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Posted:6/20/2014 8:05:31 AM
Ok, bobprin-that was funny-pope on a rope lol

Posted:5/25/2014 6:01:50 AM
Guess I`m a little late to the party. Sooooo, the world is ending? More info, please.

Posted:4/15/2014 8:52:37 AM
I`m loving the book. I wanted to read it all at one time, but chores, etc have gotten in the way. I could see this as a movie. Would make a great script.

Posted:4/11/2014 10:53:34 AM
Bob, did I tell you that at first, I thought tionesta was a play on words for Tonetta? lol no joke

Posted:2/16/2014 6:48:26 AM
scardycat-I`m so sorry about your mom. It`s ok to have conflicting emotions. We all do that. I think the times when you feel nothing has happened is when your mind and emotions need a break.

Posted:2/8/2014 6:02:33 PM
lol bobprin-I don`t like most preachers, either. My daddy was one, but not greedy like most are now. Seems a lot of them see it as a way to make a pretty good living.

Posted:2/8/2014 5:58:18 PM
Hey girly-missed you.

Posted:1/20/2014 6:33:37 AM
Wow-I could get on my soapbox on this one, bobprin. I don`t smoke it myself, only cigs and ecigs, and I don`t like the taste of alcohol, but know plenty of people who do one or the other, or both.
I think they should either make pot legal, or make alcohol illegal. Alcohol causes waaaaay more problems than pot. Besides that, if it was legal, my sons could use it to help with their Huntington`s disease. According to what I`ve read, it really does help with the neural pathways in the brain.

Posted:1/19/2014 8:26:20 AM
The above paragraph has not one thing to do with earthquakes. lolol

Posted:1/19/2014 8:25:13 AM
daymoon-I met mine online. I couldn`t have picked a better mate than this one. He`s on the road most of the time, but when he`s home, he does for himself, just as I do. We are both pretty self sufficient, in most things. We just have the ideal relationship, as we both agree.
It would be a big change having to get used to him being here every day (lol), but if he ever quits the road, I guess I`d have to. I`ve had more than enough experience with these Alabama Rednecks, and can appreciate the one I have now.