12:36:37 PM
You know, you are right. Why haven't more episodes been digitally captured? Perhaps they happen too quickly or are too stunning for the observer to think coherently. I for one am rarely shocked by anything because things rarely happen.

Posted:2/1/2015 9:07:30 AM
I would say that most people are caught off guard by paranormal events and just plain forget about their phones while running and screaming.

Posted:2/1/2015 9:04:52 AM
If you like that story wait until my new book, "Pithole, where the devil danced" is released sometime soon.

Posted:1/31/2015 3:04:18 PM
Well CGB, I must respect your right to your opinion, but I must bring to your attention that 100% of people who don't have guns when confronted by criminals call someone who has a gun for help. It takes time for those people to respond, time that finds the victim lying on the floor bleeding, his family getting raped and murdered and his possessions stolen. I truly hope you never have such an unfortunate thing happen to you.

Posted:1/29/2015 11:16:20 AM
That's amazing! I was shooting a rifle at age four. I can still put 3 out of 3 in the bullseye at a hundred yards with open sights. But that is a very good reason why the US is rarely invaded.
Forum: Ghost mist

Posted:1/25/2015 12:08:04 PM
Now you know where they got the idea, lol.