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Posted:5/3/2015 6:55:56 PM
Well, that was a low bid. Didn't take you for the cold blood killer type. Good luck Jax.

Posted:4/30/2015 8:05:45 PM
Oh my! Have you tried to call the police? Fish and game commission? Pest control? For a measley $20,000 + expenses, I will personally journey to your yard, face this gawdawful monster and do the right thing.

Posted:4/28/2015 5:14:31 PM
Hmmmm, crap blaster. Does sound a little farty.

Posted:4/26/2015 11:36:06 AM
Possibly, I have noticed that Crapblaster has not commented in a few days. Has he fell prey to this creature? He also neglected to say where exactly this monster is rampaging. Is Monsanto involved? I'm quite concerned, as my grandson was digging for worms to go fishing and all I could think of was... best not to go there.

Posted:4/25/2015 5:45:08 PM
Has anyone thought about casting the ten foot worm in a porno? Oops, sorry. I was watching the neighbor lady waddle around in her yard. My mind wanders.

Posted:4/25/2015 5:35:09 PM
Wow, Redbird, you do have a point. Of course I would never battle a giant worm with an axe just for a great video. I would also like to be beautified like St George. Truly though, I just wanted to see Crapblaster shit himself. Hmmmm, maybe he already did? Idk, all this talk about worms makes me hungry for McDonalds. Big Mac anyone?

Posted:4/24/2015 9:23:34 PM
Jax, you just don't understand. To live in a nice quiet peaceful way you got to kill the shit out of those pesky giant worms. A shotgun would work good but an axe, a double bit axe gives the worm a fighting chance. I believe in fair play and all. Think of the youtube ratings!!! Especially if the worm wins.

Posted:4/22/2015 2:24:19 AM
A ten foot worm? How do you know its ten foot long? If it ate your dog why would you put your hamster out there? What I would do is cut off the female plug on an extension cord, a good extension cord, bare the wires and bury the end in your garden. Then soak down the tremoring area with your garden hose. Stand by with an axe. Plug the cord in and wait. When that sucker pops up, hurry and unplug the cord and whack that mother like you're an Isis asshole chopping up a christain. Have some balls dude!!

Posted:3/31/2015 6:38:22 PM
Long thought to enhance a mans sexual prowess the horn from the unicorn was ground into dust and ingested by Mr. Limpy. The final unicorn horn was purchased by the Free Masons in 1777 and smuggled into Philadelphia. The Son's of Liberty had it ground down by an ancient quaker virgin, the magical dust was consumed by General George Washington who went on to not only stick it to the British but to father an entire nation. The extremely long and tall obelisk known as Washington's Monument is a reminder of the loss of that last unicorn and the historic erection. This is the source of the phrase, "me so horrrrny".

Posted:3/30/2015 10:11:27 PM
Well at least you don't make stuff up. A person on a local fb group posted a picture of Stonehenge and asked if anyone else had ever seen this odd rock formation at the head of Prather Run creek. Most of the commentors were astounded and begged directions to the site. I, of course, made a smart ass remark, he capitulated that it was an early April Fools joke. But still... the fomments flowed in on how do I find this? It looks familiar, is it near Tidiute? Unbelievable how many were duped. No wonder Obama got elected... twice!!