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Posted:3/31/2015 6:38:22 PM
Long thought to enhance a mans sexual prowess the horn from the unicorn was ground into dust and ingested by Mr. Limpy. The final unicorn horn was purchased by the Free Masons in 1777 and smuggled into Philadelphia. The Son's of Liberty had it ground down by an ancient quaker virgin, the magical dust was consumed by General George Washington who went on to not only stick it to the British but to father an entire nation. The extremely long and tall obelisk known as Washington's Monument is a reminder of the loss of that last unicorn and the historic erection. This is the source of the phrase, "me so horrrrny".

Posted:3/30/2015 10:11:27 PM
Well at least you don't make stuff up. A person on a local fb group posted a picture of Stonehenge and asked if anyone else had ever seen this odd rock formation at the head of Prather Run creek. Most of the commentors were astounded and begged directions to the site. I, of course, made a smart ass remark, he capitulated that it was an early April Fools joke. But still... the fomments flowed in on how do I find this? It looks familiar, is it near Tidiute? Unbelievable how many were duped. No wonder Obama got elected... twice!!

Posted:3/29/2015 1:52:18 PM
I thought unicorns were horses. That looks feline to me. I can understand why that feller didn't want that critter with the long pokey thing around his old lady. He'd only be good for chores after that.

Posted:3/29/2015 1:46:27 PM
Sometimes when smoking there is a momentary lack of oxygen to the brain and bright lights (stars) appear swirling around. Usually after a really good hit and cough. Normal stuff. I'll try saying hello next time and see what happens.

Posted:3/29/2015 1:40:13 PM
No, not really, there is a fine line between asperger suffers and schizoids. While he actually may wish to communicate in a normal way he is prevented to do so by brain synapses. I started reading Stephen White novels and am learning about these things. There are lots of brain problems that manifest as paranormal "events" to the poor bugger. Hence we watch the Zagruder film and see Jackie reaching to help the stricken JFK, he sees her shoving a snub nosed 38 under his chin.

Posted:3/26/2015 6:18:40 AM
Hmmmm, yes, that would be appropriate. I'm sure he's got at least one hidden away some where. But you know how it is with savants, the human things escape them. I for one am thankful I still retain a few shreds of common sense, even in this strange world of political correctness and ball less self-styled leaders.

Posted:3/21/2015 4:51:37 PM
Everybody thinks my cousin Sponge is the wealthiest member of the family but he can only be paid in cartoon money. However, my other cousin, Shirley Bobwell has starred in many, many short films opposite another famous actor, Harden Long. She saves oodles of cash on wardrobe expense. I perfer not to discuss my filthy lucre as it is such a depressing subject.

Posted:3/20/2015 5:23:44 AM
You can't handle the truth. One of my esteemed ancestors; Spoon Bob the septic cleaner, was on the job one day pulling buckets, when he discovered a deformed human skull in the honey bucket. Later analysis proved that the skull had been removed from a body. His chilling discovery led investigators down a long dreary path of disgruntled canadian land owners. This led on to long dead british monarchs who at the time held the keys to catapults aimed at the vatican. It was then uncovered that a clever meat pie baker with the curious name of george was responsible for placing the skull in the fetid septic. He was later poisoned by his faithful wife laverne. Who moved to san diego and founded the university science lab. The rest is history.

Posted:3/18/2015 8:33:26 AM

Posted:3/17/2015 5:31:42 AM
Well hello Gary, sorry to hear about your physcial problems. I truly wish you the best and hope you are with us for a long time to come. So now you're descended from british royality? Interesting. Having just finished a book on heriditary insanity in the royal blood lines I shall have to re-read it looking for ties to Scottish kings. Mary, queen of Scots comes to mind. How apt that you reappeared on St. Patricks day!