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Posted:9/16/2014 8:48:36 PM
Welcome. More to come in the following weeks.

Posted:9/15/2014 4:17:46 PM
In investigating or researching any paranormal phenomenon, I believe in the importance of learning about any local legends and myths. Over the years, I have studied folklore, superstitions along with modern urban legends throughout the world. Some of the most twisted and disturbed ghostly tales I ever encountered originate from Japan. With Halloween around the corner, I would like to share a few of those Japanese stories in a three part series by beginning with the Kuckisake-Onna or the Slit-Mouthed Women.

In Japanese lore, the Kuckisake-Onna is a vengeful spirit believed capable of harming and even killing the living. There has been variations of the legend over the centuries, but the one to be told is the modern tale. As the story goes, a vain woman often teased her jealous husband how her beauty could get any man she wanted. One day, her paranoid husband accused her of cheating and in a rage sliced here mouth open from ear to ear with a knife while shouting "Who will think you're beautiful now?" The wife soon died from the injuries.

The legend tells her spirit returns to haunt the streets of Japan seeking revenge. Her ghost would appear on a foggy day or at night in the form of a beautiful woman wearing an over coat with a surgical mask covering her face. In Japan and several other Asian countries, the mask is commonly worn by those not want to spread the cold, flu or other sickness to family and friends. In the case of Kuckisake-Onna, it's to hide the scars from those she confronts.

The tale continues that she will appear out of nowhere approaching you and ask "Am I pretty?". If the answer is yes, she will tear the surgical mask off revealing the scarred mouth and ask "How about now?". At this point, if answered no, she pulls out a sword, a knife, or an oversized pair of scissors, depending on the version of the legend, and kills you on the spot. If you say yes instead, then the ghost slashes your mouth open like hers.

One cannot escape the Kuckisake-Onna, as she is fast and able to instantly teleport in front of you. But according to the myth, there are ways to survive this encounter. The first one is to say yes to the creature first time around then when she asks "how about now?" respond with "so-so","about average" or even "how about me? Am I pretty?". These replies are believed to distract the ghost long enough to escape from as it ponders on your answer. The second way is to offer the spirit amber candy which it takes in delight then disappears

In my research, this modern version or urban legend of Kuckisake-Onna appears in Japan during the 1970s. Early accounts said the spirit would attack young men who resembled her husband. Years later the story became she targetted children. This tale has been featured within popular media forms within Japan.

Other Sources

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Posted:8/30/2014 2:25:24 PM
Every paranormal phenomena I learn about, there has been a number of theories to explain its occurrence. This leaves me disturbed and at times amused, as no definitive answer to what causes these unexplained events can not be agreed on but instead argued. Let me demonstrated this problem by this example. First to describe the situation. While sleeping, you suddenly awake, unable to move, you feel paralysis along with pressure on your chest. Then you feel you are not alone in the room, sensing there is someone or something watching you either hanging over the bed board or hovering off the ceiling. What does this sounds like? An alien abduction, demonic attack or some nightmare and yet any of these could be right depending on whose view. The phenomena is real, as it has been experienced by thousands around the world and throughout history The causes behind it remains unknown as the three possible explanation are disputed.

First, the scientific community, believe the phenomena is caused by sleep paralysis, a condition when a person during the deepest state of sleep suddenly wakes up and find themselves unable to move. They are in a state between dreaming and awake where they could experience hallucination, strange noises, moving images interpreted to be aliens or demons. This could explain some cases, but it does not account for the following situations. One, physical displacement, when the person, after the experience, is moved to another location within the house or even outside. The second, is the appearance of unusual markings on the body, such as bruises, cuts, surgical scars, scratches, burns which could not be self inflected if the individual is unable to move. The last is how does sleep paralysis explain aliens abduction where the person is full awake, mobile, outdoors or even driving like the Hills abduction of 1961.

The other explanation originates from ancient legends and folklore. The belief is these night terrors are resulted by a demon or spirit physically or sexually attacking the person in their sleep. This supernatural event could be found around the world as stories of faeries, ghosts, witches and goblins. In day of science and technology such an explanation is unacceptable as it to admit the existence of such forces.

Now, the third explanation to the phenomena is alien abductions where the person is paralysis by the alien or their technology, then taken away for experimentation. This belief has become popular and more widely accepted within the 30 years as more cases are known and broadcast by today's media. Being from another world is a possibility, but then why do the abduction stop by those believing in a higher power and why some UFO groups advise people to pray to halt their own encounters.

So what is going on? Aliens, ancient evil forces or just the human imagination? No one can fully agree which on it is. As the argument continues, thousands are exposed to unknown forces terrorizing them at night in their own beds. Imagine the irony is all three explanation were involved.

Posted:8/24/2014 10:32:16 AM
Since the begin of this year, I have come to learn of two new creatures classified within cryptozology. Back in January, a friend informed me about Batasquatch which I'm starting to believe maybe another internet fabrication after learning about Sheepsquatch. This will be explain in a future article. Recently I became aware of the other cryptid, atmospheric beasts, being the main subject of this article.

Atmospheric beast are the strangest of creature yet classified within cryptozolgy. They are reported to be living organism that inhabit the earth's atmosphere and are able to fly without the need for wings. Thees creatures are believe to be lighter than air and spend their entire life within the atmosphere. Cryptozologist believe the atmospheric beasts are either low-density or filled with gases, such as hydrogen, allowing them to fly or float.

The creatures have been described to appear in the shape of balloons or clouds. This has led to believing atmospheric beast have the ability to change size, density and even their colour. Also, there has been eyewitness accounts of these organisms to have tentacles, snake like shapes and resemble a jelly fish. There is speculation the life-forms have invertebrate's bodies.

Some cryptozologist theorize atmospheric creatures to have existed within earth's skies for centuries. Many have been undetected by humans while the few spotted exist in folklore. There are a few cryptozologist who think modern UFO sightings are not space craft, but actually atmospheric beasts. There is a growing idea that these creatures are of alien origin.

Why are any organisms that defies the current norm of living-things automatically assume to be an alien. This has been applied to Bigfoot, the Chupabarbra, Dover demon just to name a few. I could accept the idea atmospheric beast are undiscovered species, a mutation, or even extra dimensional but not alien. If any creture from another other world was to survive on earth, the environment it originated from would be to be exactly the same. This means the gases in the atmosphere, gravity, UV, radiation, water, etc would have to be similar as earth's. Any slight difference will result in death and I could not imagine the odds of exact dubplication of environments to exist on other planet.

In my research, some cryptozologist have classified several atmospheric beasts as sky serpents, atmosphere jellyfish and flying rods. Flying rod caught my interest, as their existence only became known through pictures and video. They are speculated to be completely naked to the human eye and could only be detected by photographing or filming. These creature are described as unified cylinders, different in lengths with what appears as hairs, fins or tiny wings along its side. The presence of flying rods became widely known in the 1990s with help from the internet.

Source of Information

Hall, Jamie. "The Cryptid Zoo. Atmospheric Beasts". New Animal. August 19, 2014. http://www.newanimal.org/a-beasts.htm

Posted:8/16/2014 11:24:26 PM
Seek the answer to the ultimate question. What is the purpose to human existence?

Posted:8/16/2014 11:20:52 PM
It is not the money that makes the evil but the persons own morality in the choices and action he or she decides to follow upon. As I states before in the belief the core of human nature is one of darkness, greed, laziness and cruelty. Only is one's ability to improve or deny this nature that gives the possibility of hope.

Posted:8/1/2014 9:58:43 PM
First just to start by stating just the facts would be neither of us has any physical evidence to back what we are saying as this is all speculation unless someone has an alien or their technology in their living room. This whole conversion holds has much reality base or impact as discussing Batman vs Doc Doom. Now i have read the book Chariots of the Gods and other ancient alien thesis and here is my problem with them. Everything is what if? What if? What if? These ancient alien theorist all have their own idea that differs from one other which is constantly being changed if proven wrong or unable to account something. My question is when have these guys or anyone seen, touch or been exposed to any alien technology to have any knowledge on how it works, appears or use in the past? What makes them experts? What is the physical precedent they have to relate to? To me seems mostly speculation. Again to my earlier post how is this explains the other paranormal phenomenon of demonic possession, exorcism, near death experience, healing, etc? But I know how such topics can go so I have said my peace and will leave it here.
Forum: Batsquatch

Posted:7/31/2014 9:40:17 AM
I was over at a friend's watching this new show about people gathering physical evidence to prove the existence of Bigfoot for a bounty. During a commercial, I was asked if I heard about a creature called Batsquatch. My response was no, then my friend filled me in about it. Now this caught my interest, as in all my years in reading about cryptids, this one I knew nothing about. Did some research into Batsquatch and decided to post this article.

Within a week, I combed through online articles and books about Batsquatch. This cryptid is a rarely sighted creature within the USA, over the past 30 years, with limited information about it. The creature been described to be 6 to 8 feet tall and massive like Bigfoot, hence the name Batsquatch, but keep in mind they are different. The eye witness reports vary on details about the cryptid, with accounts saying it has fur or leathery skin, black or purple in colour, its face was of a bat or an ape with a humanoid shaped body. The most common features noted on Batsquatch were glowing red eyes and batwings similar to those of the Mothman or Jersey Devil.

The first reports about Batsquatch with what I can find on the Internet, were said to be made in the 1980s by Washington's Mt. Saint Helen. The first documented sighting was made in 1994 by a mountaineer named Butch Whittaker. He claims one day to had spotted the creature flying by and taken pictures of it. Yet these photos remain unseen and unpublished. I found on similar sightings posted on the Internet in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and even a report blaming Batsquatch for the disappearance of livestock.

Other Sources of Information

Newton, Michael. Hidden Animals: A Field Guide To Batsquatch, Chupacabra and Other Exclusive Animals. ABC-CLIO, LLC. (2009). USA

Source Abnormal Realm Blog

Posted:7/31/2014 9:32:48 AM
Ok going to start from here unless the religion says kill, torture, rob, and several other nasty thing yes there is a problem but if its like Christianity or Buddhisms which tries to improve on the human conditions then don't blame the religion or let it excuse the responsible of a person's actions or choice. If the religious leader is lazy, greed blame the leader not the religion. Don't judge an philosophy based on its abuse by people. If they are committing acts of crime in the name of religion then they are not of that religion. Evil sometimes? Name me another species on the planet that kills its own kind out of hatred or just simply pleasure. Again I point this out the the human condition is cruel. Look at the 20th century to what humanity is capable of within Russia, China, North Korea where there is no religion. Please don't discriminate or discount those and organization of various religions whom are out there helping the homeless and low income families in running shelters, soup kitchens, clinics, etc

Posted:7/31/2014 12:23:43 AM
Let just begin by saying human beings are just as mess-up with or without religion. It not the religion but as a species, we evil, cruel and sadistic. Case in point, removing religion complete out of picture, looking the atheist states of Russia, China and North Korea what they did to their own people during the 20th century.